Tuesday, January 17, 2017

33 42 44 58 96 | 5 killed at BPM Festival shooting in Mexico, January 16, 2017 +Same day as arrest of Omar Mateen's wife

Mexico, land of the '33'.

The Mexican-America War ended February 2, 1848, the 33rd day of the year.

The gematria of 'BPM' matches the gematria of 'Festival'.

31+32+33 = 96

This was a nightclub shooting.

This nightclub shooting news came the same day the wife of the nightclub shooter in Orlando, June 12, 2016, was arrested.

'BPM Festival' is also the right location for a staged shooting.

Two of the deceased victims are said to be from Canada, one from Mexico.


Notice the shooting was in Playa Del Carmen, having '58' gematria.

The name of the club has familiar gematria as well.

B P = 2 16

This follows the Reina Nightclub shooting in Turkey on New Year's and the ongoing string of Nightclub shootings since the Friday the 13th 'France' attack, November 13, 2015.