Tuesday, May 31, 2016

4 17 69 74 96 144 153 216 666 | The death of the Cincinnati Gorilla, Harambe, May 28, 2016

This incident is drawing parallels to the '96 incident where a three year old fell into Brookfield Zoo outside of Chicago.  That incident did not end in tragedy however.  Instead, the Guerrilla was made a hero for rescuing the child.

This most recent incident happened on a date with '69' numerology, the reflection of '96'.

5/28/2016 = 5+28+20+16 = 69


There is something interesting about the guerrilla being 17-years old.  If you add every number, 1 through 17, it totals '153', like the name of the zoo where this happened last.

The word 'kill' also has gematria of '17'.

Kill = 2+9+3+3 = 17


What stands out most is the name of the mother.  Her name sums to '666' in English Gematria.

666 ties to this recent headline.

6x6x6 = 216


The last name 'Gregg' also has a connection to the name of the 'Zoo', and sadly, numbers connecting to death.  Remember, the boy was '4', reportedly.

Also standing out, is the name of the father, connecting to 'Gorilla'.


The latest details are for more play on the emotions.

If I had to take a wild guess what happened here, I imagine this mother was paid to let her child go into the Gorilla exhibit, to create this news story, a news story that has the consciousness of the country.

This incident comes 333-days after the killing of 'Cecil the Lion'.


I am trying to determine if there is any possible link between the recent death of a Seattle orangutan at age 48.

This 48-year old animal died in March at the Zoo in Seattle, home of the '206' area code.  Recall the name gematria of the mother, '666'.  This connects to 'orangutan'.

Also, her name in Jewish Gematria sums to '206', the same as the Seattle area dialing code.

The name of the Gorilla just killed, sums to 48, like the age of the dead orangutang.

It could be coincidence...

That news broke March 25, 2016, a date with 'sixty-four' numerology, and the news of the dead gorilla came 64-days later.

3/25/2016 = 3+25+20+16 = 64
3/25/16 = 3+25+16 = 44 (Kill)

The ape actually died the day prior, late March 24, which was the eighty-fourth day of the year this year.

United States = 3+5+9+2+5+4+1+2+1+2+5+1 = 40/58
of America = 6+6+1+4+5+9+9+3+1 = 44
United States of America = 84/102

The gematria of 'Silverback', what Harambe was, also ties in.



  1. Speaking of 333, if you take every 3rd letter of "Holy Bible" it spells LIE (333)

    1. Interesting cause the let overs give you 64 like Israel, Thelema, yhwh, american, and more.

      So is Holy Bible just code for Israel Lie?

      Me thinks so.

  2. Stop Animal Exploitation Now -
    19+20+15+16+1+14+9+13+1+12+5+24+16+12+15+9+20+1+20+9+15+14+14+15+23 = 332

    1. Nice, 332-days without the end date.

    2. You know they do blood sacrifices with animals too!
      Blood Sacrifice in Jewish Gematria Equals: 332

      233 simple english...
      Philosophers Stone, John Fitzgerald Kennedy,
      Horus the All Seeing Eye, Fraternitas Saturni

    3. This saddens me! Thank you for your efforts on this. Time for all satanic books/scrolls to be incinerated and returned to the dimension it came from. We are all part of the disease let us all choose love.

    4. This saddens me! Thank you for your efforts on this. Time for all satanic books/scrolls to be incinerated and returned to the dimension it came from. We are all part of the disease let us all choose love.

  3. I knew this was connected to Cecil the Lion somehow! Great work Zachary!

  4. Murder =34. Prob why all these deaths are occuring in Ohio of all places as a tribute to Lebrons about to be 3-4 finals record

  5. Here is the article of "Harambe" i read...

  6. "Dead Gorilla" on gematria gives 528 eng / 88 simple (RTB ordinal 88 / 52 reduc)
    Harambe (288 / 48) was shot on 5/28
    "Gorilla" =74
    The Facebook group created is called "Justice for Harambe" = 174 simple
    Wonder if the bullet that killed him was a .223?

  7. Excellent breakdown. I have been feeling that vibe too. I wonder how bad it would "harm the children" watching.

    Also, lots of dead while performing lately. LeBron wins then gets shot in Oakland? That horse died before the Preekness just after it won. 3-4 in the Finals, like murder.

    Interesting indeed.

  8. The name Harambe is almost rearranged to spell Abraham.

    1. And the kids name was Isaiah?? Gtfo.

      Abraham and Isaac?
      Harambe and Isaiah?


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Just thought I'd throw this out there... 

      The sequence of "Isaiah" in pythagorean is interesting.. 


      918 has some memorable divisors:


  9. And since we're going outside the box here, the date of Game 6 is exactly 101 years, 11 months, and 19 days since the assination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which kickstarted WW1.

  10. I see it more as a sacrifice for the King. All these ppl/animals dropping dead are coded with Lebrons numbers. The average fan thinks Cavs have zero chance to beat Warriors. Id rather go off what Vegas needs than read too much into this story.

  11. True... could be a sacrifice for king james..... it also could be foreshadowing some kind of attack happening during or near the nba finals....

    If cleveland wins in 6 like everyone thinks....

    An attack right after the finals would be a great distraction to take away from all of us conspiracy theorists online being right....

    About cleveland winning.

  12. Funny thing is theres enough dummy conspiracy theorists to make the smart ones look bad. So itll never hit the mainstream media. Theres just little reason for LeBron to lose again when theyve managed to turn all the fans against him and make them think he and his team sucks. They will never be dogs like this again and ppl will lose their cash thinking Curry is the 2nd coming of Jordan which is so far from the truth

  13. That's true.

    Come to think about it..

    6/6/16 is the date that people think that the antichrist is going to show himself isn't it?

    216 days before 6/6 is November 3rd (113)

    6 weeks, 6 days before 6/6 is February 19th. (219)

    Seems like a lot of good dates are lining up in june for another attack to happen.

  14. I thought of Cecil the lion too....and King Kong. How do you not get tired of dealing with all this Zach?

  15. Whenever so many people zero in on one date, nothing ground breakingly shocking happens. Not to say clandestine activities don't take place on those days, but if they do, they never invite the pleebs.


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