Sunday, April 2, 2017

45 46 118 163 | Why the numbers indicate North Carolina should beat Gonzaga, April 3, 2017

The Championship April 3, 2017, will be Gonzaga's 46th tournament game all-time.

Following the 'March Madness' theme, North Carolina has a chance to win their 118th tournament game all-time.

Gonzaga is the right name for win #118, to win it all for 2017.

Notice this will also be North Carolina's 163rd tournament game all-time.  They'll likely be 118-45 by Game's end tomorrow.  Now notice the '163' Gematria for Gonzaga Bulldogs.

As I've been saying, I expect the Carolinas to represent huge because of Donald Trump, the Jesuit.  Gonzaga is a Jesuit school, and here we have the Carolinas in Championships, Women's and Men's tournament, and a Jesuit school to boot.

118-45 record?

Trump elected as the 45th President on November 8, or 11/8?

You have to love that this is North Carolina's 47th tournament appearance.  President = 47

And again, the Championship is on April 3, 2017, the 93rd day of the year.

A win would be a tribute to Dean Smith, who passed at age (83, the 23rd prime... think Jordan), February 7, 2015.

2/7/2015 = 2+7+20+15 = 44
4/3/2017 = 4+3+20+17 = 44

Jordan and the 2017 Championship:
March 11, a case for UNC to win the 2017 Championship: