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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

33 Watch | Malik Bendjelloul Murdered by the Gang of 33?

Swedish filmmaker, Malik Bendjelloul, was found dead yesterday at the age of 36.  Courtesy of Time, here is an account of the event.  In 2013 he gained fame after winning the Oscar for 'Best Documentary' with the film Searching for Sugarman.  At the heart of the film, were Stephen "Sugar" Segerman, Dennis Coffey, Dan DiMaggio, Jerome Ferretti, and Steven Rowland.
  • Stephen = 1+2+5+7+8+5+5 = 33
  • Coffey = 3+6+6+6+5+7 = 33
  • DiMaggio = 4+9+4+1+7+7+9+6 = 47
  • Ferretti = 6+5+9+9+5+2+2+9 = 47
  • Rowland = 9+6+5+3+1+5+4 = 33
 Is it possible that Malik made a documentary film about the wrong group of individuals?  There seems to be an awful lot of 33s and 47s within the main cast of characters.  Controversy did come out of the film, so perhaps death was his consequence for raising the wrong feathers.

Even more sinister than that, he might have been punished for being 'Swedish'.
  • Swedish = 1+5+5+4+9+1+8 = 33
The film Searching for Sugar Man was released January 19, 2012 in the United States.
  • 1/19/2012
  • Sugar = 19+21+7+1+18 = 66
The numerology of the name Malik Bendjelloul also reveals some interesting numerology; possibly even foretelling.
  • Malik = 4+1+3+9+11 = 28
  • Bendjelloul = 2+5+5+4+1+5+3+3+6+3+3 = 40
In 1990, Malik played the character Philip Clavelle on the show Ebba och Didrik.
  • Clavelle = 3+3+1+4+5+3+3+5 = 27

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    1. I Don't know how or why this Malik Bendjelloul died but I do know that I Watched Rodriguez Perform in a live sold out concert In Launceston Tasmania Australia in 1979 or early 1980...This was the same Rodriguez that was in the film Searching for Sugar Man...I noticed you did not run any numbers on Rodriguez himself who was quite famous to the hippy culture in Australia long Before this film was made...I was shocked that he was not a wold wide sensation when I watched the film...such a Brilliant singer song writer to this day...In my opinion...Barry


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