Monday, February 11, 2019

42 52 | Government shutdown averted, February 11, 2019

Today is the 42nd day of the year, having 52 date numerology.

2/11/2019 = 2+11+20+19 = 52 (Government)

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    Have you seen this? Silverstein says the next WTC replacement will be ready in 3-4 years -- when he's 91. Despite having no tenants willing to sign on, he says the "good economy" (lol) has encouraged him to go ahead. Note in the rendering how 3/4 of the building (outside of the obvious "pyramid") looks like an Illusion ... a reminder of allegations that WTC 1 & 2 were basically empty shells on 9/11. It also resembles a Hologram ... what a great idea for pocketing supposed "building costs", right? Construct a "Building That (mostly) Isn't Actually There" -- ie. create a False Reality -- like the rest of our world. :D ;D


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