Sunday, May 14, 2017

16 33 42 74 84 106 117 224 | How the second half of Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals was scripted, Warriors over Spurs, 113 - 111, May 14, 2017

I turned it on just in time to see Curry score the 71st points, it was magic.  It almost always is.

Warriors in Golden State since '71
This is the 71st season of the NBA

For the record, those are Steph Curry's parents.  His father is a former NBA Player, 'Dell'.

Then I saw this.  As I wrote about before the game, there was suspicious reporting of the death of a 16 year old girl 16 days after her birthday.

Read about that here:

The Warriors run ended when they reached 73, the win record they set last season.

Notice 'Kawhi Leonard' was key to the Warriors run.

Then they had to hit us with another '16'.  Pi = 16

This game was all about Pi if you didn't know, read here:

Saturn = 21/30/93; Spurs = 21/39/93; Oracle Arena = 48/93

Notice the part about '10-17'.  That is kind of like '117'.

Golden State Warriors = 117
The Godfather = 117
Undertaker = 117
Ohio = 117

He missed one and made one to make the score '74'.  That was the date they got Kevin Durant, the star the game was scripted for.  See the "Pi" tribute with July 4, 2016... (post above)

Also, notice the time was 4:02 when they had '74'.

Forty Two = 74

We know how '42' and '74' go together, don't we now?

This was just after Curry scored his 33rd points, the shot with 3:33 on the clock.

There it is, 33 for 'Stephen', son of 'Dell'.

Durant = 84
224 total points in the game... Divisors of 84 sum to 224

Golden State = 90
Ritual = 81

Durant hit the big 3 to give the Warriors 88 points.

Again, Durant was acquired 88-days from his birthday, September 29.  Read here:

United States of America = 929 (Jewish Gematria)
United States of America = 84; Durant = 84

The Warriors last season won 88-games, winning their 88th 88-days after Steph Curry's Pi Day birthday.

11 for 22 with 33!  Say hi to JFK for me.

Notice the 67 combined between Durant and Curry.  West = 67

The Warriors won 67 this season, to win the West.

Curry tied it up at 106 to 106 in the 106' tall arena.

Prophecy = 106; Destroy = 106; Entertain = 106
Akron, Ohio = 106 (Birth place of Nate Thurmond, LeBron James and Steph Curry)

Those were for Curry's 36th points.

When you sum 1 through 36, it totals 666.

The NBA Finals = 666; Basketball Game = 666

Then the Warriors went up 108-106 with the son of Magic Johnson, Draymond Green scoring.

Then from 108 to 111, while the Spurs stuck on 106.

ALSO, just want to document this.  They flashed Curry with 38 points...

While the game was on 38.x seconds...

Curry made the last point, free throws, bringing him to 40, with Durant at 34, for a total of 74 between the two of them.  Again, Durant was acquired on July 4, or 7/4, 88-days from his own birthday, and Curry's birthday, on Pi Day, or 3/14.  Today was 314-days from July 4, 2016.