Thursday, March 16, 2017

58 122 139 166 185 | The destruction of Solomon's Temple by the Babylonians and the blaming of September 11, 2001 on Saddam Hussein +Donald Trump's "The America We Deserve"

Remember, the remembrance of the destruction of the two temples is a Jewish Holy Day, Tisha B'av.

In Gematria, Tisha B'Av sums to '911', reminding of September 11, and the destruction of the two temples.

The WTCs existed for 33-years.

Skull and Bones will turn 185 in 2017:

Think about how the destruction of the WTCs was confused with Iraq's leader Saddam Hussein, on purpose, for the sake of war.  Iraq is Biblical lands, the home of ancient Babylon.

The first Gulf War at the beginning of the 90s lasted exactly 47-days.

Remember, '47' comes back to the Freemason compass and square.

As for the 137, that is the 33rd prime.

It also connects to Saddam Hussein.

As for Solomon's Temple, once destroyed by the Babylonians (where modern day Iraq is), notice it's Gematria of '223'.  Again, '223' is very important to Freemasonry and Zionism.

The destruction of Solomon's Temple was blamed on Nebuchadnezzar II.  That name connects to 'Twin Towers'.

Last, remember how Donald J. Trump predicted 9/11 exactly 888-weeks before becoming President in his book The America We Deserve, released January 15, 2000?

Don't forget, they're calling Donald Trump the first Jewish President, and the United States of America has a very Jewish history.

Freemasonry is also very Jewish.

The Creator = 58; Pentateuch = 58

Last, compare the follow Gematria with the date numerology of September 11, 2001.


9 = 9
11 = 1+1 = 2
2001 = 2+0+0+1 = 3

The Messiah will arrive through the 'Golden Gate'.  Messiah = 74; WTCs on 74th Meridian

Pair this with the knowledge we have already uncovered about September 11.  Here are some of my better September 11 videos linked below.

ALSO, one last point about the first temple...

It was first improved 122-years later.  Elohim = 122; Freemason = 122

It was destroyed 371-years after it was built (or 532-years after).