Friday, June 30, 2017

YouTube strikes video calling out channels who slandered me with lies today

Fucking a.

Everyone take note.  The shills can slander and use my content all day, but when I speak back, strike.

Reader Contribution | Rangers retiring number for Ivan Rodrigues +Dallas Cowboys and Super Bowl 52

Six = 52; Minnesota = 52; Texas Rangers = 52

74 88 | Donald Trump says patience with North Korea 'is over', June 30, 2017

74 and 88, what do you know?

Despicable Me with the "You're fired" line came out today.  Is this The Apprentice telling North Korea his famous line?

An apology to Jewrassic Liars channel and everyone else I have hurt

I want to apologize to this man.  I don't want to be someone that hurts people.  I see now what the story of this man is.  He has told us he was Catholic.  He was likely sexually abused very badly as a child, without any treatment.  It is obvious his mind is in one place and this is the evidence of the trauma.  Last night this same man wrote several comments and attacks towards me just like this.  I actually deleted the chain of comments because I felt bad.  All this man talks about is homosexuality and he constantly references the male unit.  Even here.  Attacking me.  I feel bad.  He knows who the enemy is, but he also thinks people like me are the enemy which is where he is wrong.  He is just another misguided Christian.

This is what Jesus will do for you, what it has done for him, nothing.

It is belief in God and being the best you can that God cares about.  Not your fake religion.  Sure, praying to Jesus might work, just like praying to any other figure might too.  God doesn't care what you've been duped by as long as you're righteous.

47 | Force is the only realistic answer (Reader Contribution Rant) +The only way to beat the Synagogue of Satan

This was inspired by this video I put out today:

This is someone who gets it.  Maybe the best comment of 2017.  This is the response that is needed from the people in this moment.  Enough is enough.  We've waited too long.  We've been a society of faggots for way too long.

40 41 45 | China's President issues 'red line' warning, June 30, 2017

Asian is the theme this evening.  Asian = 44; Military = 44

Notice how nicely 'warning' and 'red line' come together.

41, the 13th prime.

This news comes July 1, 2017.

7/1/2017 = 7+1+20+17 = 45 (Thirteen = 45)

My teacher years ago said World War III would start with a conflict between Hong Kong and China.

Reader Contribution | Chris Cornell and Jerry Garcia death connections +Pi and 314

58 73 113 158 | Plane crash on highway story, Orange County California, June 30, 2017

113 or 73 seconds...

6/30/2017 = 6+30+20+17 = 73

33 36 37 42 44 73 93 96 106 | NYC Bronx-Lebanon Hospital shooting of June 30, 2017 +News by the numbers

Remember, Freemasonry runs the show, from hospitals, to police, to media, to government.

And as always, the 33 is present in New York, a land of J-wish deception. (*censored)

Watch them blame it on a doctor.

1650 Grand Concourse, eh?  Scottish Rite = 165; Grand Concourse = 67/77/157/221

Know those numbers, they're all relevant.

ALSO, today was right with messing with the Bronx.

6/30/2017 = 6+30+20+17 = 73

6/30 = 6+30 = 36

June 30 is the 181st day of the year, the 42nd prime.  Freemason = 42; NYC = 42

Notice the officer's name too, Annette Shelton.

UPDATE:  They're now blaming a doctor (33).

*Notice the 1:13 on the plane story... (113)

Dr. Henry Bello?  Could be an anagram.  I also see a Trump parallel.

When you sum 1 through 11, it totals 66.  New York, the 11th state

Chaos = 19/46 (Bello = 19/46)
Death= 20; Murder = 34

More important, the person killed was on the 17th floor...

And 6 injured on the 16th.  Humanity  = 666; New York = 666; Number of the Beast = 66

Again, today is the 181st day of the year.

On June 3 we got the London story, on June 30 we got the New York story, two of the biggest trading markets there are.  Trump is also under more scrutiny.

Freemason = 42; History = 42; Knowledge = 42; New Testament = 42; Five = 42; NYC = 42

Ben also caught this.  Federal = 306 (30/6, June 30)