Tuesday, January 8, 2019

January 8 In History | Giffords shooting, Battle of New Orleans, 18th Amendment, Elvis, Otis Redding, Zhou Enlai, Dow Jones, Ramzi Yousef, US Blackhawk crash in Fallujah


1/8/2011 = 1+8+20+11 = 40 (Forty = 84) (Arizona = 84) (Giffords = 84)

The shooter was Jared Lee Loughner. 

We've been talking about the Battle of New Orleans in regards to the 99th NFL season, since the Summer of 2018.

From January 8, 2019, to February 3, 2019, is 26-days later.  Again, this 99th NFL season began on the 26th of Elul, and a date with 26 numerology, September 6, 2018.

On January 8, or 1/8, like 18, in the year 1918, the first state to ratify the 18th Amendment took place?  Nothing numerology oriented about that...

The 18th amendment prohibited the manufacturing, sale and transportation of intoxicating beverages.

Read about the deaths of Aretha, Elvis and 35 here:

Why did they wait until January 8, or 1/8?

61, the 18th prime

He died 44-weeks, 1-day after his 77th birthday.

There's some perspective.

Notice Ramzi was born in '68.

This was 110-days from Ramzi Yousef's 30th birthday.

The WTCs are 110-stories tall.

*Build 7 was 47-floors tall

It was also 109-days later.  109, the 29th prime; He was 29-years-old.  (29 is 11 in numerology)

This came 42-weeks and 1-day after the start of the war.

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