Tuesday, May 31, 2016

47 | Zika Virus and the Baltimore Colts (CNN May 31, 2016 reporting)


Nice hat!

Who's the QB of the Colts again?

Luck = 12+21+3+11 = 47
Zika = 26+9+11+1 = 47 (Discovered in 1947)


  1. So whatever you do when you go to Brazil, do not

    Get Lucky---104

    1. Lol. Daft Punk's get lucky single released 3 years 3 months *17* days before Opening Day of Olympics.

    2. Up all night to get lucky=88

    3. If Zika were real, I imagine each country's medical scientists are sitting on a vial right now and just waiting to drop it into various inner cities and rural regions once the Olympics are half way over. Every four years we get an article detailing how the Olympic village is just an orgy of well toned andhighly trained athletes and coaches, pent up from years of often isolated amd rigorous training, finally let lose on one another.

      You get some Zika. You get some Zika. Everybody gets some Zika!!$$$$!!!!

  2. And since Brazil is one of the BRICS nations, they have been trying to blackwash them.

    BRICS - 2+9+9+3+10 = 33 Pythagorean S exception

  3. Currently, No travel visa needed to visit Brazil

  4. "WHO revises sex guidelines for Zika prevention"

    I don't know. Who?


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