Friday, April 14, 2017

35 58 71 106 | Isaiah Thomas's 43-game 20+ streak and the Celtics 71st season in the 71st year of the NBA (Ended February 27, 2017)

I remember the day of the Super Bowl 51, won by the Boston Patriots (New England), ESPN put up a stat that Isaiah Thomas earned his 35 straight 20+ point games, approaching the mark of 40, a record for the team, set by John Havlicek.

That was the same day Tom Brady won Super Bowl 51, February 5, 2017.

8/3/1977 = 8+3+1+9+7+7 = 35 (Tom Brady's birthday)

He would go on to beat Havlicek's record.  Keep in mind this is the 71st season of the NBA, and the 71st season of the Celtics.

Isaiah Thomas's streak would be broken February 27, 2017, at home against the Hawks.  That's the 58th day of the year.  Remember how the Hawks and Celtics were used in the Cavs and Warriors ritual a season earlier?

Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

2/27/2017 = 2+27+20+17 = 66 (LeBron) (LeBron James)

The day he tied the Havlicek streak, February 15, (15/2, Pennsylvania = 152), left 106-days until the start of the NBA Finals.... that's interesting because they were playing Philadelphia, the original home of the Warriors.  It's also interesting because of how relevant '106' is to 'LeBron', and the city of Philadelphia, named from Revelation, the book of prophecy and destruction.

Prophecy = 106; Destroy = 106; Entertain = 106

He earned #41 against the Bulls who finished 41-41.

His streak ended at '43', short of '44'.  Champion = 43

LeBron James = 114; Chosen One = 98

Notice that was the Hawks 33rd win of the season.

LeBron James = 114; Chosen One = 98

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