Saturday, July 16, 2016

58 84 213 223 224 | Bastille Day (Movie), predictive programming released April 22, 2016 (+Made in France film)

22/4/2016 = 22+4+20+16 = 62 (Mason) (Attack coordinated with French Pres's 62nd birthday)
22/4/2016 = 22+4+(2+0+1+6) = 35
22/4/2016 = 2+2+4+2+0+1+6 = 17 (Mason)
22/4/16 = 22+4+16 = 42 (Freemason)

Notice this film released April 22, 2016, 84-days before the  'Bastille Day Terror hoax'.

It was reported that the attack killed 84-people.

Francois Hollande = 84
United States of America = 84 (Obama = 84) (Obama born 8/4)
8/4/1904, the date France and Britain ignited buildup to World War I
Jesuit = 84 (Jesuits created in Paris, France, August 15, 1534)
Superior General = 84 (Leader of Jesuits) (This comes 76 days or span of 77 after his April 29 birthday)

Further notice that the movie came out on April 22, or 22/4.  Right now, the French Republican Calendar is in its 224th year of existence . The 224th year began September 23, 2016.  That is exactly 213-days before the release of this movie.  The number '224' has to do with 'terrorist strike'.

Again, this is the 224th year of the French Republican Calendar.
The Society of Jesus = 224 (Divisors of 84 sum to 224)

Let us not forget the film 'Made in France', another predictive programming title, also sharing '224' gematria.

Read about Made in France coding here:

Also, you should know the divisors of '84' sum to '224'.

The title 'Made in France' also connects to 'propaganda', as well as where the supposed Nice, France attacker was from, 'Tunisia'.

Also notice that the film Bastille Day released 2-months 23-days before the Bastille Day attack hoax.

Recall, this attack came 3-months 22-days after the March 22, or 22/3 attack in Belgium.

The writer of the film 'Bastille Day' also has the 'Freemasonry' connections.

The Masons have scripted the events of world history, by the numbers, the numbers that are significant to them.  It can't be said enough.

As for the film Bastille Day, look at the names of the main characters.... the second is 'Michael Mason'...

You might have noticed the 2-months and 23-days from release of the film to the attack, recall how that connects to the ongoing propaganda.


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    1. My goodness. The man I used to predict the NBA Finals two years ago, Warriors and Cavs, who both retired his jersey.

  2. Bastille Day is the French Independence Day. Like the Brexit independence day falling on the release date of the film, Independence Day. July 4, 1776, to Brexit and Egyptair was 239 years. 239 months separated the two Independence Day films. Egyptair 804 crashed 804 days after Malaysia Airlines flight. 84 died on French Independence Day, 84 days after the Bastille Day film was released. 66 died on Egyptair. The first soft landing on the Moon occurred in 1966. Strong Concordance number for Lucifer is 1966. The Moon averages 239,000 miles from the earth. Egyptair took off 239 days after 23/9/15, and left at 23:09 p.m. The date, 5/18/2016, can be 23/09. 239 years after the US Independence Day. The bicentennial month of July 1976 was the first soft landing on Mars.

    1. What connects Mars, the Independence Day films, Brexit, and the Bastille Day attacks?

      A: Fear of "aliens".

    2. Aliens=60=Holy, Believe, Four, Orange, Order, Police, Kings, Over, Teacher, Keys

  3. 41 dead and 239 injured initially reported from Istanbul. 239 years since US Independence Day, and coming up on 41 years since 1976, the first soft landing on Mars, when the Cydonia monuments were photographed at the 41st N parallel. Istanbul is on the 41st N parallel, as is Cleveland where Lebron scored 41 in each of games 5 and 6. Kyrie scored 41 also in game 5. On Lebron's second 41 point game, the second 41 year old redhead rising female politician was shot while meeting publicly with her constituents, though probably was faked. Jo Cox, to go with Gabby Giffords. Jo and Gabby both worked on immigration issues, aka alien invasions as some call them. Jo was shot 41 years after the first EU referendum in the UK. Jo and Gabby are twins, like Gabby's husband Mark, who is a twin brother of an astronaut, as he himself is an astronaut. HW Bush was CIA director only during 1976, then became president 41. He is from Houston, the home of NASA. Jack Kirby wrote a story called 'Face on Mars' in 1958, then started a new comic book series called the Eternals in July 1976, the month when we saw the actual Face on Mars.

  4. Full name Michael Mason = there even needed to be any more evidence...

  5. Hello Zachary,

    Greetings from new york. I'm Hannah and i just learned about your very fascinating work. I'll like to know if you only research media/entertainment related topics or if you're open to exploring number patterns in an individuals' life. I hope you do. If so, where can one reach you via email?

    Many thanks in advance.

  6. GREAT Coverage on France & Turkey, etc.!! Casting ELBA makes you think this might've all been planned before the actor was "given that name" ... wasn't ELBA the island that NAPOLEON was exiled to?

    And supposedly he couldn't take his horse, but thought it wasn't safe in France after his exile, so it was given a "safe retirement home" elsewhere. Later stuffed & wound up at the Louvre. The CNN article you showed (in an earlier post) said the horse died at the age of 33 ... All other sources say it was REALLY 41 -- (which is possible -- though I don't think the horse they were showing is actually THAT horse!). ;D:D

  7. ISS live feed shut down because of UFO sighting. I'm just waiting to see how they pull this off. Toronto ? NYC ? Washington ? Minnesota? Alien invasion

  8. Warriors win 74 games next season


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