Tuesday, January 24, 2017

48 | Trump to order federal resources to build wall between U.S. and Mexico, January 25, 2017


The headline is interesting.  It comes January 24, 2017.

1/24/2017 = 1+24+20+17 = 62
1/24/2017 = 1+24+(2+0+1+7) = 35
1/24/2017 = 1+2+4+2+0+1+7 = 17
1/24/17 = 1+24+17 = 42

337 is the 68th prime, bringing us back to Donald John Trump.  Remember, the year '68 was rough.  That was 49-years ago... Washington = 49; Revelation = 49

Tomorrow is January 25, 2017.

6:37 = 6+37 = 43
1/25/17 = 1+25+17 = 1+25+17 = 43


If you missed the video I put out earlier today, I showed how Trump made two key points in his victory speech, April 26, 2016, his wife's 46th birthday.


  1. Border Wall=47,110

    Mexico Wall=45, Mexican Wall=45, Trump is 45th president.

  2. The building of this "Mexico Wall" was the focal point of Trumps campaign. He objectified and stereotyped so-called illegal Mexican immigrants and labeled them as "Rapists". Meanwhile this topic is not new to the Masonic Arena between the US and Mexican governments.

    "Rapists" S-Excep.(S=9) sums to "48"
    "Donald J Trump" in the English Ordinal system equals 148(Or 184)
    "Joseph May Swing" in the English Ordinal system equals 184
    "Immigration Law Enforcement Initiative"English Reduction equal 184

    "Operation Wetback" in the English Reduction system equals 70
    "Seventy" in the English Ordinal system equals 110
    "US Immigration and Naturalization Service"S-Excep.(S=9)sums to 197
    "197" is the 45TH prime
    "Manual Laborer" in the English Reduction system equals 52
    The duodecimal(Duality)value of "52" is "44"
    "Dwight David Eisenhower" in English Reduction equals 115
    The divisors of "115" sum to "144"


  3. Walls are built on Forts
    Walls create division
    Walls are placed for WAR

    JerUSAlem also has a WALL

    Get ready folks Civil Wa(r)LL 2.0
    Not WOrld Wall 3.

    WaLL is77 the Twin Peaks WALL!!!

    Back to the future (Berlin waLL)

    George (W) bush b(A)rrack dona(L) Trump

    Trump wants to steal the oi(L)

    Remember that Obama was selected by WALL street.

  4. All the maLL shootings get it now?
    The planes and train crashes.
    No one passes the waLL.
    The picture of Trump and Melaina at Lincolns feet
    " There will be no freedom"
    Wet foot dry foot (no more)
    You try and fly, your flight will never be found 370.

  5. Hey Zachary have you ever heard the song by slipknot- gematria the killing name.?

    1. The name of the album is all hope is gone. Came out in 2008

  6. Giant Ice Wall
    keeping the wildlings and white walkers
    on the other side.

    You mean twin pines mall?
    In this picture from back to the future:


    There's your 911 wall/mall

    1. The clock says
      1:16 AM

      Flip it. There too is the "WALL", 1's being L's.


    2. Pines lol yes

      Towers came down pillars

      Now time for the WaLL flight 77 lol

    3. Hulk HogAn to HoLLy Wood Hogan

      I'm just smarter than most, it's a GIFt


    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Twin pines

      = twin spine

      like the serpent,
      like DNA double helix
      +- waveform

    6. D-rone Crash or Romes Ashes

      Remember the quake in Italy
      Pope coLLapsed in PoLand
      The Olympic torch coLLapsed in rio
      hiLLary coLLapsed on 9/11
      BuiLding coLLapsed in Iraq
      Queen coLLapsed in engLand
      Prince coLLapsed in the eLevator
      RAy rICE punched fiancΓ© in eLevator
      Jay Z tidaL music
      Jay z was kicked and punched in the eLevator
      The firemen were trapped in the eLevator on 9/11
      Fires broke out at doLLywood


    7. Funny thing.
      Have you heard that in many countries
      they now teach in elementary school
      to draw number 7 like it looks here, no extra line in the middle
      Teachers say they are now confused when a number is
      7 or 1
      77 or 11
      LL or ll

    8. Day 1 TPP(Tepee) ,federaL freeze(ice)( where natives live)
      Day 2 waLL fortress
      Day 3 ?

      The FORT lauderdale shooter came from aLaska

      Matt is WATT (w) is a wave 🌊 of ICE

      They're may be some fucking Flood they will blame it on climate change !

      What movie was it when the eastern seaboard especially NYC gets flooded and then frozen ?

    9. There is definetely a lot of flood/tsunami/frozen stuff around. Like the sea levels rising (bs) because of CC OC2.

      I do not think it is signalling a catastrophy, but definetely something.

      Lets figure it out!!

    10. Rise Up
      We are Water
      It will be a Flood of People
      Destroying all in its path
      But we are walled in
      So we are destined to drown ourselves
      Suicide by Water

  7. W A L L


    I AM I

    When rearranging it, it is constructed like your code!
    1's in the sides (pillars) and AM in the middle

    W A 1 1
    W A L L

    W = 6
    A = 1
    L = 3

    6 1 1 1
    if you think L's are 1's

    6 1 3 3
    if you think L's are 3's

    1 6 1 1
    I W A I

    1. You got iivarii

      Lebron is not quieting the noise
      Pushing down with force like towers collapsing

      Blount did it in the Steelers he's #29 or 2 99's

      Lebron was 23(6) upside down 9
      Went to Miami (6) another 9
      Came back 23 (6) another 9

      Brady 199 (99) falcons 66 (99)

      Earl Thomas injured 29 (99)

      Edelman does it too #11

      Second 911! Where when ?

      D.C.? Chicago? Texas ? London ?

  8. Matt Ryan from (s)EXton, PA

    Age 31 drafted round 1 pick 3


    Don't forget all the kids movies about ICE

    Let's not forget immigration is called ICE

    NFL network said " Brady has ICE veins and Matt has ICE in his name"

    1. ICE has a huge office in Gainesville, GA. Right between Atlanta and the Guidestones. HALL county. It is an entryway for Illegals. Huge South American population here. There are signs in Mexico that read "Need Work, come to Gainesville, GA." GAinesville. GA Ga.

  9. In Case of Emergency = I C E

    They tell us to put that in our phones
    before a family members name,
    so 911 knows who to call
    In Case of Emergency

  10. When something emerges,
    is it an emergency?

  11. ICE WALL





    "let it go..."

    1. W A L L

      W = V V = 4 + 4
      A = 1
      L = l = I = 1
      (or LL = 33 pythagorean)

      You Get:

      (8 + 1) + 1 + 1


      9 1 1

  12. Even ICE WALL has pillar on the sides

    I ce waI I

  13. Ice age

    means to ice your age, i.e. cryonics, cryo sleep.

  14. Pandora

    We are in a box (square)
    With ice Walls in between each layer
    There is no DOME and there is no Bottom
    Of the SEA (EE)

    (EE) turn the second E around 😜 Box

    You have to EyE balls that facing each other

    We really can't SEE!

    1. WOW!
      Like sandwiched PCB's !!

      Spiraling layers like in a staricase.

      Man you've done your thinking!!
      Doesn't come easy.

    2. We're on a roLL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Just got a great night slEEp

    3. Yea mee too!
      Something to it (sleep) too i gotta say..

    4. Just realized when i looked at the "WOW" i wrote...


  15. Replies
    1. Co2

      CoLorado water crisis

      Michigan wATer crisis

      caLifornia water crisis

      And now the end is near, song by SIN(AT)(RA)

  16. ELementry my dear WATTsun

    JJ WATT 99 is OUT!


    Fake news fake crowd Noise

    (A)Tl(A)nT(A) f(A)lcon

    atLanta faLcons


    Remember Mohamed ATTA

    Or AT&T mergerger did not go thru

  17. Back in the 80's
    carbon dioxide was called "the gas of life"
    because every living organism needs it.

    Now it is bad because CC fake scientism.
    Hey I know, Let's get rid of CO2...

  18. Why do you think the SquirL

    Lives at the bottom of the S(EE)

    With a glass dome on her head ?

    Why do you think it is that they are
    CLOning ceLLs ?

    They are going to recreate the bibLicaL fLood

    And start over!

  19. Yes, water crises everywhere...

    "Sea levels rising"
    "C levels rising" because of CO2


  20. YES!!!
    I get it now!!

    SEA = SEE
    SKY = EYE


    can't see further!!

  21. EYE



  22. Fort Lauderdale shooting hoax

    5 dead 6 wounded (11)

    Date 1/7/17 (77) (11)

    Age 26 (12) (8) 2-6=(4) remember he's just in between the real threat

    Terminal (death) 2 1+1.

  23. Squirl like Whirl!
    in the "bottom" of the see

  24. Fort Lauderdale

    F L O O D



    Built dat wall to stop the flood!
    Let it be our flood fort!
    Let it be our floater!

  26. "All seeing eye"

    I see we all (ICE WALL)
    Eyes see wall
    Sky sea wall

    Fucking Brilliant!!!

    1. "All seeing eye"

      WALL (we all) seeing (sea ing) eye (Sky/ A I)

      A 1 1 (all) C (see) I (eye / AI)

      Think how you pronounce the letter i

      --> EYE, AI (artificial intelligence)

  27. Or virtual fLOOD

    Flood rhymes with Blood

    The blood sweat and TIERS
    To build that waLL

    1. Yes and S(now)-Den the NSA
      Hacker of our reality

      Is being held in ruSSia
      (SS) is our DNA not NSA

      Hitler's SS
      They were experimenting with DNA

      Trump called out the SEE I A

      HiLLary Sever (server) 77 /detonate flight 77

      5 dead "O" fficers
      5 dead at fOrt lauderdale

      "O" hio state college hoax

      Ohio st lost 31-"O"

      In a circuit " O" is open "On"

    2. Jon Snow
      Commander of the Ice wall

      ED-warden Snow

      SEE I A, nice catch!!

      --> E M AI I

      I AM AI
      I AMA I

  28. Are they staying Chem trails give us CANCER
    The sun activates it. We all star dropping dead
    They just throw dirt over everyone and Build
    New cities ?

    TRUMP is the DEVIL-O-per

    Notice how he forms his lips into and "O"

    Like the hand sign 6 feet under!

  29. HiLLary was CoFFin-g in the debates

    (Coughing) Coffin CO2

    Or are they sucking out the Co2 like
    bILL Clinton was getting sucked by M.Leinsk(EE)

    Notice all the fish and SEE life washing up

    Like when Oxyen bubbles are disappearing

    Remember the Smog stories about AsiA buying
    Air Canisters ?

  30. What if FLOOD is LLLOOD

    F is like two upside down L's on top of each other.
    And in pythagorean numerology,
    F = 6
    L = 3

    so F being two L's would make sense.

    1. Floyd #14 on the (PA)riots
      Was benched if he's active vs at(L)
      Pats lose!


    2. The actor in back to the future d"OC

      Or CO lmao

      Back to the future 2 or CO2

      Emmitt dOC BROWN! Browns 1-15
      Actor :Christoper LLoyd!!!

      Browns coach HUE(color) jAckson
      QB Jonny manziel from Texas
      Replaced by rG3 from Texas

      Gas leak at NRG field BOOM bye bye super bowl ?

  31. Making COFFing, COLLapsing
    even more about the same thing

    CO II (CO LL)
    CO II II (CO FF)

    1. EEmiSSions

      Carbon monoxide is the Si-lent kiLLer

  32. Hollywood sign

    Was changed to HollywEEd

    Everyone laughed but I know I'm moving the fuck "O"ut of here.

  33. Trump wilLL sign execution order
    To not regulate Carbon

    666 carbon is what we are made of
    Too much and we're done
    And that's a yuGe number lol

    1. Would make sense, because

      "sea levels rising" = C levels rising

      C = carbon

    2. Maybe bringing back dem coal plants
      doesn't really mean coal plants as we know them

      but some kind of body manipulation
      coal plant...

      like carbon footprint,
      meaning a carbon SCRIPT (like foot or fingerprint),
      programming/making your body do something...

    3. Nah man, already got those in phones etc..

      Maybe something like a biological smart bomb,
      some disturbance (like a key code) that causes/trics your own body as it is to do something weird.

  34. Recap
    1. No trade
    2. New Wall
    3. Deregulate Emission
    4. Keep drilling
    5. Civil war

    Pentagram or Pentegon complete ( don't forget)
    Flight 77

  35. Remember a FED EX plane was on fire at Fort Lauderdale

    Obama pardon 330 criminals

    Flight 370
    That's 40 missing or (4)

    1. Song of Fire and Ice
      Game of thrones

      What do fire and ice make together?

      A lot of water --> Flood

      Fort lauderdale is flood, say the name slowly in your head.

  36. Quick Answer. When a police officer indicates Code 4, he is saying the situation is under control, according to the Statesman Journal. Code 4 is part of a coded language used on police and emergency radios transmitted through a police scanner.

  37. Replies
    1. Ha!

      Florida oranges
      Brady orange bowl
      Harbaugh orange bowl
      Clemson orange
      Denver orange crush
      Trump orange face

    2. Trump the agent ORANGE TAN aka ORANGUTAN.

  38. The grandmother of Harambe, the male silverback gorilla killed in Cincinnati, has been put down by the zoo where she lived.

    Josephine, who was just short of 50, has been euthanised by Zoo Miami after the health problems she had suffered with in recent years became too much.

    The ape was born in the wild in 1967. She arrived at Miami's zoo in 1983, and lived there until she died.

    She had been suffering with a range of health conditions related to her age, the zoo said in a statement. Exams and tests had showed "several abnormalities that indicated systemic terminal conditions that had no chance for positive outcomes or hope for recovery", the zoo said.

  39. "I CANT Breathe"

    NBA started with " Derrick fucking Rose"


    LA, NY, SF, TX,FL, Ohio,Chi

    Major cities in the news

    TX !

  40. When someone CRIES
    their eyes are flooded.

    Flood <--> crying

  41. Eyes (ICE/skies) are (R) flooded with tears (rain ??).

    If your eyes are dry, you can't sea properly.
    A Sea (SEE) needs water.

  42. Great observations milord Allusion!

  43. Would make sense that the droughts are over if a FLOOD comes.

  44. W A L L

    W = V V = 4 + 4
    A = 1
    L = l = I = 1
    (or LL = 33 pythagorean)

    You Get:

    (8 + 1) + 1 + 1


    9 1 1

  45. FLOOD light can be bought at homedepot

    Arthur blanks company

    For Crying 😭

  46. WALL.E

    that robot making trash (garbage) walls

    Why it called WALL E?

    because E = 3


    like 9/11/2001

  47. They're always says save the WALes

    OrCa. Lmao

  48. That Microsoft logo with the EE's

    also EEls lol

    Dude we're in a fish tank/ with an air pocket
    Ice wall holds everything in. When the It fLOODs we all die, reborn again.

    The Levy breaking in Katrina is a mocking of what's to come.

    So they sacrifice people for the right to live and rule again.

    Mythical GODS...

    Now it all makes sense!

    Water World WWEE!


    1. Yes, if the ICE melts there's a flood.
      Sponge bob atlantis.

    2. See through Windows, EE, 33, WEE,

      Bill Gates billing the gates, controlling the traffic in and out, charging and draining, from the battery.

      Its fucking genius!

  49. Posei-Don snow-Den

    Don-ald J Trump

    Trump Tower the tip of the pyramid

    One eye open trying to stay Afloat

    In the Truman show he's on the boat

    OBJ was on the boat

    Noah's ark

    2 animals of each kind

    2 DNA of each kind

    The space station has all the frozen eggs like a football.

    They know it's coming, tempatures are getting hotter.

    Trump has the Trident

    Flood Wall

    1. Except the temperatures are NOT getting hotter.
      Sea levels are NOT rising.

      Something big, Yuuge, would need to be done to get the flood going!

  50. Isn't a WALL also a DAM

    Trump, Mr. WALL
    Mad dog, Mr. DAM GOD

  51. Ha yes , nothing happening to temps..

    FootWaLL baseWaLL basketWaLL

    These fuckers love mocking us!

    1. "floodgates have opened,
      It is FLOODWALL seasons finale, the super bowl, coming up!"

  52. Yes they do.

    Think W is a 3 on its side.
    A is a 4 cause they look the same.
    L is 7 cause they look the same.

    W A L L
    3 4 7 7

    get your

    Another one based on how the letters look like:

    A T L A N T A
    4 1 7 4 2 1 4

  53. Great decode that's why this Germatria B.S
    Does not match up!

    Brady #12 born 77 brady is the WALL!

    4174214. Notice the 14/41 on both ends?

    Your left with LAN like connection 7+4+2=(12)

    2 ? 0. Can R=8. Let's come up with the re number it


    1. LAN --> 7 + 4 + 2

      look at the numbers from right to left:


    2. I think G looks like 6 right?
      R, maybe 5 or 8?

    3. N R G

      2 5 6 --> 13


      2 8 6 --> 16

      Energy Field.

    4. 256!!! I like that better


  54. Jews pray on that Wall in Israel
    Walls have EyEs lol
    Walls have EErs

    Battery Wall

  55. Off topic check this out


    Look at the numbers lol in this story

    1. That headline,

      one by one
      one by one


    2. 15 foot hole 15/51 code
      3 workers 1 firefighter (4) 13/31
      Death by Fumes lol

      Shits everywhere iivarii

    3. Yes.

      I'm starting to think more and more that

      25 --> 115/511
      35 --> 1115/5111


  56. Prunella made a great point about firewalls.


    There is more still about the WALLs, ice and fire, and all kinds of WALLs.

    Lets figure this shit out guys!

  57. Yea Harry,

    WATT and WALL are both WA I I

    If you take W as V V,
    and if you re-arrange the letters,
    you get your code again!

    V V A I I


    I V A V I



  58. Fire, code name Wire connectivity

    ICE, code name ? Cei-ling

    Remember when I mentioned the bumper cars
    Are connected by that POLE to that Mesh Net
    Feels like we're connected via Wifi

    1. Think about the ice walls and north and south
      Pole. My lab professor 10-12 years ago had us do this experiment on "Cold Fusion" I forgot all about it.

      On your spare time read this. I know this is being used today. Or it will be used. I do not believe CERN is a particle reactor!


    2. If we have the means to ENCODE light via a fiber optic cable, that also means our reality also coded thru light.

      1. What is the source
      2. How is it encapsulated
      3. What is being used as refraction

      Think of the Matrix and how the numbers stream vertical. Those numbers are an interpretation of
      What we see as solid objects (binary code)

      WTF is producing that! If you can harness or control that data you can control this reality.

      Have any idea ?
      I thought the Zionist were praising Saturn because it's a source that produces binary code.
      The cube on its pole seems plausible.

      I see those Giant satelite dishes on Army and research facilities.

      I really do not believe in Planets or the solar system and those could be just wasted tax money on fake antennas.

      Any input ?

    3. Sun and moon produce 1's and 0's,
      i.e. code the light we see,
      as the circles inside circles spin,
      like the sun in game of thrones opening credits show


      Other heavenly lights probably participate in that heavenly symphony light <--> sound coding too.

    4. As you know, there is no space, no solar system, no planets, no galaxies.

      No Matt Damon & little rover in Mars.

    5. Satellite dishes used for:
      Communication, weather manipulation, power transmission, reality manipulation (causing disturbances that reality reacts to).

      that i know of.

    6. Sun moon transmi

      Humans can be a receiver

      What sends the information back?

    7. Gases ? Used to refract the light ?

      I wonder what is used a filter to distort
      Our reality ?

    8. Human is a receiver & transmission system

      Remember what we have talked about EYEs doing
      I O I I O O etc...

      Eyes, brains, body
      transmitting and receiving.

      Both going on above and below.

    9. Microwaves can distort a signal

    10. Magnets, gases, microwaves

      all distort light.
      Everything affects/distorts light
      and light affects/distorts everything.

      I know how vague that sounds but that's what i can do at the moment.

    11. Light paths going back up there in a loop
      like 8

    12. That black cube standing on one of its edges,
      is a 3D representation of a hexagon.

      It is also a 3D representation of the fruit of life.


      It is also a 3D representation of plato's triangle (108, 36,36 deg)
      (sides lengths 1,1, phi):


      Look at the cube as it drawn here for example:


      the center point is both the bottom and top corner
      (closest and farthest edge from you)

      Now look how, in this perspective, the cube is made out of those triangles!

      The Cube is one example how 2D and 3D geometry merge!

    13. Hexagon or Cube
      is also the shape that bees make their honey combs
      because it takes the least amount of wax to build
      to house maximum amount of honey.

      Bees are smarter than me.

    14. If you continue to draw those triangles where ever they fit,
      more and more cubes continue to form around the first cube,
      creating a grid

      like a hexagon grid in game maps like in civilization.
      Except there it is 2D, we have 3D.

      And circles do the same thing!!

      all geometric shapes do this - create 3D from 2D perspective and vice versa!!


  59. @iivarii

    We all know Everything in this false Belief system is a psyop, I thought the minds here were trying to take matters beyond the norm.
    Seems like the truth community is dedicated to the same boring topics to the point of nausea.
    Refreshing that you and I are on the same page!

  60. I enjoy this back and forth with you.

    Identifying oneself as part of ANY group is a noob move.
    Group psychology, divide and conquer;
    so easy to make any group dysfunctional.

    One can even look at an age old CIA handbook online,
    about how to distract & dysfunctionalize any organization or group.
    Reads like a modern HR organization/workplace manual LOL :)

    "Normal" anything is just so fucked up nowadays!

    I know I don't need to write this to you.
    Just putting it here cos laughs and fuck it.

    1. I agree 100%
      The CIA manual is a great example of truth in plain sight.
      There's also the Charlie Chaplin film "The great dictator" 1940.
      You can examine some of the lines in that work and basically a road map to how we are lied to. I was never a follower so this false sense of AWAKENING that is spoken by Zack and these Jewtube Zionist is comical to say the least.
      Sad to see how people who are trying to connect to the truth are being misled by the NUMBERS lol. Like in school, if someone presents something new, with a cool presentation, they have you hooked.
      I'm too passionate and compulsive to EVER fall for bullshit. Once I sniff it out, then it's my duty to warn others. Once I feel like I've reached one person then my work is done.

    2. Yes.
      All this can be summed with one sentence:

      Do your own thinking and observing, or you are going to get

      "following" anything is even noober move.

      Good for you if you have the energy & decency to warn others.
      I often just don't see any point in that.

    3. Have to check out that Chaplin film.
      Have somehow managed to miss it.

  61. I find it odd(not really) that all the channels eventually are following the revolving news stories and or JFK's assasination.

    1. Yea,
      I wanna hear more about JFK !! :)

      He is so relevant.

  62. Gotta have many layers in the maze,
    leading back inside.

  63. I mean no disrespect to anyone,
    and who am I to tell anyone what to do or not,
    but you got to admit all this is funny as shit!

    "I have a system that tells the winners of sports games"


    "Please donate"


    "Form a GROUP inside one umbrella, so you can all argue over irrelevancies every day".

    It's ok. But why so sirius?

    1. Truth ,Troll, Time

      Can these games be figured out yes!
      How? Changing the formula to get the answer.

      Here's something I think we are making a mistake with.

      " Make America great" is the 1984 campaign slogan for Regan from California

      Wait 1984 is in the news again as a best seller.

      We know Regan , Trump we're both actors!

      Neither Regan nor Trump were put in place to
      Make anything great!

      The Patriots are perennial cheats with a great brand name and in place for the audience at the
      Staged time when America gravitates to Patriotism

    2. 1984 WAR (Wall) on drugs, the reality was that the US was renegotiating drug distribution
      Between the Cartel. FAST forward to 2017

      Trump is renegotiating the TERRITORY of the Drug cartels and the labor force on the US side.

      1984 Super Bowl
      Redskins vs Raiders
      Raiders 38 Skins 9 sum (47)

      Hmm where have we seen 47 before 😈

      Well here's the check list.
      1. Brady has 4 rings going for 5
      2. Peyton has 4 Super Bowl appearances
      3. Brady has 7 Super Bowl appearances
      4. This is the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era

      This was Super Bowl 18 lol Peyton wore 18

      So we know my theory fits!

      Wait there's more
      Check the anthem
      Now check the coin toss (lmao)
      The coin toss player has Bronco and 25 TD in
      His career lol

      Harry likes to go REAL deep 😜..
      Because you should!

    3. Bronco Nagurski became a standout playing both tackle on defense and fullback on offense at Minnesota from 1927 to 1929, selected a consensus All-American in 1929 and inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in its inaugural year of 1951. His professional career with the Chicago Bears also made him an inaugural inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

      (51)! Wow how did that get there ?

      Let's see... Farve #4 Bronco #3 that's 7!!!

      And Big Ben from Pitt who Brady defeated wears 7! And Big Ben wants to retire. Brady wants to play till he's 49! Wait 10 years impossible.
      4+9=14 hang on 14/41 (55) or (44)

      I like 55! Brady does too he wore #10 at Michigan

      And he's looking for #5

      Notice Big Ben #7 + 12 Brady =10 or take Ben away and you get (5) again wow this math fits !!!
      How ?? 😈

    4. Btw SB 18 was on 1/22/84
      Patriots conference championship 1/22/17

      How did that happen ?

      Also Redskins and the natives are a topic of controversy like the Deflation of pig SKINS

      And the Elite love bacon! Yummy

      Raiders are moving to Vegas or maybe staying
      In Oakland (Fire sale)

      Wait warehouse fire πŸ”₯ in Oakland probably leaving going to roll the Dice . Like owner Mark Davis .. and AVIS will get you there lol πŸ˜‚

  64. Wait let's go deeper into the realm Super bowl 47 yeah baby πŸ‘Ά

    Can't make this up!

    Ravens (Black birds) vs 49ers ( Brady's team)
    38. 31

    On 11/20 or 112 ( Houston 112)
    Brady defeated the 49ers
    30-17 wait hold on that's 47!!! Again lol
    Week 10! And we know Brady liked 10
    10=39 which is Brady's age
    The game sums to 12 all over the place.

    Notes: black out game in the MB super dome
    33 minute black out

    Wait a minute 33 MB dome hmmm

    Georgia 33 , tornado Georgia
    MB dome new one in Georgia

    Both super bowls were won by AFC!!! Hmmmm

    Let's go DEEEeeeeper ...

  65. Kapernick from Wisconsin was the losing QB #7
    The winning QB Joe Flaaco or (Falcon) is from NJ like Dan Quin from NJ

    The sum was 65 or 56
    Belichik is turning 65! And his #1 player is Lawrence Taylor 56 GIANTS legend who has
    A history of drugs and rape case with minor 15 year old
    Jamal Anderson the Falcons RB from the 98 team was arrested for exposing himself

    So you say wait ravens won they're the black birds with Flacco (CC) 33 and that's like falcons who are black birds too..

    Good point! How ever Flacco is in the AFC
    Wears #5 and 7+5=12 but if you take 5-7=2

    Matt Ryan ! Hmmm and he also wore #12 in college when he was an Golden Eagle BC=23
    Or 5 !

    So now we know who the Patriots are facing 😜

    Wait there's MORE!!!

  66. We know that the Elite like to invert so let's go
    To SB in 1974

    Dolphins vs Vikings
    24. 7 (31) 13/31 code

    Wait on 9/18 patriots 31! Dolphins 24 lmao
    How the fuck did that happen? 😈

    Remember Prince died and Minnesota was
    In the news with Divest and the #4 Favre Jersey
    Vikings are 0-5 in Superbowls
    I bet Zack had them going 1-5 like SB 51 lmao

    Wait there's more
    SB coin toss was a former ref #12!
    The MVP #39 Larry Zsonka | Brady is 39!
    145 yards on 33 carries.

    Who was honored at the SB
    George bush #41 and Roger staubach #12!

    Wait bush was sick in Dallas recently he's 91
    And he was born in Massachusetts! Hmm

    SB 8 was in HOUSTON lmao!!! Wtf juicy 😜

    Staubach won 2 Super Bowls Matt Ryan wears #2 and Brady is going for his 2nd Super Bowl
    In Houston Brady won his 3rd in Houston
    Going for his 5th

    SB is on 2/5 for Brady's 25th win team is 16-2
    5-1 AFC 2x5=10 we know it's 55 like Brady's
    Numerology which is satanic like the site of the Super Bowl,

    Houston coach Tom Herman is now with the Longhorns of Texas burnt orange from red to orange 🍊

    SB 8 halftime university of Texas longhorns
    Cheering squad tribute !!!

    Let's examine coach HERMAN who was big news he's 22-4
    Won a championship in 2015 (15/51)
    Is with the Big 12! Brady #12
    Age is 41! 14/41 again he checks out.

    Now let's look at the coin toss
    Honoree Ben Dreith #12
    91 years old born on Jan 1925 lmao πŸ˜‚
    91 is like 16 #16is Joe Montana who Brady is after and the year of this Super Bowl 2/5
    25th game for Brady lol

    Wait there more!!!
    He officiate 2 superdowls
    Super bowl 8,15

    Super Bowl 15 logo has a giant V like 5
    Raiders won another check for AFC
    Beat EAGLES

    2 Super Bowls Matt Ryan's number #2
    Brady #2 in Houston
    Matt Ryan was a Boston EAGLE! And wore
    #12 in college confirmed

    But yet again NFC lost !

    Date of Super Bowl 15 like 51

    Jan 25th 1981 lmao πŸ˜‚ like the refs birth date

    Here's a note this years Super Bowl ref
    Carl Cheffers SB 51 his 1st ever lmao
    On 2/5

    Score was 27-10 (37)

  67. There is deffinetly a chain.

    How do we know where it ends,
    is it when a game or person no longer leads to any new connection?

    1. That's a great question

      I've done it front to back and the common
      Theme is AFC /Patriots /Brady

      The crazy thing is once you go to SB 23
      It progresses to Montana and Brady then Peyton comes in to the picture.

      What I need is software that I can plug info of the patterns instead of hours of back and fourth because it jumps all around

      I would like you to use my notes and follow it yourself and see where it leads you to.
      Or identify any other things I missed.

      I just pointed out all of the stuff that jumps out
      So that you can understand the similarities.

    2. Thanks for helping me understand the similarities thorouhgly.

      Lemme think if i can come up with same tool that would help.

  68. Super bowl 36 total sum (37)!!!!!!! Check

    Dolphins played twice vs Patriots

    First meeting 31-24
    Second meeting 35-14

    66-38 =104 (5) or 14/41 you get the picture

    Another note SB 15 MVP who was legend Jim Plunket was drafted by Patriots!!! Pick 1 round 1
    In 71 Won 2 rings with raiders
    SB 15 and 18 (33)

    He was born in 12/5/47 (69)

    SB 18
    Raiders 38 and skins 9 =47

    The Dolphins total score 38=death

    Matt Ryan is 31 and we've seen that code a lot
    31/13 or 33

    Brady is 39/93

    Total sum of their ages 70 (7) Brady's 7th super bowl

    Trump is 70

    Patriots are 57 years old or (12)
    Falcons are 51 years old or (6)

    Together 108 or 18 or 9

    Patriots going to their 9th Super Bowl
    Brady has been to 6 inverted

    There's more!!!

  69. Another topic,

    about letters and numbers we discussed yesterday.
    Remember the leet thing - cool youngster hip thing to type messages with letters replaced by numbers?

    leet = 1337

    There is even a calculator for changing words into leet-speak:


    Foe example, that gives
    Atlanta = 47l4n74

    And think about this:

    LEET = 1337

    but also

    because L sure as hell can be a 7 too!

    and 1331 too if you think L and T are ones, which they also reseble.

    leet ---> "minus" ee "+"

    Maybe there is something to this...

  70. Recent news

    Patriots special team #43 (12) (7) has concussions. Not cleared to play

    Belichik " I prepare for everything including trick plays " hmmm ( SB44 was lost with an onside kick) Colts vs Saints

    SB 44 also connects to Patriots (use my method)

    Hernandez double murder trial

    I decoded Deflate gate that's how I knew
    Patriots were a lock this year and knew after
    Peyton , Brady goes then after Brady
    ELI goes and after Eli , Ben and Rodgers

    As far as Ryan and Cam and Rivers , Brees
    Romo and Luck. I did not find them connected to past history. Brees is the only one that won
    Out of the group.

    I want to study Eli's two wins.. I think the losses for the pats were symbolic.

    I started to look at SB52 with the teams in the playoffs. Raiders and Packers / Giants vs broncos so far.

    When I was examining the Patriots and Falcons from their beginning I found that

    3-11 1972 Patriots
    7-7 1972 falcons

    I used 1972 because the Dolphins and Don Shula were undefeated only team ever.
    72 was when the Trade centers were built
    27 is when all the big name youn celebrities

    33 is Georgia
    77 is Brady
    77 trump
    77 Star Wars

    72 is like 2 7's

    Brady's 7th super bowl
    Dolphins beat browns , steelers , redskins

    Today Miami has the youngest coach like Shula was at one time with the colts

    Browns are a huge joke 1-15 with the first pick

    Steelers #7 Ben wants to quit the game and Steelers have 7 Super Bowls

    Redskins lost that SB (Natives ) lose when it counts and the Redskins did not make the Playoffs this year.

    1969-74 Nixon was president (37)Th
    Nixon was the 36th Vice President

    Patriots won Super Bowl 36 total score 37!

    Buccaneers won SB 37! Vs raiders
    48-21 (69) same year Nixon was president lol

    I followed the Raiders and it lead me to SB 52

    Raiders scored 27 in the first meeting won
    The Texans scored 27 in the wildcard won
    Sum 54/45

    Trump is 45 ! We know presidents connect to the super bowls !
    Note: Super Bowl 37 honored the 1972 dolphins lol

    Raiders lost to Houston

    1. Note: Super Bowl 37 honored the 1972

      Makes sense

      3+7 = 10
      1+9+7+2 = 19 = 10

  71. SB 47

    Ravens 38
    49ers 31

    38 + 31 = 69
    --> 6+9 = 15

  72. In sports manager games
    when a player retires
    the game engine regenerates (rebirths) that player again
    with different name and age 17 or something.

  73. Check this out lol :)


    1. »Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate.
      Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!»

    2. MR.G
      MR.T (Trump)

      They both want walls

      I remembered the A-Team

      Everything is fucking connected

  74. Speech in front of Branderburg GATE

    So yea, watergate could be in the mix too next year
    if we see more references to Nixon.

    1. Great find.

      Russia vs USA against
      Russia vs USA -trump wants to be allies
      Speech had 50k people (5)
      Tear down this wall -Regan
      Build that wall -Trump

      Article 2012 Patriots lost to Giants
      1997-2001 97 Patriots lost GB
      2001 patriots beat Rams

      The article came out in the "Atlantic"
      US ambassadors 97-2001

      This is the 97th NFL season

      1984 patriots 9-7 lol
      1984 Falcons 4-12 (7)

  75. http://www.vegasinsider.com/nfl/superbowl/history/

    Check this out

  76. Let's stick with the 69 15 I like those numbers

    69 was Apollo 13 crew of 3

    Point spread -3 Over/under 58 (13) !

    In the two losses by NE the spread was -12, o/u (55) -2.5 o/u (53)

    2008, 2012.

    Vegas is 24-26 wins in Super Bowl

    AFC 24 NFC 26 wins in Super Bowl

    Brady is looking for win 25 so is Vegas !

    Sum of 50 , currently 70% of money is on Patriots but the line is low which is positive
    For NE

    If the line moves up past 7 they lose!
    If it remains low they win

    Hypothetical score

    Patriots 28 falcons 27

    That's my score 55!

    Brady 3 TD's no picks MVP
    Blount 1TD

    Ryan 2Td 2 turn overs 2 FG Julio 1TD freeman 1TD sanu 1TD

  77. Water gate ,
    1972(69) indicted 48 guilty

    Nixon in office 69 lol

    Spygate 2007
    500k fine and a #1 pick taken away the 31st pick 13/31 or (33)

    Deflate gate 2015
    14 months 13 judges
    4 game suspension

    14/41 13/31
    55. 33

    Trump 88!

    1. Water gate
      Deflate gate
      Branderburg gate
      Golden Shower Gate or Pissgate (with Trump)
      Panama gate (why wasn't it called canal lol :)
      Noise gate (ATL falcons)
      Seat gate (SB 2011)
      Bottle gate (CLE browns)
      Bounty gate (NO saints)
      Bump gate (NFL officials)
      Clock gate (Michigan state)
      Shoulder gate (Steelers)
      Text gate (Browns, Ray Farmer)
      Trip gate (jets-dolphins)

      Very good!

  78. Brady is 4-0 vs Falcons
    4 game suspension

    7-6 (13) and this will be their 14th meeting

    0-0 playoff meetings

    If Brady loses 7-7


  79. 70% Money on patriots

    Brady going to 7th Super Bowl


    5th ring he's at 4 45. Trump 45

    -3 58 o/u (13) (55)

  80. Super bowl 18.

    "1984" commercial from Apple,
    started their story, and started the next phase
    in big brother control system.

  81. Didn't Reagan actually have the exact same slogan as Trump!

    "Make america great again"

  82. And what is all this talk about rising up, revolution etc.?
    The phoenix rising from the ashes theme can be correct, because we are reliving the past again. Back to the future and so on...

    But does someone seriously think muricans will rise up to fight the system or something? Ha.
    Give me a break.
    Overdose of naive-ism.

  83. Great information, Harry!

    Let's continue!!


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