Wednesday, September 11, 2019

83 | Death of author Anne Rivers Siddons, September 11, 2019, at 83


  1. ANNe died on the big ANNiversary.

    "ANN" = 9(Jewish Reduction);"ANN" = 11(Full Reduction)

    The Auburn Tigers won by 18 in college football right before the 18th anniversary of 9/11. They won with 24-points, 4-days before this date.

    "Four" = 24(Full Reduction)

    "Dead At Eighty Three" = 77(Jewish Reduction)
    "Auburn University" = 77(Full Reduction)
    "Auburn" = 77(English Ordinal)(September Eleventh)(World Trade Center)(Zionist)(The Big Lie)

    WTC construction began in '68.

    "Auburn University" = 68(Septenary)

    9/11 is a span of 8-months and 11-days from the beginning of the year.

    "Anne Rivers Siddons's Murder" = 118(Full Reduction)
    "Auburn Author Dies On 9/11" = 118(Reverse Full Reduction)

    "Author" = 83(English Ordinal)
    "Auburn Author Dies On 9/11" = 83(Chaldean)

    "Anne Rivers Siddons, Killed By The Authors Of Death" = 174
    (Septenary)(NWO)(New World Order)

    "Anne Rivers Siddons, Killed By The Authors Of Death" = 211
    (Jewish Reduction) 211, the 47th prime; Freemason Square and Compass is set at 47 degrees.
    "Author Murdered On 9/11" = 211(English Ordinal)

    Author and Auburn are both 6-letter words.

    "Six" = 52(English Ordinal)
    "Auburn Author" = 52(Full Reduction)

    "Six Letters" = 119(Reverse Ordinal)(11/9 or 9/11)

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