Thursday, February 14, 2019

44 | Sayanim, Jews who live outside of Isreal, and who work for Mossad

Notice the overlap with Sayanim, Israel and Zion.

107, the 44th prime

Read about the death of Theodor Herzl, at age 44, 44-years before the establishment of Zionist Israel. 


  1. It's actually Fake Israel, they took some land and named in Israel on the Continent Of Asia (CaucASIANS).
    "Caucasians"=28(Full Red.)

    "Continent Of Asia"=66(Full Red.)
    "Fake Israel"=66(Reverse Full Red.)
    "May 14, 1948"=66(English Ordinal) Israel was founded on 5/14/1948
    The divisors of 66 sum to 144 (1 x 44 =44)

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    2. "Wailing Wall"=66(Reverse Full Red.)

      "Western Wall"=44(Full Red.)
      "King Herod"=44(Reverse Full Red.)

  2. 107 the28th Prime. Israel = 28. Perfect number. Voted to become a nation in ‘47....... 4 x 7 = 28


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