Friday, November 30, 2018

31 41 47 94 147 187 227 | The death of George H.W. Bush, #41, by the numbers, November 30, 2018


#41 is dead on November 30.

11/30 = 11+30 = 41

Don't forget how 41 connects to his name.

George H.W. Bush was the 41st president.

Don't forget he was a member of Skull and Bones.

The symbolism of Skull and Bones comes from an Ossuary, where you place the skull above the thigh bones in a case.  The Templars buried their dead in Ossuaries.

This day, November Thirtieth, also connects to his age.

Recall what is special about 94.

He died in Houston today, as well, connecting to H.W., and the fact that today leaves 31-days left in the Gregorian Calendar Year.

Recall how Barbara Bush's death factored in and the connection to H.W.'s hospitalization.

That was a span of 41-days from the death of his wife, Barbara Bush, who died April 17.

His wife also died 147-days before the anniversary of September 11.

And notice he was hospitalized on the day leaving 218-days left in the year.

Of course, April 17 is the 107th day of the year.

From his wife's death to his death is 227-days, or a span of 228-days.

*Houston's area code is the 713
*Houston's area code is also 281; 281, the 60th prime; Skull = 60
*William Russell, Skull and Bones founder, died on his 281st day of his age

227 is the 49th prime number


ALSO, from his hospitalization to this death was 187-days later.

His son's birthday, George W. Bush, is on the 187th day of the year.

This death comes 147-days after George W. Bush's birthday.

Today in numbers also connects to William Huntington Russell, one of the founders of Skull and Bones.

211, the 47th prime

AND... Now we know why Paul Walker died on this date in history.

He was in the film The Skull which released on the 31st of March.

Recall, he starred in the movie The Skulls, where he drove a red Porsche, and he died on this day, in a red Porsche.

EVEN MORE, read about the wedding of Barbara Bush Jr., October 7, 2018.

The perfect ritual of Barbara Bush's October 7 wedding:
The 118 wedding headlines:

He died 54-days after the wedding ritual.

Also, read about him being honored for his '1000 Points of Light on September 4, 2018':

From that honoring to his death was a span of 88-days.

And from the killing of his doctor, July 20, until his death was 133-days later:

ALSO, from John McCain's death to Bush's was 97-days.

Again, these men had similar histories, from the party's they served, to the plane crashes and more.

And last, he died 171-days after his own birthday.

171, the 18th triangular number, and he were in 2018

6/12/1924 = 6+12+19+24 = 61 (18th prime)

Keep in mind on this same day there was a massive earthquake by Anchorage.

The coordinates of that location sync with Skull and Bones and his birth numerology.

ALSO, his death comes on Trump's 170th day of his age.

And, again, Paul Walker died on this day in history, as we covered in the podcast this morning before the news of H.W.'s death.  Paul Walker died 79-days from his birthday, and Papa Bush died on a date with 79 numerology.

11/30/2018 = 11+30+20+18 = 79
*79 is the 22nd prime; 253 is the 22nd triangular number

Here are some more reader / watcher finds! 

BBC = 223
Masonic = 223
Skull and Crossbones = 223
Yale Skull and Bones identifies by 322