Thursday, May 4, 2017

47 51 187 | WWE star Jeff Hardy loses tooth from kick by Celtic Warrior, same night Boston Celtic, Isaiah Thomas, loses tooth April 30, 2017

On the same night NBA player Isaiah Thomas pretended his tooth got knocked out during the game, a similar incident happened in the WWE.  And as I've been documenting all season, there is no difference between the NBA and WWE.

These incidents happened April 30, 2017.

4/30/17 = 4+30+17 = 51 (WWE = 51) (Conspiracy = 51)

Read about the NBA player losing his tooth here;

Sheamus, the man who knocked out the tooth of Hardy, is known as the Celtic Warrior.

The player who lost his tooth in the NBA the same night, plays for the Celtics.

Notice this fight was in San Jose, about 60 miles from Oakland, where the Warriors are located.  The Celtic Warrior?