Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I have lost more than 1,000 subscribers the past 4-days

There are many posts like this.

YouTube is hating.  Cars are crashing into my house.  A lot of videos are getting made about me.  I got a new website called "GematriaFrauds"...

Is it hard to see what is going on here?


  1. Zach have you checked how important numbers from Gematria relate to geometry
    For example if you construct a triangle with 32° on the top of the triangle, it will leave you with 2 angles of 74° as it's foundation

    So America = 32, Foundation 7/4 and all that good stuff, so for example

    47° at the top of a triangle would give you 2 angles of 66.5° totaling 133 as it's foundation

    74° degrees gives 2 x 53° - foundation 106 (Prophecy = 106)

    1. 180 degrees in a triangle....
      So 74+74+32 = 180


  2. Especially when those haters spend so much time trolling Zach, when they could be using their time to decode instead. Guess trolling, not gematria, pays their bills.

  3. No, it is because YouTube is dumping my subs in bit chunks.

  4. Zach have you gotten a chance to look at the colts article yet? It was written by a fat fuck, probably Andrew Stoeten's (jays reporter who mocked you) twin.


    I wrote a post about the fat fuck:

    The dude even has a 33 in his facebook username and is wearing a Hawaii (33) shirt.

    1. no one cares about ur blog fat boy follow numeroloynow on twitter n gematriafrauds.com

    2. Thanks for heads up brother, I will do some work on it too. Looks like you might have nailed it all the way already though!

  5. zacc shillary stein was born july 21 born n raised in telaviv israel follow numerologynow on twitter n gematriafrauds.com

    1. zacc is a virgin follow numerologynow on twitter n gematriafrauds.com

    2. zacc stole his sb pics from richie from boston follow numerologynow on twitter n gematriafrauds.com

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    4. Mike Smith... Why did you get a number 33 tattoo on your arm?

  6. I keep getting unsubscribed too.
    Truth is hurting these guys..

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  8. Stop lying Zack, and turn to the light.
    Your track record sucks more than your colts pick,Obama assasination, trump assasination,LSU pick, Hillary presidency, Marshall law etc.

    Stop staging fake crime scenes and I think you should be ok.

  9. Sports center reflecting on the greatest game ever played

  10. The way this is going the Pope is going to say gematria is worse than poop.

  11. Pope collapsed in Poland.

    The Jesuit vs Catholic war is in full motion.

    Gaymatria is better term

  12. I did a youtube predicting a pope event late December early January tracking the subconscious scripts we are fed.. crazy!! Shawn clayton youtube

  13. I know there was a bumch of Ritchie from Boston subs who said they unsub"D to Zach I read that on his comments, maybe that's some of them Zack?

  14. Alright people, could this be the new script.

    Raiders of the lost ark.
    Ark means the ark of the covenant.

    "the ark of the covenant" = 85 = National Football League
    "raiders of the lost ark" = 789 = Green Bay Packers
    "raiders" in itself mean OAK Raiders.

    In the movie's FINAL, raiders open the ark unleashing a power that destroys them. What is inside the ark of the covenant? In the book of Exodus (Exodus=88) it is said that:

    "The Ark of the Covenant (Hebrew: אָרוֹן הַבְּרִית‎‎ ʾĀrôn Habbərît, modern pron. Aron haBrit), also known as the Ark of the Testimony, is a gold-covered wooden chest described in the Book of Exodus as containing the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. According to various texts within the Hebrew Bible, it also contained Aaron's rod and a pot of manna. (from wiki)

    Aarons Rod. Aaron Rodgers much??

    Any ideas guys?

    Oh and as a bonus, maybe a surprise half time performance from Green Day (not even close to Green "B"ay)- a band from oakland.

    Credit to buttharry, he caught "raiders of the lost ark" first plus a lot of parallels to trump.


    Lets start thinking like we are the ones doing the scripting. How would you do it?

    1. These are all possible narratives I pointed out before the season began. Raiders were one of my top picks in the AFC behind the Colts. And Packers were connected to the Colts riddle through the death of Lindy Infante last season, before the Colts played and won at Houston on Thursday Night Football. Plus Prince's full name is "Prince Rodgers Nelson".... Rodgers... Nelson....

    2. Zack you had colts and giants
      Then you had Vikings vs Giants in NFC championship. Stop trolling go find " the real rednecks that ran into your rented studio"
      Does the "Land lord" keep you deposit now? Lmao

      Give it a rest!

    3. Notice Jordy Nelson's first touchdown against Minnesota came at 7:13 on clock.

      Houston's area code.

    4. I still like the Giants for NFC:

      Giants = 25, like 2/5
      Eli = 17 like the year it will be, also SB51 has date numerology of 17
      Manning = 36, SB51 on 36th day of the year
      Eli Manning = 53
      Superbowl LI = 53
      His birthday is 33 days before SB51.
      Eli in his 13th season, birthday is 1/3

      That coding, plus what Brother Berg found in the BFG film and Jack the Giant Slayer.

      Texans last game (which was in Houston), finished 10-12, 1 month 12 days before the Superbowl.

      Manning wears 10, Brady wears 12.

      On that day, the Patriots also scored 41 (superbowl), total points 44 (SB51 has 44 date numerology)

  15. Rod (the unit) is 5 1/2 yards long.

    There's the 51 and 5/2 (five and a half inches looks like five AND one OR two --> 51 OR 52 --> 51 OR 5/2.

    "five and a half inches" = 85/93(s)
    85 = order out of chaos (reduction)
    93 = saturn, propaganda


    1. Also by winning SB51, GB would become 5-1 in super bowls.

      GB would be nice tribute to Great Britain and the Queen too.

  16. Iivari

    Great work, thanks for the credit

    Here is the formula for getting the two final teams
    1. History
    2.Match ups
    3. Must examine at least 3-4 years of NFL season
    4. Who is inducted that year
    5. Half time show
    6. SB site
    7. What records can be achieved
    8. SB number
    9. Which season the current year reflects to
    10. Numerology/ rituals

    Now place all the contenders in these categories
    And the teams will pop in your face like Zacks pimples.

    The problem is that everyone here is stuck on the Colts vs Giants
    And the 58 match up which was only part of the riddle.
    If you follow the 10 steps you will discover why the colts and Giants
    Were selected. All the teams in the playoffs play a part in the ritual.

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  18. Brady is chasing Montana the Goat the Pennsylvania legend like Coach Paterno
    Belichik is chasing Don Shula and Lombardi.

    Joe played @ND and won the cotton bowl
    Also won 4 rings in Santa Clara
    Then finished his career in the AFC championship as a Chief. Montana
    Had a broken back given to him by Jim Burt
    From the Giants the same Giants Brady can't

  19. Montana beat Houston cougars in the cotton bowl

    19(93)Montana beat the steelers, oilers then lost to the Bills in the AFC championship to Jim Kelly another Pennsylvania product and U Miami was ND rival.

    This fact almost had me thinking the chiefs could get in vs packers as a SB1 tribute.

    Not so fast! Just part of the ritual.

  20. Once I looked at the Giants they are also not going to the SB.
    Raiders lost Carr they're done.

    I read a book recently and it had this years Super Bowl match up and the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl to an NFC team which is currently in the playoffs.
    When I started to examine the match up and how the playoffs are set up they make perfect sense ! They fit all the narratives.

    1. What book had the SB matchup in it?

    2. You think, I spent my time researching to give you the answer lol. Remember I'm the troll here!
      I'm one of 3 that disagreed with everyone like a REAL forum. Nicholas you are very bright, research it! Go thru the steps.

    3. No HB, Ur not the troll as u were one of only 3 on this blog that spoke the truth and everyone else is a troll

    4. Cowboys s pats looks likely...as this will be the year the favorites win...no underdog storys

  21. kicks from a dying goat
    hang in there Zach - you are not alone and believe me this will blow up in 'their face'

    the light surrounds the darkness and forces it into mistakes

    1. Mike you're a 🐑 and Zack is Shill
      Wake up ! Behhheeee beheee

  22. Thanks. Very interesting, I have to dig more into history.
    I was looking at -66 and -67 seasons, thinking SB1 or SB2, as you could probably tell.

  23. Btw I have Houston rockets upsetting the warriors. Laker fans and Dwight fans will be upset this year.

  24. Mike Dantoni and Harden to the finals vs Cavs.

    West playoffs will be fun.

    1. rockets aint winnin shit lebron winning it follow numerologynow on twitter n gematrifrauds.com

  25. Zack will now make a Houston rockets video for finals lmao he should cause it's finally right

    But he has warriors vs cavs 3.0

    Lebron had a dummy of curry that you have to step Over like iverson did vs ty lue and the lakers. Lakers won series 4-1 41 code again

    41 st parallel folks.

    Zack your not smart at all! Stop using DEATHS as reason for teams to win championships.

    Patriots lost in 2011 when Krafts wife died!
    OKC hasn't won and all the deaths in that franchise.
    Lakers owner died and no championships
    Dennis green died no championship

    Reggie white died and eagles have no rings
    Packers won after reggies death but not with Favre!

    Learn from your mistakes SHILL!

  26. Hello Truth seekers "Harry here"

    Just remember, a JEWTUBE account , cool intro , fake subscribers and a donation page

    Three correct picks Broncos (Peyton's) last season and Cavs (healthy) and cubs( favorites)

    Does not render you a genius.

    If you study numbers and sports the picks are not difficult. If you're a degenerate gambler then continue the mission sheep.

    If I or anyone could select the correct teams
    1.your an insider ( not likely)
    2. Lucky ( we've seen that a few times)
    3. Your good at seeing through the fog, however
    The rituals can be performed by any two teams!
    We live in duality.

    NO ONE is giving out FREE picks on the internet NO ONE

    So study your asses OFF from the script given.

    Good luck minions 😎

  27. Now let's think like a rigger.

    Story no 1:

    Let's say I had colts vs. vikings fixed for this year.
    I see some peasants figuring it out and saying it will happen. Billions of dollars and credibility somewhat on the line. I don't think its that much about the money. I think I want to show some power (and show off/brag what I can do) to these arrogant cattles who don't understand their places.

    I change the script and teach a lesson. And just to rub it in, I'll put colts vs vikings next year (if it fits otherwise too).

    Story no 2:
    I had a different script all along. Colts and Vikings both fail and are out of playoffs. I say nothing and laugh at stupid peasants.

    Instead, there's that article saying "nothing is fixed" etc.
    If colts fix was not in, why say anything? Makes no sense.

    This is what I'm thinking as a riggers hat on.

    1. Heh, just trying to learn what makes you tick; change from giving information to fucking around.
      Why so serious?

      I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. I bet colts --> they lost --> I was wrong. See, easy.

    2. I never had the colts, no issues here, also wondering how and why you guys picked the colts. The Giants on the surface made sense now they don't either. I do not Tick I actually Toc!

    3. Very well!
      I can only speak for myself, but i'm new to this kind of stuff. Just trying to learn how it works.

  28. SB 41

    Indy Chicago both on the same parallel

    Nothing more

    Colts W-L 15-16 last two years not super bowl worthy

    Colts lost SB44 with Peyton then Peyton lost SB48

    2006 to 2010 4 years
    2010 to 2014 4 years

    44! Kill , how did you get that one wrong too ZACK

    Atleast explain your mistakes!

  29. The COLTS have no one but Luck.

    There's no way they can sell that shit, ironically
    All the triggers bought it.

    The worst SB team was recent 9-7 cardinals
    But they were atleast loaded on both sides of the ball. Everyone knew they were not beating

  30. Here's a question for you and anyone else.

    13/31 and 48/84

    These 4 numbers are coded in this season.
    I have no clue other than

    1+3= 4 favre and Carr and Brady are related

    4+8= 12. Which also codes Brady and Bradshaw
    Who was in the news and also has 4 rings
    Antonio brown wears 84 and hes#1 in the NFL

    1948 and 1984 seasons do not bring up anything

    SB 48 had manning losing and 84 had raiders winning over skins

    Anything on these numbers?

  31. I'm starting to think Raiders vs Packers in the SB

  32. Everyone wants to be told what to think. What to do. The authoritarian mindset keeps people docile. Dependent. Is that only due to the indoctrination, or were we designed that way? The implications of the latter are staggering.


  33. iivari
    Packers have 13 championships could make it 14
    The media is backing them big time
    Can they go on the road and win at Seattle, at Atlanta and cowboys ?
    These games are rigged but that's really tough to do without a defense and no running game.

    Can Mathews turn it up and can peppers turn it up sure and can Lacey step up sure.

    Let's keep an eye on them especially the defense.

    Lions look dead like king James was down 3-1
    I expect this to be the best game of the weekend

    I really think GB wins but it's not a lock.

  34. What comes to mind quickly (might not be relevant at all)

    SB13, Terry Bradshaw MVP
    SB31, Packers+Favre (patriots lose)

    48/84 could be tributes to trump

    (Donald trump = 48)/(84 = order out of chaos)

  35. Thanks!! iivari

    Steelers coach is 44 I think they get bounced!

  36. If GB wins last reg game and go on winning the SB, that be 10 wins in a row.
    Would that be somehow significant?

  37. At first I thought Brady would get his 5th ring

    ND is under sanctions and Joe Montana is selling Poppa johns pizza 🍕

    I think Patriots losing the SB will make America great since that scumbag trump is a patriots fan.

    Cubs were favored won
    Cavs underdogs won
    Jimmy Johnson won his 7th
    Alabama is on their way to winning #14
    Villanova underdog won
    Hockey NHL Penguins won they're a great team
    Phelps won all the golds

    So more favorites won as it should be.

    Brady + Rodgers would sell big time

    Hard to bet.

    The HOF game being canceled is what has me not picking packers though.

  38. Def not steelers this yr...they may get beat by Miami in wild card week, ..Its interestng that Miami has a lot of things pointing towards them, Mindless freaks mentioned them...but their is no way that team is getting anyehere...as they are more uninteresting than the Colts and Vikings


    Just Think about Odell Beckham & Antonio Brown Pepsi commercial Basically it mean which of those 2 WR is gonna go down as the greatest of all-time


    Giants in 2007 . They were the third team in history to win three road playoff games en route to a Super Bowl and set a league record for most consecutive road wins in a single season (11)

    Not impossible But the giants had a Defense
    As the rigged excuse.

  41. I'm with the dolphins winning their 1st playoff game too.

  42. Giants are getting bounced in round 2

  43. HarryASs These the team you gonna see Giants Roll over

    -SeattleSeahawks,Cowboys,Atlanta,Pittsburg Steelers

  44. Brady will probably retire with 4 rings if for no other reason than keeping the "whos the greatest brady or montana" discussion alive forever, to fill up empty airtime.

  45. If they wanted Brady to have more then 4 rings do think he will have 6 right now

    1. Yea probably. And all that 74/47 flying around could also be where brady finishes. 7 SBs 4 wins, 4-7 in SBs.

      Not calling that, just pointing out.

  46. GB can get seven road wins in a row (if SB win is counted as a road win?).

    Maybe that's the (lucky number) seven game win streak someone here was talking about, only not for Luck but for GB.

  47. Thanks Harry,

    how you see HOF game cancellation tied to Packers?

  48. @Wildcard

    I'm not buying Eli or the giants especially since they beat Dallas twice. Rookie coach , injured defense, they're inconsistent and if you double Odell Sheppard and Cruz are not beating anyone. JPP is out too. Frank Gifford death and the 58 team. Sorry giant fans not this year.

    1. You gonna see Clown..you probably was the one that said Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State couldn't win with a rookie coach

    2. You gonna be the one that gonna suck balls after it over with.You dumb fuck

  49. If the Giants were gonna play New England in the SB they would have played them this year in the regular season like they did in 2007 & 2011

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  51. Brady numerology coming up in 15 min 😈

  52. Brady has 22 playoff wins best all time
    Super bowl 51 he will have 25 victories on 2/5
    Like the date
    Brady will only play 15 games this year that's why he was suspended 15 like 51
    Brady was suspended 4 games
    He passed Favre and manning #4 and 18
    Brady's best season he was 18-1 like Peyton's
    Number that loss to Eli. Brady threw 50 TD's
    Peyton played in SB50
    Brady got his first SB va rams and he got his record 201st win vs rams
    Brady could end this season with 14-1 record
    That one loss was vs Seattle the team he beat in SB49. The score was 55=Satan and fourth quarter points was 93= Saturn
    Patriots were 7-2 at the time like Brady will be
    In the SB. 2 losses 7 appearances
    This is Brady's 15th season like SB 51
    On 2/5 Brady will have his 208th victory
    Belichick will have 26 playoff victories

    Folks the Patriots are in by the NUMBERS!

  53. Brady's record could be 5-2 on 2/5 in SB51

  54. But Houston Texans 15th season. They be in SB51 in their home stadion, first team to do that!

    1. Without a QB and no JJ WATT in NRG field

      Get ready to see Trump and Brady with their model wives in the WHITE house!

      It's coming without Gronk lol

    2. Hahhah,

      Don and Brad with their Trophies in da haus.

      Gronk's absence would only emphasize the "greatness" of brady.

  55. The question is who does he get the last victory since he's 39 like revelation

    I know the NFC team too... 😈

    Can you figure it minions?
    Zack is way off and he needs state farm discount double check 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Need maybe couple more hours to go through your list.
      But I'm pretty sure I arrived at the same team as you.

    2. It wont be against Rodgers. They have to legend him. He has the highest career QB rating all time. Plus he is a card carring member of the banana boat. Has Brady gottin on the boat? Doubt it.

  56. The hate for the patriots is real and it causes a lot of pain for people who hate them. The debate is over Brady is the goat 15 years dominating. The 49ers had a 10 year run

    The Lombardi trophy is getting a new name
    Bill fucking Belichik

    Micheal Irving of all the actors said it and guess what unfortunately he's right and he's a mole!

  57. I'm out...

    Zack keep posting that useless GAYMATRIA

    It's not how you played yourself it's that you failed at a COMEBACK.

    So for now Harry is your master!
    Until you start working again and dedicating yourself to the TRUTH troll!

  58. Eli Manning Vs Ben Roethlisberger

    Both QB Have Won 3 games on the Road As a Wild carder

    Eli in 2007 & Big Ben in 2005

    They Both Came out of the 2004 Draft Class

    HarryASs don't kill yourself after Giants make a fool outta you

  59. Wildcard

    Kill your self now

    Only 10 teams have made the Super Bowl as wild cards

    6 teams won

    3 teams won road games and the third team was the Patriots since 71.

    Fuck the Giants and steelers ! I like my chances and the numbers

  60. One more note

    Madden turns 28 and so does Gronk in a few months

    Madden 88 like Trump 88

    1. u keep changin ur pic warriyah stop stealin gg33 pics follow numerologynow n gematriafrauds.com


  62. Me too. Have you seen my twitter link... https://twitter.com/mrlove2006/with_replies


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