Friday, September 30, 2016

41 42 83 | Stanford @ Washington, CFB, September 30, 2016

Stanford and the Huskies are 41-41 against each other all-time, this will be the 83rd game.

Football = 43

Both teams have a connection to '42', the number of wins both squads are going for.

First, Washington is the 42nd State.  The game will be played in Washington tonight.

Second, the RB for Stanford, Christian McCaffrey, has a '42' connection as well.

The running back was also born in '96.  Remember, the divisors of 42 sum to 96.

Freemason = 42/96

The game will be played tonight, September 30, 2016.

Notice the big focus of ESPN's article is on Christian (47).


  1. The numbers point to which team tonight?

  2. Y can't u finish the work he started? Instead of being typical American.... Gotta apply the knowledge unless your just here for picks... Did u call any of the hoax numbers??? Smfh

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    2. Y do u think that message was for u ?

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  3. September 30,2016 75/55/48/21
    September 30 (273rd day 92 remaining)

    Christopher 67/139/643
    Scott 14/77/563
    Petersen 39/102/525
    Christopher Scott Petersen 120/318
    Chris 30/57/210
    Chris Petersen 69/159/735
    Chris Scott Petersen 83/236/1298
    Birthday October 13, 1964 106/43/87/25
    October 13 (286th day 79 remaining)
    October Thirteenth 88/205/1195
    Game to bday 13 days
    Bday to game 352 days
    Overall record 111-24 going for win 112
    Hometown Yuba City 34/106 (121st meridian)
    California 52/88
    13 is 6th prime number

    Jake 9/27/36
    Browning 48/102/768
    Jake Browning 57/129/804
    Birthday April 11,1996 130/40/111/31
    April 11 (101st day 264 remaining)
    April Eleventh 66/147/903
    Bday to game 172 days
    Game to bday 193 days

    Series record 41-41-4 (87th game)
    Seattle 19/82/541 (47th & 122nd meridian)
    Washington 49/130/985
    Husky 84
    Stadium 87
    Husky Stadium 45/171

    David Lorenzo Shaw 79/196/2122
    David 22/40/418
    Lorenzo 42/105
    Shaw 15/51/609
    David Shaw 37/91/1027
    Birthday July 31, 1972 129/57/110/30
    July 31 ( 212th day 153 remaining)
    Bday to game 61 days or 8weeks 5 days
    Overall record 57-14
    Hometown San Diego 38/74/236 (32nd & 117th meridian)

    Ryan 22/58
    Burns 20/74
    Ryan Burns 42/132/1383

    Christian Jackson McCaffrey 110/2541568
    Christian McCaffrey 91/181/1324
    Christian 47/101/470
    Jackson 19/73/244
    McCaffrey 44/80/844
    Birthday June 7, 1996 (158th day of year 207 days remaining)

  4. Zach, I just made a huge discovery in the connection between 108 and 112 in regards to the Cubs. It has to do with Metatron's cube. Write-up coming soon

    1. jeremy just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do. I dont always make the same pics as you and zach but i use alot of the information you both provide to make my bets and it saves alot of time.

      Are you the one that recommended secrets in plain sight to Zach? Thats where i remember learning a bit about metatrons cube

  5. I'll base this on the picture above. You have #5, #4 and #31.

    Stanford will be 3-1
    Washington going from 4 wins to 5.

    1. The radio guys up here expect the Huskies to win the Pac-12.

  6. Is this a weak narrative for David Ortiz retiring a champion???
    Bday 11/18 to Fernandez death=54 days (baseball=54)
    Bday to Super Bowl=11weeks 2 days or 79 days (champion=79) 79=22nd prime
    Bday to game 7=16(Fernandez #) and 2 weeks 2 days
    Numerology for 11/2 game7,11+2+(2+0+1+6)=22
    Numerology for bday, 11/18/1975 11+18=29
    Numerology for game 7, 11/2/2016= 16+2+11=29
    Bday November 18th is the 322 day of the year with 43 remaining
    Bday to start of post season 10/4 (alwc)=43 days
    Champion =43
    43 is 14th prime
    Birth numerology of 104
    Fourteen=41,104 (41 is the 13th prime,11/2 11+2=13)
    Game seven is his middle name.. oops I mean Americo is his middle name
    Game seven =37/64

    1. Manager John Farrell
      John Farrell =56 David Ortiz=56
      John Farrell turned 54 this year baseball=54
      David Ortiz is 40
      If he wins this year he would have won in 04,07,13,and 16=40
      From game 7 to Farrell bday is 91 days
      Game seven=91
      From Farrell's bday to David Ortiz bday is 106 days

  7. Buddha baker=77!

    Let's go Huskies 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😎

  8. Last time UW played in a top ten matchup was a 27-14 loss to Nebraska in 1997.

  9. Is it just me or did anybody notice the announcers say - it was Stanford's "deepest penetration" of the night?? Wonder how they can say that with a straight face. This was right before it was 3rd down and 3 on the 11 with the Huskies up by 30. Then the drive not surprisingly ended in a fumble recovery by the HUskies. Surely by the numbers. Go Dawgs! :)

  10. You're welcome fellas, one more upset this weekend...

  11. This is one wild BYU vs Toledo game.

    1. Actually the media wins. I'm sure nobody turned that channel.

  12. Who gonna win the following games this weekend?
    - Steelers vs Cheifs (Sunday Night football)
    - Arizona Cardinals vs LA Rams
    - Dallas Cowboys vs 49ers

    1. For NFL predictions based on numerology lookup Tony De Lorenzi on Youtube as well as check this website by Jeremy White:


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