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30 64 93 113 | The death of Khadijeh Saqafi at 93, the 'Mother of the Revolution', March 21, 2009

There appears to be many agents of 'propaganda' who pass at age 93 or in connection to 93, according to the rules of those who worship 'Saturn', the keeper of time.

Today, September 30, or 9/30, Obama is attending a funeral in Israel for a man who passed at age 93.  Of course Obama left for the funeral, September 29, the day that leaves 93-days left in the year.

In the words below, notice it begins with '30' years.

Saturn = 21/30/93

"Thirty years after the revolution".  Again, '30' connects to Saturn.  Saturn = 21/30/93

The woman who passed March 21, 2009, who was 93, was named Khadijeh Saqafi.  Here is why these thing are interesting.

Regarding Barack Hussein Obama, who was elected the 44th President, 44-years after the '64 Civil Rights Act, his name gematria is also '64'.

The religion Thelema, which goes by 'Do What Thou Wilt', worships the number '93'.

The date of the death is no doubt suspicious, March 21, or 21/3.

3/21/2009 = 3+21+20+09 = 53
3/21/2009 = 3+21+(2+0+0+9) = 35
3/21/2009 = 3+2+1+2+0+0+9 = 17 (Kill) (Mason)
3/21/09 = 3+21+09 = 33 (Masonry) (Secrecy)

Of course '213' is associated with killing.  February 13, or 2/13, is the 44th day of the year and the word 'kill' sums to '44' in gematria.  Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44

If you missed my work on the death of Shimon Peres, there was much '93', '64' and '33' in that as well.

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  1. Khadijeh Saqafi does not equal 64. Only the romanization of her name would. Her name is originally written in Arabic script. Persian has different letters than the regular Arabic alphabet. Persian is actually an Indo-European language (like English) whereas Arabic is part of the Semitic family. Not sure how Arabic numerology works though.

    Also Iran uses a different calendar (solar hijri). Which is on a 33-year cycle. Yes I know 33. *cue horror movie music* Anyway the Iranian new year begins on Nowruz which occurs between March 20-22, but most often on March 20th with the time of day varying. So her death on March 21 was on the Iranian New Year. However a search for 'sacrifice' in the Wikipedia article gave me nothing. Google search for "Nowruz sacrifice" didn't give me any links that explicitly mention human or animal sacrifice being performed for the holiday. Closest thing I can find is it having origins with the myth of the Sumerian god Domuzi (aka Tammuz) dying and being reborn for spring. Anyway Iran's use of a different calendar would give different dates in her homeland.

    Also what about all the other 93 year olds that died that day? I guess they weren't famous so there's no grounds for a conspiracy narrative. Yet you fixate in that one. My great aunt died last year at 93, but a month short of 94. She was diagnosed with lung cancer a year or two earlier and then developed all these other complications in her last year. She definitely looked her age. Now if she were famous you'd immediately jump to the conclusion that it was a conspiracy. That's your logic.

    * Farsi Wikipedia article about her:


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