Wednesday, September 11, 2019

54 87 251 | Sean Taylor Coffin, Week 1 of 100th NFL Season, September 8, 2019

Notice the emphasis on 'Sean Taylor Coffin'.

This happened September 8, 2019, the 251st day of the year, Week 1 of the NFL season.


  1. Buried = 59, 103, 40
    Casket = 59, 103, 40
    Sean Taylor= 130, 140, 40
    Washington = 130, 140

  2. Sean taylor coffin=249
    Dwight Clark, #87
    initials= D.C. ( as in Washington DC)=Where Luck was born. Luck(Lincoln) is stepping down, in honor of Black QB( American Indian)Appreciation season.
    Dwayne Haskins=54, will soon Replace Case Keenum.
    Case Keenum=(C.K)., like Colin Kaeperinick (C.K)
    keenum.. like knee (will Kneel for Haskins.
    kneel=88 (california)
    kneel=47= forty seven=49,149,50
    Sean Taylor=59
    fifty nine= 54,45
    my point is Redskins will make playoffs with Haskins but will not get past 49ers.
    both Kaepernick and Keenum played in California.
    Joe Montana =54.
    ..and yes, I think i'm stretching with Dwight Clark to Sean Taylor.. i'm looking for smoother connection but most everything is close enough

  3. NY Giants fan threatens mass shooting at Gillette stadium

    Gillette =45
    Tobias Gray=45
    Age 44=45
    Giants beat patriots=216
    Not saying the Giants make super bowl but
    Eli #10 Daniel #8 (18) year anniversary of 9/11
    Could we see another back up go to a Super Bowl ?
    Foles #9 Daniel 8 , season started 9/8
    Foles our week 1 playing for giants Tom Coughlin
    Giants kept NE at 18 wins in their perfect season.
    Certain Brady will tie or break the single season TD
    Record if Brown plays.
    Could be part of the seasons puzzle who knows.
    Jaimie Collins back from Browns
    Giants ship Collins to Redskins
    Bill belichick mentioned that his 2 Giants Super Bowl rings Are special but the 6th ring with New England
    Is very special. AFC has 26 super bowl wins
    Barkley #26 giants

    Not predicting it’s the Giants but with rigged NFL anything goes.

    1. Harry, come on Giants have no arec3 mist likely NFC CONTENDERS

      maybe elite pretender, chance to make noise COWBOYS, PACKERS SEAHAWKS

  4. Pretenders rams, Redskins 49ers lions bears panthers bucs giants.

  5. @ Mikey

    I have Pats vs Eagles /Vikings
    The games are rigged anything can happen
    Was just pointing out the 18 code.

  6. Sam Darnold has Mono hahahahhhaaaaaaaaa. The Jets tank again!!

  7. MikeyjamesSeptember 12, 2019 at 7:04 AM

    Harry, come on Giants have no arec3 mist likely NFC CONTENDERS

    maybe elite pretender, chance to make noise COWBOYS, PACKERS SEAHAWKS

    Because its season 100, Jets could get a wildcard ,just to lose early.
    Seahawks weren't around till late 70s. Season 100 will involve the older teams IMO.

    1. I ment Giants, not jets.. Darnold got mono lol,, so that was on my mind haa

  8. MikeyjamesSeptember 12, 2019 at 7:09 AM

    Pretenders rams, Redskins 49ers lions bears panthers bucs giants
    Every year is the 2 or 3 teams to make playoffs that didn't make it last year or for a bit of time.
    For season 100 and for female owners and black QBs. I'd say Lions and Redskins and of course Niners will get in. I'm calling it now= Brees gets injured in Dallas

  9. Number 10 QBs and number 26 RBs, are prevalent this year.

  10. trcosbySeptember 11, 2019 at 7:28 PM

    The Pats probably will go 19-0. Jameis still led the Noles to their greatest season ever. As a freshman. Beat a #3 Clemson team in Death Valley 51-14. He won the Heisman. The Noles won the Natty and scored more points than any other team in NCAA HISTORY. AB STORY IS A RERUN
    They'll go 17-2.
    And obviously they aren't the Saints or the Raiders.

  11. Red=54
    Bucs win tonight?
    Even if it doesn't apply tonight, it will apply for season

    1. 68 days away from tight end OJ Howard's birthday. 12th day of the month today, Howard can pick up career touchdown #12, and his full name O'Terrius Jabari Howard equals 100 in the most important cipher. (full reduction)

  12. Spontaneous predictions: Jets go 0-16, they blew a,16 point lead in first game. Maybe 1-15

  13. Who wins Panthers vs Bucs Thurs night just trying to get more information

    1. Home team usually wins thursday, I think? And Jameis should have a good year.. but I'm not sure that happens tonight for a win for Bucs

  14. Before Panthers game they show Newton #1 with a #12 guy, but Steve Smith was standing in between them.. 112?

  15. Why did they reference 1939 before game? The deeper meaning

  16. Washington lost with 27. Sean Taylor died on the 27th of November in 2007.

    Both teams combined for 59-total points.

    "Sean Taylor" = 59(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Salt In The Wound" = 59(Full Reduction)

    Right before Sean Taylor's death, the Redskins and Tampa Bay combined for 32-points. The Eagles beat the 'Skins with 32 in Week 1.

    "Fight" = 32(Full Reduction)

    "Fight" = 21(Chaldean) - #21 Sean Taylor

    "Brotherly Love" = 87(Full Reduction KV)

    Redskins lose with 27 on the 251st day

    "Two Hundred Fifty First" = 270(English Ordinal)
    "Two Hundred Fifty First" = 270(Reverse Ordinal)

  17. They just said,, Jameis gad a,134 rating,, 134


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