Saturday, March 11, 2017

43 47 88 148 187 | A Case for North Carolina to win the college basketball championship, April 3, 2017 +UNC vs UCLA?

****Keep in mind I have done zero research on the men's basketball tournament, but I do see a potential narrative that could play out in the North Carolina Tarheels favor.

The college basketball championship is on April 3, 2017. (93rd day of the year)
*Also, the Tar Heels won the Men's Tournament in '93.

Last year, the tournament was a major tribute to the Jesuits and the visit of Pope Francis.  If the trend follows, we could see a tribute to the Jesuit President Trump.

Notice the parallels between Tar Heels and Trump.

Donald Trump was on the path for victory after his huge wins in the Carolinas last year in the Primaries.  This year in College Football, we saw Clemson from the Carolinas return to the Championship Game, avenging their loss from last season.  Could UNC do the same thing?

Notice further the relationship between North Carolina and Trump.

There is also a Revelation parallel with the coach of North Carolina.

It is 121-days from his 67th birthday.  He is currently 66 and Revelation is the 66th Book of most Bibles.  Revelation = 49/67/121/726

Remember, Washington D.C. has Revelation related Gematria.

Washington = 49/187
George Washington = 88/187

UCLA could also make a lot of sense as an opponent.  We know how '187' connects to D.C. and the Jesuits.  If not UCLA, look for another Jesuit school.  Gonzaga is a top seed this year.

California sums to '88'.

I need to look more at the coaches and star players but this is a narrative that has key numbers.  You might recall that last year, North Carolina went into the championship game average 88.0 points per game in the tournament.

We just saw the Patriots win the 97th season of the NFL in tribute to Trump, with a '25' point comeback...  Trump = 25/88

Masonic = 74 (Remember the 74-74 tie with 4.7 last year?)

World Series = 57; NBA Finals = 57; Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131; Super Bowl = 131

Last season, Villanova won their 57th tournament game all-time, winning the championship.  They also won their 35th game of the season.  Catholic = 35 (They're a Catholic School)

Williams next Championship will be #6.  Six = 16/25/52
*His campaign began in '16

This was written last year before the loss to Villanova.