Sunday, June 4, 2017

13 25 36 41 42 64 84 114 251 | Steve Kerr's scripted return, June 4, 2017, 251-days from his birthday & 42-days from his time away

9/271965 = 9+27+19+65 = 120 (Steve Kerr = 120) (Illuminati = 120)

Steve Kerr has the same birthday as the Jesuit Order, the Order that seemingly runs professional sports, across the world.

6/4/2017 = 6+4+20+17 = 47

*In light of Steve Kerr being 51, think about the owner of the Falcons, who lost in Super Bowl 51, Arthur Blank, he has a September 27 birthday as well, and is also a Jesuit, like Matt Ryan... and Tom Brady.

Thinking of the Jesuit connection, I think of #35, Kevin Durant, who became a Warrior under Kerr on the Fourth of July.  Tom Brady = 35; King James = 35

Atlanta, on the 84th Meridian

The divisors of 44 sum to 84.  Recall when Kerr came back for the Warriors 44th game of season in their 44th season, on December 2, and they won later that day with '122' points.  Golden State = 122

From Steve Kerr's 51st birthday until today, is 251-days, the 54th prime.  Oracle = 54

He was replaced by Mike Brown April 24, the date that leaves 251-days left in the year as well.

Cavaliers = 153
Undertaker = 117; The Godfather = 117; Ohio = 117; Big Number for Cavs all year

Don't forget the Celtics snapping the 54 game win streak at home in 'Oracle' for the Warriors.

Both the name Steve Kerr, and his place of birth, Beirut, Lebanon, have Gematria mathcing well with NBA Finals, which he returns for.

9/271965 = 9+27+19+65 = 120 (Steve Kerr = 120) (Illuminati = 120)

57, 78, 213.... Think about how those numbers mattered last year....

-Cavs, 57 wins
-Cleveland = 78; First team to win Game 7 on road since '78; Jesuit = 78; Durant = 78
-Len Bias, killed 213-days after his birthday, June 19, 1986, drafted between Cavs and Warriors by Celtics...

In light of Stephen Kerr (Stephen Curry???) having a full name with Gematria of 97, remember, the 97th season of the NFL was that of Super Bowl 51, where the patriots had the '25' point comeback on 2/5, to win the 25th Super Bowl for the AFC ever, and for Tom Brady, also his 25th playoff win.  97 is the 25th prime number...

If the West won, it would be #25.  If the East won, it would be #23.  King = 23

From April 24, 2017, the day Mike Brown took over for Kerr, until today, June 4, 2017, is 41-days later, or a span of 42.

Mike Brown replaces Steve Kerr, April 24, 2017:

Game 1 was LeBron's 41st Finals game of his career, as presented by ABC.

41, the 13th prime...

The Warriors have a 13 game winning streak...
LeBron James won on the real King James's birthday in his 13th season...
King James became King James at 13 months of age, like the 'chosen one'....

See my past work on Steve Kerr:

Last point, April 24 was the 114th day of the year.

K. = 11; D. = 4; K.D. = 11.4.

Remember when LeBron James crossed paths with the President at the White House, November 10, 2016, when the Browns were playing on Thursday Night Football in Baltimore?

You might recall the election had a lot to do with the NBA Finals, and by Trump winning, it actually broke the trend.  Then again, I think the last time the rule didn't hold true, was for the selection of JFK...  The riddles are large here.

As for his coaching record, this will be his 59th playoff game all-time.  He is currently 44-14.

As for him coming in with '58' under his belt... for Game 'two' (2)...

King James died at 58, 23-years after becoming a Freemason at 35.  King James = 35

Two = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58; Rosicrucian = 58

Interesting that he is 165th overall in rank.  Cleveland = 165; Scottish Rite = 165

This will be his 305th game all-time, something like '35'.  Again, Mike Brown began coaching LeBron at 35, and has a March 5, or 3/5 birthday.  Tyronn Lue, for the Cavs, is born May 3, or 5/3, or 3/5 as well...


He is coming back on 6/4...

If this goes to Game 7, it will be his 64th playoff game.

Stephen Curry = 64
Israel = 64; Zion = 64; Thelema = 64

UPDATE:  Curry would score the 64th points of the game, 35-29.

The next free throw made it 35-29...

His 15th points were the 35th for the Warriors and 64th for the game.

For the Warriors 64th points, they came on a 3 from Andre Iguodala, originally from Philadelphia 76ers....

Notice how his name ties to 239, the address of where the flag was sewn in Philadelphia, 239 Arch St.  Consider further the flag is 239-years-old right now.

Power = 58/77