Friday, October 11, 2019

33 44 47 90 134 142 164 | Four people injured in Manchester stabbing, October 11, 2019 +May 22, 2017 bombing brought back up

FOUR (4), again.

It's a great day of 'police' activity.  Today is October 11, 2019.

10/11/2019 = 10+11+(2+0+1+9) = 33


Notice how 'anti-terror police' goes with 'Superdry'.

This happened at the 'Arndale' Centre.

Kill = 44
Officer = 44

Think of the stabbing of Caesar in 44 BC.

Notice the witness name, Freddie Houlder.

Notice the second witness, John Worsley.

Their ages are 22 an 25.  22+25 = 47

We know the relevance of 47.

And then notice, they have to remind you of the Manchester bombing hoax, May 22, 2017.

That took place on the 142nd day of the year... and they use this 'stabbing' as the excuse to bring it up.

Recall the most discussed victim, of the May 22 attack, Georgina Callandar, whose name sounds just like Gregorian Calendar.

Read more about the May 22, 2017 incident here:

It was 124-weeks and 4-days ago.

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