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Saturday, October 21, 2017

40 52 108 | Houston advances to World Series over Yankees, 4-0, by the numbers, October 21, 2017

43 seconds for the 4-3 series win.... Harvey = 34

40-days and 40-nights.

Houston = 40

Sabathia got his 147th loss.

World Series = 147
Houston Astros = 147
Freemason = 147
Conspiracy = 147

33 at bats for the Astros.

The series was at 3-3, with CC (33) on the mound, vs 33 year-old Charlie Morton.

CM = 33 (Jewish Gematria)

108-pitches!  How low is that!

Major League = 108
baseball = 108 (Franc Baconis)

This was the Astros 108th win of the season...

If they win the World Series, they'll have 112.  Houston = 112

Remember, L.A. burned, Houston flooded, and the woman in Houston said she felt like she won the World Series.

When it comes to the "elements", earth, air, fire, water....

Water > Fire

First home run on 52nd pitch, off #52, CC.  Flood = 52

Remember, the first game in Houston after Harvey, came 52-days before the start of the World Series.

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