Friday, January 5, 2018

44 47 51 52 110 | ESPN's Wickersham writes Patriots on brink of collapse due to feuding between coaches and Brady, January 5, 2018

#1 seed in AFC...
Coming off a Super Bowl win...
Most Super Bowls won by a coach and QB in history...

Yep, looks like the wheels are coming off of the bus.  Or is this more media bullshit?

I recall the media speculating the Cavs might not make the NBA Finals either because they were falling apart just before the playoffs this past NBA season...

Consider this article comes on 5/1, January 5, and the Patriots won Super Bowl 51.

Notice the author.  WickerSHAM.

Checkout the numbers on the author, Seth WickerSHAM.

Super Bowl 52
Minnesota = 47 / 110

Also, speculation here... that word 'cracks'... as in "cracks starting to show"...

1/5/2018 = 1+5+20+18 = 44; 2/4/2018 = 2+4+20+18 = 44

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