Wednesday, May 10, 2017

35 45 93 98 | Rob Dyrdek's Super Bowl 51 prediction, in light of the death of Big Black, May 9, 2017, 93-days after the game

From Super Bowl 51, February 5, 2017, to the death of Big Black, was 93-days.  Arbitrary?  Not quite.  Recall that Rob Dyrdek called the winning score of Super Bowl 51 for the Patriots:

Patriots 93-plays:

***Rob Dyrdek predicted a winning score of '34' for the Patriots; it was Brady's 34th playoff game... notice the distance of 3 months and 4 days...

'93' is the number of Saturn.

Big Black just died at age 45.  The Magic Square of Saturn sums to '45'.

Regarding Super Bowl 51, it was 'New England' who won, having Gematria of '45', like 'Rob and Big'.

Yesterday I talked about the death of Big Black in relation to the Cleveland Cavaliers, well here is now the relation with the New England Patriots:

Recall how 98 also connects to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

LeBron and Brady, the faces of their respective sports.

Rob & Big also connects to 'Tom Brady', like 'King James'.