Friday, July 21, 2017

Toronto government bureaucracy and the $65,000 stair bid +Tearing down man's $550 job

So yesterday, Thursday, the news was the man built the steps.

The next day, today, the news are the steps have been removed by the city, due to them being unsafe.

This story reminds me of the point I am making with my own work.

I am exposing multi-billion dollar industries and multi-trillion dollar governments (all waste) for pennies on the dollar, with my own time, my own computer, and my own internet / electricity bills.  There's nothing big dollars and bureaucracy can do about it, they can't compete with my message.

Sadly though, the people aren't up to the task of helping me do the rest of the job, so the work thus far is all in vain, like these steps.  Also, the stairs I built have been tear down too (700 hours of video content).