Thursday, September 12, 2019

33 40 77 95 | Thursday Night Football, September 12, 2019, stopped 389-seconds into game due to lightning

It was 95 degrees before the storm, according to ESPN, for TNF.  Thursday Night Football = 95

The game was stopped due to lightning, in a storm following the path of Interstate-77, 389 seconds into the game.

The game is 77-days after Barber's birthday.

Chris Godwin Jr. has the 77 connection as well.

Keep in mind it is the 100th NFL season, and this lighting delay is the first for prime time television of the season.

And then 40... always 40 on TNF.

And the first points are a 40-yard field goal.

And the quarter ends with a long stoppage at 40 seconds, of course.

The score of 3-3 isn't bad either, ha.


  1. I googled Tampa Bay vs Panthers and this is what came up in the time it took.

    About 101,000,000 results (0.77 seconds)

    "Lightning Storm" = 77(Full Reduction)

    "Stopped" = 95(English Ordinal)
    "Stopped Due To Lightning" = 95(Septenary)
    "Stopped Due To Lightning" = 95(Chaldean)
    "Forty Yard Field Goal" = 95(Full Reduction)

    There is also I-85 in and around Charlotte.

    "Lightning Storm" = 185(English Ordinal)

    1. "389-Seconds" = 95(Jewish Ordinal)

    2. 101 million? Lol that's the 26th prime. 26th season of power rangers coming out tomorrow. Lord Zedd died 101 days after his bday. Zed is what the Brits call Z the 26th letter. ESPN Article after the game said the weather delay was 26 minutes


  2. At half, they said Jameis had a 134 rating.
    Before game, play by play guys references 1939.
    Before game..they show Panthers practice..Steve Smith, wearing a red cap, is standing between Cam #1 and #12 player. Does the red cap matter or is it just 112?

    1. Maybe they were telling you the winner before the game started like when Stef curry was the only warrior wearing red shoes raptor color for the final game.

  3. -Weather Delay=197, 62. 197, the 45th prime. Bucs=45. Buccaneers=62. Tampa Bay Buccaneers=62.
    -Weather=109, 37. Tampa Bay Buccaneers=109. 10-9 score at half. Carolina=37.

  4. Michael Irving is wearing all green, that favors,Tampa because it represents the niners.

    Green =49
    Red green=49
    Also, Dilfer played on Tampa and SF.

    1. Trent Farris Dilfer =94,202
      202= SB
      He was on clev,Balt,SF, and Bucs

  5. From here on in,what ever Irvin is wearing

  6. Ill be uploading another video tonight on youtube on why I picked Buccs to upset Panthers tonight. I'll share it once its live.

    1. Damn good call, props I could have made some money, didn't see Tb beating anybody to be honest.

    2. What’s your YouTube Chanel?

  7. Lavonte David #54, on Bucs, was 29 yrs 232 days old for this game, born in Miami , nicknames : Flash and Lolo
    Lavonte =54 .
    Tampa lost to niners, in Florida in week one. Uniforms matter. It's called pewter but the uniform is basically looks brown.brown red orange.. silver/grey and black numbers.
    Brown orange=Browns
    Silver/Black numbers= Pats
    Nfc 4th team= I have no clue.

    They represent the Browns and the Niners. The Bucs helmet logo shape, represents the patriots helmet logo, as it sweeps back and down.
    Zack a couple days ago ,said something about time, the Bucs numbers represent time....I don't know what to associate that with..

    Time =47
    47= Lynch's number as a player with Tampa (he's now niners GM)

  8. "September Twelfth" = 197, 71 <<< 20th Prime [Win with 20?]

    "Tampa Bay First Win" = 197
    "Bet Tampa Bay Buccaneers" = 197 <<< 45th Prime
    "Panthers [Zero - Two]" = 197
    "A No Wins [Week Two]" = 197
    "A Two Loss Carolina" = 197
    "TNF Visitor [Bucs]" = 197
    "Fourteen Points" = 197

    "Tampa Bay [Away]" = 129 <<< on Which Day?

    20 - 14 = 6 Score

    "Tampa Bay Score Twenty" = 246, 911
    "Twenty to Fourteen" = 246
    "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 246, 911
    "Freemasonic Symbol" = 911

    "Six Point Margin" = 188 <<< Write it Out
    "Panthers Second Defeat" = 188
    "End Streak in Game Nine" = 188
    "End Streak Ninth Game" = 188

    This is Very Interesting:

    "Mocking the Carolinas" = 197 <<< 45th Prime - President?
    "First Three Loser" = 197
    "Ten Game Streak" = 197 <<< Losing Streak?

    Carolina Scored 14:

    "Fourteen" = 104 <<< 10-4 Good Buddy
    "Week Four" = 104

    "Wins Fourth Week" = 197 <<< We Have come Full Circle?

    Carolina Panthers End Losing Streak in NFL Week 4

  9. Tampa is going to playoffs. Saints wont.

  10. Somehow, this all relates.

    Tom Brady

    Tom Benson -Saints owner

    Teddy Bridgewater 

    Tedy Bruschi 

    Tampa bay

  11. This also reminded me of why "They" put Ben Franklin on the $100 bill.

    "Lightning" = 100(English Ordinal)
    "Ben Franklin" = 100(Jewish Ordinal)

    Super Bowl 54 concludes the 100th NFL season.

    "One Hundred" = 54(Full Reduction)

  12. Alabama and Clemson had identical 1st and 3rd quarters as far as scoring. Both teams scored 14 in the 1st and 10 in the 3rd. Strange? So each team scored a combined total of 24-points in these two quarters.

    "Clemson and Alabama" = 50(Full Reduction)
    "1st and 3rd" = 50(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Twenty Four" = 50(Full Reduction)
    "SYR and SC" = 50(Reverse Full Reduction) - The two opponents of the above mentioned teams.

    Alabama won with 47-points, 121-days from the National Championship.

    "Forty Seven" = 121(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Alabama vs Clemson/2020" = 121(Reverse Full Reduction EP)

    1. This all occurred on September 14th by the way.

  13. Tampa Bay's box score by quarters as follows: 3/7/7/3

    "Carolina" = 37(Full Reduction);"Carolina" = 73(English Ordinal)

    Thursday night, #1 Cam Newton had 333-yards passing. 1-day later on Friday evening, the Tar Heels of North Carolina had 333-yards of total offense. Both Carolina teams' first points were field goals, and both teams lost by 6-points.


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