Wednesday, July 12, 2017

33 43 58 113 | Robinson Cano's game winning home run in the 2017 MLB All Star Game

Cano, a former Yankee, won the All-Star game for the AL with a home run... tying the all-time series at 43-43...

Cano now plays for the Mariners, one of three teams with a '113' connection, all of which are in the American League.  They are the Mariners, Orioles and Tigers.  Of course this year is the season of the 113th World Series.

You have to love how the headlines talk about his former team... not who he has been playing for in recent years...  In all major sports, its always the same small group of teams commanding the attention, and none of the proles seems to notice.

Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58
Cano = 33

*If I am right about the Nationals going to the World Series this year, the Yankees are a team that would make much sense as an opponent, with Donald Trump, the man in Washington, being from New York.

New York Yankees = 187 (The number in D.C.)
Bronx Bombers = 147 (The other number in D.C.)