Tuesday, May 2, 2017

33 51 74 83 93 142 156 | University of Texas at Austin stabbing of May 1, 2017 +Government Terrorism

Today the word is 'calmly', yesterday it was 'relaxed'.

We know what '33' represents.

False Flag = 33; Police = 33

University of Texas at Austin also fits the picture.

*False Flag = 33

They still have not put out the name of the attacker.

The word 'stabbing' has Gematria of 74.

The word stabbing also connects to 'terrorist', and what this story is really about is the terrorizing of the public, by the federal government and its media, with another staged killing / crime.

Think about the 1:42 attack on the 74th Meridian in New York, September 11, 2001.

Again, I found Gematria because of reporting like this.  Why does it matter than the campus is 431-acres?

As you can see, 431 connects to 83, which connects to 'murder', what the story is about.

Notice the call was at 1:49.

Twenty Five = 149
Death = 25


What's hidden in the words, 'a great deal of fear on campus', is 'Government', and '227', or 'here we go again'...

22 / 7 = Pi (Cycle and cirlces)

Government = 133

Last point, this incident also came on 'May Day', May 1, 2017.

May 1, or 5/1.