Thursday, December 31, 2015

47 101 | 'Acting Alone', Obama to make executive action on background checks for guns.... (It's all a show)

Notice the gematria, it tells the tale.

President = 47
Assassin = 101 (411 in Jewish, like the address JFK was shot from)

This is all part of the building narrative for the assassination of #44.

2 represents division

More background checks?  What's that going to do?  Oh yes, nothing.  Do you know how easy it is to get guns in the black market?  Very.  And in the black market, there are WAY BETTER OPTIONS. =)  Fuck you feds.


  1. This is all hype to drum up an unprecedented amount of gun sales. I guarantee that the people in the know, were told well in advance, to buy stock in the weapons manufacturers. This is part of how they keep themselves rich, and the rest of you poor. The fat cats are laughing all the way to the bank, as per usual.

  2. Very easy to get guns illegally, maybe easier then jumping the hoops of the legal process. Not that I would know...;)

  3. Uh oh looks like weapons sales are slowing down slightly. Guess it's time to put out another "Obammy the Commie Kenyan is coming Fer yer guns" story, sit back and collect that sweet sweet cash. It's like PavlovIan bell the paranoid can't resist.

  4. Yes, well put. There are three ways to activate the "conservatives", gays, guns and God.

  5. "New executive action on guns" in the English Reduction system equals
    .. 110 / 119 ..

    "hundred ten" in the English Ordinal system equals

    .. 113 ..

    1. "december thirty first" in the English Reduction system equals

      ..101 / 110 ..

      "hundred one" in the English Reduction system equals 54


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