Sunday, April 2, 2017

42 55 67 71 | South Carolina defeats MSST, 67-55, April 2, 2017 +Bathroom Bill tribute points to North Carolina for Men's Tournament

The South Carolina win potentially points to North Carolina winning tomorrow.  Notice they won with '67'.

Think about the symbolism of a lady's basketball championship in South Carolina, and a men's basketball championship in North Carolina, in the same year, at the time of the "bathroom bill" news in North Carolina, which is a story that has been connected to basketball for sometime due to the NBA canceling its All-Star Game over this very same news story, the "bathroom bill".  If you don't know about the bathroom bill, it has to do with transgender, and who has the right to use what bathroom.

Tomorrow, North Carolina would have to defeat the Jesuit and Catholic Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Think about the lady GameCOCKS winning

Like I always say, the sports is scripted with the news, and this news is major.

March 30, 2017 Bathroom Bill News:
NBA All-Star Game Cancelled July 21, 2016 due to "bathroom bill":

Also, checkout the losing score of MSST.  They lost with '55', another number connecting to 'bathroom bill'.

Today's date was also right for the ladies, April 2, or 4/2.