Sunday, January 8, 2017

Discussion Thread | NFL Wild Card Weekend, January 7 & 8, 2017

12+87 = 99 (Thirteen = 99); 1/8/2017 = 1+8+20+17 = 46 (NYG = 46) (Packers = 46)

The games will be played Saturday January 7, 2017 and Sunday January 8, 2017.

1/7/2017 = 1+7+20+17 = 45 (Thirteen)
1/7/2017 = 1+7+2+0+1+7 = 18
1/7 = 1+7 = 8

1/8/2017 = 1+8+20+17 = 46 (Packers) (NYG) (Super Bowl 46)
1/8/2017 = 1+8+2+0+1+7 = 19
1/8 = 1+8 = 9

From January 7, 2017, to the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas (46), is 29-days, or a span of 30.

From January 8, 2017 to the Super Bowl is 28-days, or a span of 29.  Football = 29

Last season, all the AWAY teams won on Wild Card weekend.

Away = 1+23+1+25 = 50 (It was the season of Super Bowl 50)

All-time the Texans lead the series 6-4, or you could say the Raiders trail 4-6.  Houston, Texas = 46

The Texans are playing for their 7th win, the Raiders for their 5th.

If the Raiders lost and became 4-7, it would match their name gematria.  Raiders = 38/47/74
It would also fit for the Texans to be 7-4 against the Raiders.   Raiders = 74

Recall, Ken Stabler was MVP in '74.  He played 74-games with the Raiders.

Also, this year, the Houston Texans are hosting Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.

4-7.... 7-4....

Houston Texans = 51; Conspiracy = 51
*San Francisco = 50 (Host of Super Bowl 50)

Despite them being likely to lose, the Raiders are in a good Super Bowl run season.

Fifty-Seven = 131; Championship = 131; Super Bowl = 131

If the Raiders pulled out a miracle and made it to the Super Bowl with their star QB injured, they would likely lose, becoming 3-6, kind of like '36'.  2016 = 20+16 = 36

It is the Texans fifteenth season (that makes me feel old).

Fifteen = 38; Raiders = 38

A win would make them 3-3 in the playoffs.

The Seahawks lead the series against the Lions 8-5.  A win would make them 9-5, a loss, 8-6.

Notice it is the Seahawks 41st season.  Seahawks = 24/33/42/51/87

Super Bowl = 41; 41, the 13th prime

Detroit = 91 (When you sum 1 through 13, it totals 91)
'45' date numerology for the game; Thirteen = 45

The Lions will either earn their 8th playoff win or 13th playoff loss.  Notice the Seahawks are eight point favorites.  Eight = 49; Washington = 49

The Steelers lead the regular season 12-11, and the Dolphins lead the postseason 2-1.  If the Dolphins pulled the major upset tomorrow, they would become 3-1.  Steelers = 31

Notice, they're currently tied at 13-13 all-time.

Notice the game starts at 4:40 EST.  Wisconsin = 44; 2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

The Packers lead the Giants regular season series 28-23-2, and the playoffs 4-3.  They have played 60 times and the Packers lead 32-26-2.

If the Packers win tomorrow, they'll be 5-3 in the playoffs against the Giants.  Eli Manning = 53
If the Giants win tomorrow, they'll be 4-4 against each other in the playoffs.  Wisconsin = 44

Notice the over / under at 44.5.

Notice the Packers are in their 96th Season.  Freemason = 96 (31+32+33 = 96)
Rodgers is 33-years old; G = 33 (Francis Bacon Gematria)
Packers could get their 33rd win against the Giants tomorrow
Packers could get their 33rd win in the playoffs all-time tomorrow
Eli Manning's January 3, 2017 birthday was 33-days from the Super Bowl, February 5

The Giants next playoff win will be their 25th.  Giants = 25 (97, the 25th prime)
Super Bowl 51, to end the 97th season of the NFL, is on 2/5

Let's examine Eli's and Aaron's stats.



And Aaron's.



If Rodgers loses, he'll be 7-7 in the playoffs.  Green Bay = 77
He would also be 3-3 at home, at age 33.

Also, this game comes 91-days, or a span of 92, from their October 9, 2016 matchup in Lambeau, where the Packers won 23-16, a total of '39' points.  New York = 39; G-Men = 39; NY = 39

When you add 1 through 13 together, it totals 91.
13 Weeks is also 91-days.

This is the Giants 92nd season in the NFL.


  1. any connections in lions possibly upsetting seattle?
    I like Raides, Giants, Steelers and Lions

    1. Lions will not win in Seattle, from Detroit I know that they will lose this game guarantsheed

    2. lions are going to be enjoying their bird appetizer in seattle. they got this. there is so much coding in their favour.

    3. Lions worse team that are in the playoffs end of story they will look like shit trust me on this one they probably won't even cover the vegas number

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    6. NFLProphet is the worse sports handicapper ever, with a win % of 40% picking mostly big favorites too SHH

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    8. People caling people names and trolling just because someone thinks seattle will beat the Lions SMH , some of u just so dumb and after Seattle wins just gun look dumber

  2. zacc stole richiefromboston super bowl pic. cavs win nba finals now white jesus is on da cavs fuck gementria

  3. cavs win b2b champs gg33 cash in fo 11 straight champs zacc is controlled oppisitionn n steals gg33 nba pics

  4. i dont talk shit i speak truth unlike dat rfg chosen fag follow numerologynow in twitter n

  5. Winner of GB/NY wins the NFC. Probably beat Atlanta in the Dome for the NFC Championship after Atl gets their Seattle revenge.


    Pop Culture is pointing towards Miami, believe it or not, but my bones say NE

    1. Miami/NY=See Billy Joel's Miami 2017(The Night The Lights Went Out on Broadway)

      Miami/GB=See Dan B's work. Its righteous.

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  6. We all know how these guys like to repeat history.

    2007 and 2011 the Packers beat the Giants in the regular season and then the Giants beat the Packers in the NFC championship game, both times in Lambeau. This year Packers beat Giants in the regular season.

    1. Actually those games were in January of 2008 and 2012. Doesn't change anything from your point.

      Green Bay hasn't beat new york in the playoffs since 1962. Also doesn't mean anything. But you out will hear joe buck bring it up.

      Pack wins on sunday.

  7. First time Giants won recently they won in lambeau in NFC championship the second time they won they won in lambeau on the second round.and this year for elis third ring he will win in lambeau in the first round.and be 12-3 in the postseason all time..Giants ranked #1 in red zone and #2 in points allowed..its scripted so that stat doesent really matter but just saying..

  8. Lions are 0 N 5 in the playoff they just might get a win

  9. Seahawks Win 27-24 . Matt Prater will miss 51 yard Field Goal. Late Game Stafford Interception.

    Cowboys vs. Chiefs Super Bowl 51

    K.C. Wins.

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  10. what I got so far for the lions seahawks game:

    1/7/2017=45 lions can become 4-5 on road
    =25 carroll can become 9-7 in postseason, 97th season of nfl and 97 is the 25th prime, caldwells 97th game
    =18 detroit lions" in the English Reduction system equals 61, 61 is 18th prime, Stafford could get 61st overall loss
    =8 lions looking to snap 8 game losing streak in playoffs which is tied for longest streak in nfl, lions can pick up 8th win in playoffs, they are 7-12 all time, Wilson can get his 8th overall home loss
    "seattle" in the English Reduction system equals 19 (1+5+1+2+2+3+5), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1, 19 is the 8th prime seattle would be a fitting place for lions to get their 8th playoff win

    Monitor if over under changes
    Over under for this game is 43, 43 is 14th prime, seahawks can stay at 14 losses in playoffs, seahawks =43 in reduction system
    This is also 14th meeting
    Caldwell can stay at 43 losses

    326 days to wilson bday, hawks can pick up win 326,
    Wilson can get 39th home win, 39 days from his prev bday, wilsons 11th playoff game 11 is the master number, can improve record to 8-3, 83 is a key number to nfl, can become 5-1 in playoffs in the year of super bowl 51

    Carroll can get 113th win in 113th game with seattle

    1. Nice!! Seem you heavy favoring the lions

    2. another observation both Caldwell and bill Obrien have the same current record with their current teams: 27-21, this will be their 49th game, I wouldn't be surprised if both the 9-7 teams win tomorrow in the nfl's 97th season

    3. Well Houston should win. Oakland got no qb

    4. They should but that line screams out an upset.

    5. Young Slim that's the key right there...Lol say no more good stuff

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  11. predictions on Steelers vs Dolphins?

  12. Who care. It all about the dolphins!!

  13. Zach have you heard about the chris brown/soulja boy beef. Apparently, their gonna fight each other in a boxing ring. Im sure their beef is a hoax and their boxing match later this year is to distract the sheep.


    2. i will get in a boxing match wit zacc n rfg chosen fag n kick both they ass nigga

    3. This is fake lol it has nothing to do but make black people look more ignorant everyday

  14. Ninja, Dolphins do have a lot of alignment for a SB you realy think a team like this gets their this yr??

  15. I like the dogs in all 4 expect the favorites to go at least 3-1

  16. gotta love dolphins plus 380 money line

  17. Replies
    1. Clemson has less chance to win than Miami, O chance...detriot would be a safer bet for a parlay

    2. Clemson 13-1 lock. 131 = Championship

    3. I got Clemson to win also.. Heavy code .. The one code for Alabama is Crimson rising.... I would teaser Clemson and the points ....

  18. Last player sacrificed was Keion Carpenter. Whitney Houston - Bobbi Kristina Brown - ATL sacrifice - Craig Sager ATL sacrifice. Lavell Edwards coached Andy Reid. Falcons/Chiefs SB51. Matt Ryan - 112. I could go on...

    1. Mike, the theme is drought. Cleveland Cavs 52 years. Chicago Cubs 108 years. Atlanta Falcons NEVER. Clemson Tigers (another C) first since '81.

    2. When is the last time you saw a star receiver wear #11 and a star QB wear #2 = 112 take it to the bank.

  19. I would down play the Dolphins and stop putting them blast. They are my favorite and I've found a ton of connections but I'm keeping quiet. I don't want the Dolphins shit to go viral like the Colts did, that's when things get messy. Lets just watch and see. Most likely they won't make it though.

  20. Ya talking about the miami dolphins with no qb and absolutely no stars whatsoever on their squad? The same miami dolphins that have gotten beat twice already by the pats tgis year? What ya smoking? The dolphins have no fans outside of miami, that would be a shitshow super bowl if the dolphins were to make it. They wont get past the steelers this week for sure.

  21. Ya talking about the miami dolphins with no qb and absolutely no stars whatsoever on their squad? The same miami dolphins that have gotten beat twice already by the pats tgis year? What ya smoking? The dolphins have no fans outside of miami, that would be a shitshow super bowl if the dolphins were to make it. They wont get past the steelers this week for sure.

  22. I like raiders to win and leaning seattle. I expect jack del rio to get his 88th win. Jack del rio=88 his b/day comes in a span of 88 days till tomorrow. He is currently 1-2 in the playoffs. With a win he would improve to 2-2. Oaklnd =22, connor cooks b/day is 22 days from tomorrow. Brock=22. Pete carroll should get his 104th win. Jim caldwell=104. Pete carrolls b/day is 251 days from tomorrow's game. 251 is the 54th prime. Russell Wilson=54 If pete wins he will improve to 10-6 in playoffs. Russell=106 With a win Wilson will improve to 5-1 at home in playoffs. Seahawks=51

  23. So you agreeing with me on the dolphins?

  24. makes no sense for dolphins to make sb, nfl will lose out on $ if tha hapoens

  25. ... RAIDERS ...
    33 years ago was superbowl XVIII
    thats superbowl 18
    "Eighteen" = 73
    " XVIII " = 73

    Check out season 73 divisional...
    There is plenty of 37...

    " the L.A. RAIDERS " = 57
    This year connects to...
    ... (5 7)
    ... 5 x 7 = 35
    Superbowls 3 wins 5 appearances.

    Remember, 33 years ago
    Superbowl 18... Check score sum!

    33 + 18 = 51
    This year is superbowl 51.

    1. So you are saying Raiders are going to the SB? Never gonna happen, NO "passing through" NE Patriots...

      We are 72% in NHL Picks since Nov 17., click to see our Pick, and also our honorable site guest, a former BookMaker for GLOBET and GOLDBET WON today again with his pick:

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Just noting the synchronicity
      That occurs with numbers...
      You could do the same with
      Any given subject.

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    5. For example...
      The word... Football = 83
      This year's super bowl 51

      ... ( 83 minus 51 = 32 )
      Number of nfl teams 32.
      Not dificult.

  26. Eli is going for his third ring. "Three" is equal to 29. 29 is the 10nth prime number.

  27. Ninja if you're talking to me, no I don't agree with you. The nfl is in the business of making money and especially with all the news that ratings are down. This season was the wildest season ive seen and I think it was no coincidence. The dolphins aint getting past the steelers. The nfl is licking their chops right now with a ben/brady divisional round game due up.

  28. I don't care about what lines up what the dolphins because quite frankly you can make a case for every team in the playoffs, which is why zach doesnt make predictions anymore (not a knock on him by any means). But the dolphins making it to the super bowl is laughable. I think the pats are gonna make it to the super bowl. Cheifs and steelers have way better teams than the dolphins.

  29. Dammit!! Ok. I see your point. Seahawks? Or lions?

  30. Bro that's a hard one and i'm super torn on it but im kinda leaning lions to upset them. Ive seen a lot of coverage on how the seahawks are a different team without earl thomas and analyst keep picking on that. But im super torn on that game and the packers/giants game.

  31. "The oakland raiders" = 165

    June 14 (165)th day of the year
    June 14...Start of thier minicamp

  32. Dolphins aint winning shit nor is giants.

    1. I think big ben gets to play brady before either are retired. Steelers win, no questions.

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  34. Packers and Seahawks win I think

  35. I don't think lions upset seattle. It will be a close game though.

  36. ... Raiders ...

    4/18 thier Offseason started
    4:18 is the ( 258 )th minute

    "Eyepatch and two swords" =(258)

    "Eyepatch" = 83
    "football" = 83

    "Raiders" = 38 (83 reversed)

  37. January 7, 2017

    1+7+20+17 = 45
    1+7+2+0+1+7 = 18
    1+7 = 8

    Wildcard = 38/74

    From January 7, 2017 to February 05, 2017 is a span of 30 days.

    Houston Texans host Oakland Raiders

    Houston Texans = 51/195
    Houston = 31/112
    Texans = 20/83

    Oakland Raiders = 60/132
    Oakland = 22/58
    Raiders = 38/74

    Playoff Record

    Houston Texans = 2-3, 2-1 in the wildcard
    Oakland Raiders = 25-18, 4-2 in the wildcard


    Brock Alan Osweiler = 75/183
    Brock Osweiler = 65/155
    Brock = 22/49
    Alan = 10/28
    Osweiler = 43/106
    From this game to their next birthday = 1/7/2017 - 11/22/2017 - 320 days

    Connor Cook = 51/123
    Connor = 34/79
    Cook = 17/44
    From this game to their next birthday = 1/7/2017 - 1/29/2017 = 23 days


    Bill O'Brien = 53/98
    Bill = 17/35
    O'Brien = 36/63
    NFL coaching record = (W/L) = 27-21 , 0-1 in playoffs
    From this game to their birthday = 12/18/2016 - 4/1/2017 = 105 days

    Jack Louis Del Rio = 65/164
    Jack Del Rio = 43/88
    Jack = 7/25
    Louis = 22/76
    Del Rio = 36/63
    NFL coaching record = (W/L) = 87-84, 1-2 in playoffs
    From this game to their birthday = 1/7/2017 - 4/4/2017 = 88 days

    Franchise Birthday

    Houston Texans = 10/6/99, From 1/7/2017 - 10/6/2017 = 273 days
    Oakland Raiders = 1/30/60, 1/7/2017 - 1/30/2017 = 24 days

    My Thoughts:

    It's pretty obvious that Connor Cook's first start will be in Houston (Connor equals 51 like Houston in Reduction). It makes sense because the Raiders purposely didn't block for Matt McGloin. This is the first Raiders playoffs since the Super Bowl starting in February on a permanent basis. February is black history month and a 42 in gematria. The Raiders are 4-2 in the wildcard round.

    It's interesting that ESPN is covering this game. Jon Gruden has a segment before the Draft called QB Camp. He had Cook and emphasized his poor completion rate and leadership in Michigan State. He praised his gunslinger mentality.

    Things don't bold well if the Texans lose.

    I like the Raiders.

    1. How sure are you on raiders?

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  38. Giants vs Packers:
    "Rise of the Pack" = 64
    New York Giants = 64

    Raiders vs Texans:
    "Next Man Up" = 38
    Raiders = 38

    Dolphins vs Steelers:
    "The Other Guys" = 63, 171, 1053
    Ryan Tannehill = 63, 153
    Stephen M Ross = 171

  39. Packers obviously win, been saying so since beginning of September with many connections.

    Sehawks win so GB can play them against their 12th man in Seattle and then lose to GB...

    Dallas will lose to GB in the NFC Championship in Dallas.

    Not positive about NFL matchup reshuffling rules, but I am pretty sure that's how it will go. 33's in the next two weeks date numerology, will show everyone I am right about the 33 among other things.

    Can I parlay New England and Green Bay to the Superbowl? :€) Don't steal my Ben McAdoo mustache quasi-emoji. :€)

  40. zacc is controlled oppisition follow numerologynow n

  41. Mike Smith make a pick or shut the Fuck up

    1. fool i already said pats over cowboys n packers top pick this week bet against zacc da zionist

    2. He did lay it out politely earlier this week, speaking of Mr. Smith.

    3. I'll take Oakland, Detroit, Giants and Steelers. Mike Smith you got the Tony D. Super Bowl pick but he has Cowboys.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. if gb wins and seattle , gb goes to dallas, seattle goes to atl

  44. 72 dolphins undefeated season 44 years ago
    Mike Tomlin steelers 44 years old

    Train crash in NY , NJ shooter at ft lauderdale airport
    Odell and Giants offense in Miami on a boat for New Years celebration


    #5 Giants win they play #1 Dallass which is what everyone Expects
    #4Packers vs #1 Dallas

    14/41 or 15/51

    Tough call

  45. #5 Raiders vs #1 Patriots

    Tuck rule 15 years ago
    Super bowl 51

    #2 Chiefs vs #3 steelers

    23 years since Chiefs made it to the AFC championship game

    1. Keep it going..

      #5 Giants vs #1 Cowboys

      #3 Seahawks vs #2 Falcons

      This would be my guess for a 4 team parlay this weekend

    2. By the numbers

      50 Super Bowls
      10 wildcard teams in SB
      6 champions
      3 won all 3 road teams (33) it takes 4 to win title 444

      Giants , Packers , Patriots

      will there be an Eleventh team?

      I think not by the numbers

    3. #4 Houston vs #1 Patriots.

      Super Bowl = 41 where the Venue is in Houston.

      Thank me later.

  46. Replies
    1. he doesnt make predictions anymore fucktard, you arent here for his non sports posts so fuck off

      also everyone remember this is the fuckwit we are dealing with:

  47. texans, lions, steelers, giants


    1. @Ram

      He's actually correct!

      You had the Vikings 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. hey ram good to see you actually reply to a comment you fucking retarded cunt go suck zachs jewish dick

  49. colts done
    Vikings done
    Giants on life support

  50. When the Giants lose Zack will set his meth lab on fire.


  51. Gaymatria works for airport shootings and train crashes

    Zack , who will be found first ?

    1.Nicole browns Simpson's killer
    2. Kanye's mind
    3. Kennedy's shooter
    4. Flight 370
    5. Cadillac that hit your fence


    2. Nicole Brown Simpson is aka Megyn Kelly. No joke. 12th tweet down on this twitter page.

    3. Hold this Joker accountable. Join the fight. Right Zach?

    4. MH370 is a drill - HOAX. Nobody died nobody hurt.

    5. Maybe next is Harrybutts106. Whats your birth date?

    6. has the info about actors playing different roles in government..entertainment..and fake news

  52. NBA - Bucks were killing the Knicks the whole game until the 4th. Final score 111-116 Knicks win.

    New York = 111
    Knicks score the upside 9/11
    Knicks score 116. I believe Eli comes in with 116 wins overall.

    Why is this relevant to football? I don't need to answer that do I?

    1. Oops forgot the 227 total points. History is about to repeat itself. Brady vs Eli part lll


      Got a couple posts regarding Pats vs Giants part lll and I'll be dropping another post Monday, huge decode.

    3. if your wrong, can you explain what went wrong with these numbers ?

    4. I will be glad to post the HoLEs in these calculations of gaymatria

      Stay tuned

    5. Here's a clue SB33

      Take a look 👀 at who was honored at half time !

      R.I.P Colts! And Giants!

      R.I.P 1958 greatest game Bullshit once and for all

    6. Season started 9/11. Biggest clue of all.

    7. Hey harrybutts, RFG and Dan has dolphins in the sb lmao.

    8. Really? 😜😜😜😜

      The clue for Miami

      44 years ago the were undefeated
      Belichick and Shula connect to the Colts
      Peyton is rooting for Adam Gase

      RFG&Dan dumb &Dumber

      Zack is their pet monkey 🐒

    9. Another team he rooted for are the lions- another dead team.

    10. That be the Milwaukee Wisconson Bucks. Does that include the Pittsburgh Bucks too? They won with 33 in the fourth. Isn't Rodgers mr.33 this year? You know what I don't think the NFL will lose any fans even if the masses find out it's rigged. It's still fun. LOL


    11. “I feel like we can run the table" = 111.
      Aaron Charles Rodgers = 111;
      New York = 111;


  53. Maybe a green bay seattle nfc championship then, same teams and losses against Green bay, new york, Dallas and seattle. Thanks mikey.

  54. I like it how the show First Take's question was "who has the best chance of beating Dallas; Packers or Giants?" Totally saying the Lions have no shot at winning tomorrow LOL.

    1. Giants only team this year to beat Dallas 2 times, so everything in three's... This season or next.

    2. As I learned, when seattle wins. The winner of new york and green bay plays in front of the biggest screen in dallas.

      So he's promising a Seattle win, you see that?

      I've been promising a green bay win.

      And that 'kNicks vs. Bucks game last night is a Trump speech foreshadow, not a football foreshadow.

      'JANUARY ELEVENTH' BUCKS SCORE 111 OR (1-11) to the kNicks 116. Flip 116 and it is 9-11.

      Jan 11 was all caps in a tweet on the 3rd.

    3. green bay or giants will play dallas in the nfc championship

  55. The reality is no one knows the outcome of these games.
    Each team in the playoff is tied to some bogus event.
    Fun to debate, I apologize for the aggressive nature, it's only
    Friendly banter.
    The shots at Zack are deserved, because of the hideous Colts pick
    Which I disagreed with from day 1!
    After the Superbowl , Harry will lay of Zack!

  56. The Raiders have scored 199 points and the Texans have scored 246 points against each other over their 10 game history. Houston Texas = 46 and the 46th prime is 199. If the Raiders score 34 points their total becomes 233 which is the 51st prime. Houston Texans = 51. If the Texans are held to 17 points, like the date 1/7, their total becomes 263 which is the 56th prime. The Raiders would be 5-6 against the Texans.

  57. NFL PLAY OFFS!!! VERY STRONG ON NFL PLAY OFFS!!! I have the winners and the selections ready for $$$. Message me on twitter @The_NFLprophet for more information

  58. Nice break down Joe... thanks we all have the Raiders.

    And probably the Texans win the game lol
    Their defense can easily kill a rookie an in his first start

    1. yo HarryAss who do you got for Steelers and Dolphins

    2. It is just an exercise using only the total points. So I would be surprised if that score is close. Now it is your turn to give some scores.

    3. Big ben, duh. Big Ben needs to play brady.

  59. I think the Lions win based on the fact it creates better matchups down the line. Plus

    Pete Carroll goes 9-7 in the playoffs during the 97th season against a guy who's birthday Numerology is 97.

    Stafford gets his 52nd career win and puts the Seahawks at 10-6


    The game is 11 days before Caldwell's birthday. And he can go 1-1 with the lions in the playoffs. This game is 335 days after Staffords birthday. 3+3+5=11

    Seahawks have 9 straight home playoff wins, will lose to #9

    Stafford is starting his 112th game. 31 days before his birthday

    Stafford has 108 interceptions coming into this game

    Date numerology of 25, like 2/5

    Carroll loses 7th game in postseason as Seahawks head coach on the seventh day of the year.

    With a lose Carrolls record with the Seahawks goes to 8-5 in the playoffs. All time series is tied 8-5 coming into the game.

    14th all time game between the Lions and Seahawks. Jim Caldwell=41

    The Lions stared wearing WCF patches in 14 to represent William Clay Ford who died on 3/9/14.

    WCF= 14

    This game is 39 games after Wilson's birthday.

    Lions can get their 8th all time playoff win with a win vs Seattle. The line is +8. 8=49 Carroll can go 9-4 to win against the Lions with the Seahawks.

    Wilson can lose his 24th game. 24=Lions

    With a win they go 1-5 in playoffs in the superbowl era

    Lions win

    The lions are a superbowl sleeper. A ton of numbers line up

    1. You got 6 packer games in a row wrong. Too much bias motor city.

      Lions, lie-downs, you're right they will be sleeping during the Super Bowl. They COULD get Seattle, but, I want to see GB vs. SEA. Here's the article supporting a Stafford win and a potential 3rd game against the Lions this season.

  60. mate, what makes you think anyone will follow your shitty website/twitter? you might be the gayest cunt ive ever come across in my entire life. being a fuckwit to people and telling them to follow your copy pasted links is the biggest fail ever cunt, go get laid

  61. @patakashow
    Raiders- toss up game

    I think like all season the home teams have the advantage.

    1. I have more respect for HB than pretty much anyone on this forum as he is not delusional and he didnt think the Colts and Vikings were meeting in the SB....fwiw, i bet those 2 teams also SMH

  62. one great team all season =Patriots
    Hottest teams=Patriots, Packers
    Best offense=ATL
    Toughest team=Seattle
    Unpredictable teams=Cowboys, Giants, chiefs
    Choke artist=Dolphins, texans,raiders, Lions

    This is a simple formula I use from the season and history observation.

    Good luck to everyone. Rigged games with numerology is like truthers fantasy 😜

  63. Rapper B.o.B is going to perform at the halftime of Texans-Raiders. Any coding on this?

    By the way, B.o.B was the rapper that supported the flat earth theory and opened a beef against Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

  64. Lions vs Seattle
    Packers vs Giants

    Bama 31
    Clemson 21

  65. Connor Cook = 51/123, born 1/29/93 = 123.

  66. It's time to take you friends back to school... watch the news leading up to the game...

    Look at the number on the Aircraft, I see a 33 or 133. On a date with 44 numerology, green bay is on the 44 N parallel.

    4 F-18's, hmm usually would think an odd number for a flyover, but I'm thinking Brett Favre on the quantity, and Randall Cobb #18 having the big game.

    1. The Packers are (32-26-2) against the Giants and have not beat the Giants in the playoffs since 1962. This will be their 61st meeting.
      ‘Green and Gold’ = 61
      61 as we know is great for Green Bay.
      A win gets them to the fateful, number 33. (33-26-2) Many claim to know 33, but it isn’t always good or bad, it always shows that another hand is at play. Here, the Giants could get their 33rd loss at Lambeau Field. Rodgers has not lost since turning 33.

      Back to the head to head record once GB wins.

      33-26-2, (33-2) flipped is the 51st prime, 233

    2. Theirs already too much money on the packers to go to the sb. Their not going.

    3. Sounds like an opinion, they may not win vs. The BRADY BUNCH, but think of the matchups and their histories. GB vs. Dallas, you will have to look it up if you never saw Emmett and Aikman walk all over the pack for years during the Favre/Vicodin and a 6 pack years.

      Seattle vs. Green Bay, the touchdown steal, a few playoff stomps on GB. In the Mike Sherman coaching years, GB beat seattle in an Epic game with Favre and then got to the game where they lost a Super Bowl chance on a 4th & 26.

      Much money is to be made on ads alone, 750 million to 1 billion on 30 second ads alone, nevermind apparel and residuals, that's just as important as "vegas' 2 to 3 billion in bets, soo.. The nfl without Vegas is a 13 billion a year cash cow. Now tell me how important Packer super bowl bets are. Before the season NE (8-1) and GB (10-1) were super bowl favorites (tied with seattle 10-1).

      Just sayin'

    4. 27th loss. 27th prime = 103. 103rd rose bowl. 103 injured on that Brooklyn train crash. 103=13, Elis 13th season, Odell #13

      61st game, the 18th prime, 1+8 = 9, Giants 9th ship.

    5. You (NYG) can only win with the cheeks spread points.


    'Coldest ever' = 47
    47th modern era super bowl. Modern era means combined nfl and afl.


      'Wisco Kidz' = 47

    2. 'Wisco Kidz' = 119
      Other 119's to think about.
      'Master Plan'
      'Star of David'
      'All Seeing Eye'
      'Donald' in jewish g.

  68. Replies
    1. List of 33 year old Super Bowl Starting QB ’
      Bart Starr, Packers, I
      Bill Kilmer, Skins, VII
      Fran Tarkenton, Vikes, VIII
      Roger Staubach, Cowboys, X
      Jim Plunkett, Raiders, XV
      Joe Theismann, Skins, XVII
      Joe Montana, 49ers, XXIV
      Jim Kelly, Bills, XXVIII
      Chris Chandler, Falcons, XXXIII
      Peyton Manning, Colts, XLIV
      Aaron Rodgers, Packers, LI? He would be the eleventh. More Starting QBS have been 33 than any other age.

  69. Ed Hochuli = 307 in Jewish Gematria and 307 is the 63rd Prime. GBs home record could go to 6-3 with a loss.

  70. ed hochuli wildcard = 87 and rodgers playoff record could go to 8-7 with a loss.

  71. AJAK92, like I said, time for schooling my FTFT friends.

    40 and 85
    ‘NRG Park’ = 40/85
    (Ed) ‘Hochuli’ = 40 and he wears #85. His first Super Bowl that he reffed was XXXI where Green Bay played New England, the Super bowl that this 'LI' will be a tribute to. He runs the Referee club. He will be performing/reffing in the upcoming Super Bowl as well as the playoffs.
    ‘Five one’ = 40, admittedly a loose connect.
    ‘Bayou City’ = 40, Houston’s nickname, where NRG Park is and holds NRG Stadium.
    ‘Ed Hochuli’ = 85, yeah and wears that number..
    ‘Robert Kenneth Kraft’ = 85
    ‘Green Bay, Wisconsin’ = 85
    Coach McCarthy’s birth numerology (11+10+1+9+6+3 = 40)

    1. Nice work, I never said you was wrong, I was just sharing what I found on Ed Hochuli that relates to the game.

    2. I know dude, the 'cockiness' is hard to control online. I am very Humble in real life. Insane Unknown is an alter ego.

      My worry about the giants is the number 44, I left out that they are 3-4 against the packers in the playoffs. A win for NY makes it the fateful 4-4. However if G B wins their playoff record against the Giants becomes 5-3. 53
      'Super Bowl LI' = 53

  72. "Wild Card" Dolphins vs Steelers game on Jan.8th.
    1/8/2017 (1+8+20+17=46)
    "Wild Card" in the English Reduction system equals 38
    The Octal value of the #38 equals "46"
    "Miami Dolphins" in the English Reduction system equals 70
    The hexadecimal value of the #70 equals "46"
    "Forty six" in the English Reduction system equals 46

    Tomorrow's score or a player number (Hewitt, Neville #46) will probably revolve around the number "46" or it's equivalent.
    "Neville Hewitt" in the English Reduction system equals 65
    The Duodecimal value of the #65 equals "55" (46-4+6=10&55-5+5=10)
    The 10th prime is "29" (2x9=18 or 1/8)

    1. Also, no coincidence that the Dolphins vs Steelers Wild Card game is tomorrow.

      "Pittsburgh Steelers" in English Reduction equals 81
      (or 18 or 1/8)
      "Eighty One" in the English Reduction system equals 54
      The Duodecimal value of the #54 equals "46".

    2. Tim Tebow beat the Steeles 5 yrs to the date of this game

  73. this playoffs is a repeat of 2007 week 17 giants beat was to become 4-2 in division games in 2007 giants played atl dal gb this year they play gb dal atl reverse mode superbowl 42 + superbowl 51 = 93 reverse 39 ny=39 giants defense compared to denvers superbowl defense there rank #2 in points allowed 2 is a key number this will b the second time giants won as wild card only team in history trump made history trump 4rm newyork giants 5 seed they will when on the 5 point star 51-41 =9 3RD WIN AGAINTS GB 3RD AGAINTS COWBOYS 3RD AGAINST BRADY =9 GIANTS CHAMPS

  74. Read the comments,this is from June,mike Manning (gary) saying it will either be colts or steelers.

  75. The only way Packers win is cause Eli's birthday is 33 days from the Super Bowl and from SB to his next birthday is a span of 333 days. 33rd Victory for the Packers.

  76. Staunch, so are u also on the dolphin to SB?? They have lots of alignment, but i just cant conceive of how they can do it...unless Mat Moore becomes the next Ton Brady overnight

  77. And 33rd loss for the gints. Head to head this will be their 61st game. Look above at my 33 reasons for 33. Q B's starting in super bowl at 33, plus the news. Plus McCarthy ' s news conference, maybe promising a win. See below. I'm done giving away my stash.


      Gaga is performing at the superbowl halftime and will probably do a montage of all her non-Tony Bennett hits, including 'Poker face'.

    2. Great point, whoever wins the game tomorrow will represent the NFC in my opinion.

    3. Whoever wins tomorrow ny or gb will be eliminated in the second round. Theirs no narrative for giants or packers.


    Lady Gaga is halftime entertainment. Wore this in Berlin.

    Trump receives a packer jersey, Made in Berlin, WI by Ripon Athletic.

  79. Lol who knows both teams have code out the ASS...


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