Friday, October 4, 2019

45 47 72 88 99 159 | White House subpoeanaed, October 4, 2019

Here's the latest in the Ukraine saga, October 4, 2019.  October 4 leaves 88-days left in the year.

Trump = 88; The Republican Party = 88
*Trump = 47; Ukraine = 47

Notice, July 25 leaves 159-days in the year.


Don't forget, the other 88, 'Manafort', was in Ukraine:

Those dates are a span of 72-days apart, and Elijah Cummings served the subpoena.

Notice Cummings sums to 45 as well, like how Trump is #45.

Recall, this story became front and center, September 23, the day leaving 99-days in the year:

Read more about the Ukraine scandal by the numbers here:

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