Sunday, February 17, 2019

215 | Princess Lee Radiziwill (Jackie Kennedy's sister), dead at 85, February 15, 2019

On February 15, or 2/15, Princess Lee Radizwill died.  Notice her name sums to 215.

Princess Lee Radziwill = 271 (58th prime); Lee Radziwill = 58 (Dead at 85)

She died on the 46th day of the year, reminding that JFK was killed at age 46.

She died 16-days shy of her 86th birthday.  Carolina Radziwill = 86

She was a fashion icon and a princess.

Dallas = 113

She died on her 50th week of her age.

More on her name gematria is as follows:


  1. CaroLINE LEE/EEL Bouvier is 13 Illuminati BloodLINE (AshkeNAZIm), that's why she died at the age of 85 (8 + 5=13).
    "Ashkenazim"=46(Jewish Red.)

    "Caroline Lee Bouvier"=92(Full Red.)
    "Illuminati Bloodline"=92(Full Red.)
    92/911 (9+2=11) - The False Jews love the #11 as well.
    "Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis"=911(Primes)
    "Human Ritual Sacrifice"=911(Satanic)
    "I Have A Dream Speech"=911(Reverse Satanic)
    February is aka Black History Month.

    Lee Radziwill died a span of 9038 days(9038/938/911) from her sister (2/15/2019-5/19/1994). Jackie Kennedy died on the 19th of May and her sister died in 20(19).
    "9038 Days"=219(Reverse Satanic) 219/2019

    1. Caroline Lee Bouvier is not a false jew, she was an Israelite, as was Jackie Kennedy and President John F.Kennedy.

    2. She died 2 months 19 days after her niece's Birthday (Caroline Kennedy)

    3. @Anonymous-None of the AshkeNAZI False Jews that are pretending to be Royality are Israelite's. They are the False Jews aka "Synagogue Of Satan from the scripture Revelation 2:9. All these people that are claiming to be JEW-ISH are False Jews, the reason they made a fake country called Israel. Israel is not a landmass or country it's the name of a man and this is what they have done name/call lands after themselves. Obviously, you're still asleep in the Matrix living out a huge deceptive LIE; because of the benefits of White Supremacy.

  2. She was born 3/3/33. 33rd prime is 137 and she died 137 days before the next total eclipse.
    "Lee Radziwill" = 188 Reverse & Francis Bacon
    "Bavarian Illuminati" = 188
    She died 1880 days before the next Great American total eclipse


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