Sunday, September 30, 2018

108 | Final MLB 2018 regular season standings +Boston Red Sox take the cake with 108-wins

In the American League...

You have to love that the Boston Red Sox new top mark for wins in a season is 108.
Major League = 108; Geometry = 108 / 108; 108 double stitches on a baseball

The Indians took their division with 91-wins, the 13th triangular

And the Astros won theirs with 103, the 27th prime; MLB = 27; Baseball = 27 

In the National League...

The Braves won their division with 90.

Read my post on the playoff games tomorrow, October 1, here:

45 93 99 112 113 119 254 | Kellyanne Conway speaks out about sexual abuse, September 30, 2018 +Donald Trump, #45, related ritual

Notice how the emphasized headlines go with 'Kellyanne'.

That's a whole lotta 99, and the 45 is cute too, in light of Trump being #45.

This news comes 253-days after her 51st birthday, or a span of 254.

253, the 22nd triangular number
Saturn, the keeper of time = 254 (9/30 news; Saturn = 93)

This news comes 112-days before her 52nd birthday, or a span of 113.

Donald = 112
Scottish = 113
*President = 52; White House = 52 

Her name gematria is as follows:

All Seeing Eye = 119; Donald = 119
Kellyanne = 45; Trump is #45

11 13 45 54 89 91 163 251 | MLB Playoff Games, October 1, 2018

The playoff games for the National League are to be played October 1, 2018, the 274th day of the year, the day leaving 91-days left in the year.

10/1/2018 = 10+1+20+18 = 49 (49-years since Seattle Pilots)
10/1/2018 = 10+1+(2+0+1+8) = 22
10/1/2018 = 1+0+1+2+0+1+8 = 13
10/1/18 = 10+1+18 = 29 (Jose Quintana is 29-years-old) (Chacin = 29)
(Rockies = 109) (Los Angeles = 109)(109, the 29th prime)
10/1 = 11

The Brewers could get their 45th win on the road for the season, in Wrigley.

Major League = 45
Joe Maddon = 45 (Joe Maddon = 162; Major League Baseball = 162; Baseball = 162)
Wrigley = 45
Illinois = 45
Cubs = 45
*Brewers = 45 
Brewers #45, Jhoulys Chacin expected to pitch 
Thirteen = 45; M, the 13th letter

If the Brewers advanced, it would be just their 5th time in the playoffs:  They are in their 50th Major League season:

As for the Cubs, this is their 143rd season, and they are trying to make their 20th playoff appearance.

With regards to them playing on the day leaving 91-days left in the year, it coincides with their team name gematria.

 91 is the 13th triangular number.

Thirteen = 45

Tomorrow they have Jose Quintana on the mount, who has 13 wins.  Jose = 13

 The game comes on his 251st day of his age.

251 is the 54th prime.

Notice what the Cubs and Brewers did on September 8, the 251st day of the year, the day leaving 114-days left in the year.

The Brewers defeated the team with the 114 gematria too.

As for the Rockies and Dodgers, they played on that date as well, and they played each other, with the Rockies winning.

*This season began on the 88th day of the year, the earliest start in MLB history.
*The Dodgers have not won the World Series since '88

In light of this being the 163rd game of the season...

163, the 38th prime; Colorado = 38; Colorado, the 38th State

Notice the Rockies and Dodgers both have 91-wins.

This game will be played October 1, the day leaving 91-days left in the year.

91, the 13th triangular number
LA = 13 (LA = 41, the 13th prime) 
Thirteen = 45 (Rockies can get 45th away win, or Dodgers can get 13th home win)
Home = 13 / 41; LA = 13 / 41
Los Angeles, California = 197 (45th prime)
Dodgers = 117; Thirteen = 117

This is the Rockies 26th season.   *101, the 26th prime (October 1, or 10/1)
Game = 26; Ballgame = 26; Major League Baseball = 351 (26th triangular)

They have been to the playoffs 4 times, like the Brewers:

As for the Dodgers, this is their 135th season and they have been to the playoffs 31-times.

Numbers to consider:
Colorado Rockies = 89; Los Angeles Dodgers = 89; Los Angeles California = 89
89 is the 11th Fibonacci Number, 31 is the 11th prime
German Marquez could pick up 11th loss; 10+1 = 11
Rookie = 89 (He would lose to the Dodgers rookie)
89, the 24th prime; Dodgers rookie is 24-years-old
They played on September 8, or 8/9

With a Rockies win, the Dodgers would stay at 31-playoff appearances.

The Rockies pitcher has numbers that favor the Dodgers.

This game comes 221-days after German's birthday, or a span of 222-days.  *2/22 birthday

Notice the 31-weeks and 4-days too, like Pi, 3.14.

Geometry = 108; Major League = 108; Boston Red Sox won 108-games this year
As above so below = 222 

As for the Dodgers pitcher, he is Walker Buehler.

His name has Gematria of 104, and the team who wins this game will play on October 4.;/g/11ggrb69vn;4;/m/09p14;mt;fp;1

October 4, or 10/4, like 104...

As for him being a 'rookie'...

Buehler's birthday is 65-days before the game, a span of 66-days.
66, the 11th triangular number


Cubs Joe Maddon:  The game is 235-days after his 64th birthday (span of 236)
Brewers Craig Counsell:  The game is 41-days after his 48th birthday (span of 42) 

Rockies Bud Black:  Game is 93-days after his 61st birthday (span of 94)
Dodgers Dave Roberts:  Game is 123-days after his 46th birthday (span of 124)

Notice the Dodgers just swept the San Francisco Giants.  San Francisco Giants = 114

And according to USA Today, the likely pitcher for the Brewers is #45, Jhoulys Chacin.

Thirteen = 45 / 117; M, the 13th letter

49 date numerology

 The game is 267-days after his birthday, a span of 268.

He is 15-8 on the season:

BONUS:  This game comes on Manny Machado's 88th day of his age, 26.  101, the 26th prime


30 39 45 47 87 93 108 | US and Canada reach deal on NAFTA, September 30, 2018, a span of 87-days from Justin Trudeau's 47th birthday

This NAFTA agreement comes late, September 30, 9/30.

The deal keeps them partnered with Mexico in the agreement.

Again, everything done by the federal government, is by the numbers.

Same goes in Canada.  Consider their leader is Justin Trudeau.

This decision comes a span of 87-days from Justin Trudeau's 47th birthday.

It is a 'trade' deal.

 For one last point, consider September 30 has 39 date numerology.  9+30 = 39

And don't forget the significance of this being synced with Trudea's birthday.

ALSO interesting, this deal comes 108-days after Trump's birthday, #45.

*September is the 9th month, 45 is the 9th triangular number

The significance of 108 comes from the relationship between the sun and the earth, a sun which is said to be 93-million-miles away on average.

Consider Trudeau is "the son" of a former Canadian PM

His father Pierre was the 15th PM.  47, the 15th prime number