Saturday, July 22, 2017

Montagraph the sociopath brags about deleting my channels, July 21, 2017

Someone passed this on to me, I don't event want to link it.  It's Montagraph bragging about taking down my channels and others.  Notice Monty put it out on my birthday.

Remember, Monty seemingly works for the network, as he has been harassing truth speakers online for going on 10-years.  This man has reportedly mailed dead animals to people and worse.  I am sure it is true because he had an animal killed and put on my property as well to start 2017.

This guy is the definition of scumbag.

In the video he says I instigated the conflict and falsely accused him of crazy things (100% false as anyone who has the facts knows).... of course he can get away with that for those who don't know because he has deleted the numerous videos he made threatening me with the checkerboard mask he was wearing, plus Google struck me for the video I made exposing his threats, and the fact that they landed.  Think about that!  Google allows slanderous videos made by others about me to exist, but then strikes me for defending myself against the threats and things that happened to me (worse yet, my channel is gone and this creep's is still up).  Those things that happened were a car crashing into my house Christmas Eve and a dead squirrel ending up on my property after his New Year's Eve story about myself and a dead squirrel.  I had the video footage of Monty making the threats about Christmas Eve and his story from New Year's Eve... Google said I violated his copyright... meanwhile everyone who slanders me violated my copyright and Google doesn't give a shit.

Here's the sociopath.