Wednesday, November 30, 2016

42 44 104 106 666 | Dollywood employee finds lone Bible page while cleaning up after fire, Joel 1:18 through Joel 2:1

Dollywood in flames is right for a spiritual riddle, put on by our Freemason media and goverment.

The page of Bible is from the Book of Joel.  This is a mocking from the Freemasons.

Keep in mind, the first printed Bibles were '42-Line Bibles', and the New Testament begins with the 42-generations to Jesus.

Notice how Book of Joel connects to 'Tennessee', 'Prophecy' and 'Destroy', like the subjects of the Book of Revelation.

Gatlinburg, where the fire burned, also has a 'prophecy' connection.

'Revelation', the book of prophecy and destruction, is often associated with the term 'Armageddon'.

The anniversary of the recognition of the Zionist State of Israel was November 29.  It was November 19, 1947 (a date with '106' numerology), the United Nations, with a 33 member vote, recognized Israel with nation status.

11/29/1947 = 11+29+19+47 = 106 (1947 = 19+47 = 66) (Revelation, 66th Book of the Bible)

The Bible page is from the King James Bible.

Think about the 'Star of David' in Israel..  Never forget, there's a USA in the middle of JerUSAlem.

7/4/1776 = 7+4+17+76 = 104

Also, keep in mind.  Thanksgiving Day, it was reported there were bad wild fires in Haifa, Israel.

Then right after, a similar story, in Tennessee.

LORD = 49; Revelation = 49

Notice you can make out the words "trumpet" and "alarm" from Joel 2:1 in the page above.  They were sure to get rid of 'Zion'.

Thelema is the occult religion that worships '93', like Israel, and has the motto, 'Do what thou wilt'.

64, the number of spaces of the checkerboard; 8x8 = 64; Trump = 88

Again, Donald Trump, "the First Jewish President", has said no one loves Israel more than him.  His daughter, who he has wanted to fuck since she was 13, has married into the Jewish Kushner (33) family.  His ticket was the "Trump-Pence" ticket.  Notice how you can make out the word 'trumpet', the instrument of warning,

Revelation, the 66th Book of the Bible, the book of prophecy and destruction, is also known as the

In Revelation 13:5, it is said the Beast rules for 42-months.  42, where we started.

Last, there is something to be said for the verse 2:1 being the last on the page, in light of this being the Bible.

And again, this comes just after the election of the 45th President, the 'Trump-Pence' ticket.

Mike Pence = 45

There is this book about Nuclear Annihilation, set in Tennessee.  I wrote about it last year November, 2015, based on the theater hoax shooting in Antioch.


  1. You have to be really gullible to believe this fake news crap.

    But, producing gullible people is very expensive. I wonder how long this system can afford to produce so much ignorance before it goes totally bankrupt.

    I give it less than 5 years.

  2. And just think, if the Bible was printed on terrorist passport paper, the entire page would have been intact. In fact, they should have just built the entire city out of turbans passports and box cutter knives, and had someone from Al Qaeda scream Allah Akbar! and the fire would have never stood a chance.

  3. Juicy stuff! As I shared yesterday, I was at Pigeon Forge for Thanksgiving. A real Masonic hell hole. Now I see it even more so. I don't watch much news. Did Dollywood burn to the ground? Please god, let it be so! Only 700 buildings? For fuck sake. You call that a fire???!!!

    1. If there was ever a tourist trap hell that would burn itself down for a rebuild, that is it. Buildings were so old they were primed to burn.

    2. Panama City will probably follow their lead.

    3. Exactly. That place will reinvent itself as the most modern strip mall on the planet. Putt putt golf galore! Yeehaw!

  4. Stupid I know, but first thing I thought of was, 'Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire' :)
    'We Didn't Start The Fire' = 93 ;) . Maybe December is his month (23rd)...

    Brilliant post! Amazing what survives a modern inferno!

    1. Wow, nice connection! Back during Thanksgiving week they kept advertising a Dolly Parton TV movie about her life, as if anyone really cares? I mean, I haven't heard anything about this lady in years, then all of the sudden there's a primetime special about her life. Now I know why...

    2. Ha :) For feck sake, a Primetime special, Dollywood burns down, nice bit of sympathy for the flames = boost her new album sales & maybe a nice 50 disc Christmas Dolly-Box.
      I just checked her albums ... she released her 43rd album this year on August 18th. (date summed = 43 ). August 18th, leaves 134 days left. The name of her album is, 'Pure & Simple' = 134.

      Worst of all, the album is exactly 33 minutes long. :D ha, for feck sake. Something else this shower of aul bastards ha. :) .

    3. Sorry, August 19th I meant. :)

    4. FYI, I think you stumbled on something great here, Dar. I just watched the music video for "We Didn't Start the Fire", it's basically Billy Joel reciting famous people and historical hoax events spanning from 1949-1989 when the song released, followed by creepy imagery of violent pictures being burned behind Joel.

      The thing that really stands out is it was released September 27, 1989, on the Jesuit Order's birthday.

      If you take the span of days from this release date to when the first mainstream news was reporting about the Gatlingburg fires, which I think was Sunday:

      9/27/89-11/27/16 = it's a span of 27 years, 2 days.

      We Didn't Start the Fire = 228, 93, 102
      Billy Joel = 102, 39

      The album is called Storm Front. This is a real kick in the nuts, because the Gatlingburg fires are coming around the time of the first major storm front for this Southeastern region in over 40 days. It is the major reason (so we are told) that the Tennessee wildfires spread to and subsequently burned Gatlingburg, because of the crazy winds behind the front. It also spawned a bunch of Tornadoes. We know these madmen definitely have the technology to manipulate weather, start fires, and plan in out for decades.

      One final revelation of note; the song release on the 449th Jesuit Order birthday.

    5. Quality man & On the Jesuit Orders birthday!!!! :) Bloody Joel :)
      Almost certain Joel is Jewish or a Jesuit too.
      And 228 ... 'Fire' = 228 standard.
      That song always reminds me of REM - The End Of The World ... I can always sing along with the chorus, but can never remember all the rabble lyrics in the middle :D. Gonna have to watch the video for it. 80's music videos have loads of spooky stuff in em.

      Had a quick pop at Joel on wiki ... course it mentions he was one of the first American's to play in the USSR since the Berlin Wall went up ... Everywhere I look now is Berlin Wall, Berlin Wall ... these foook's and their riddles.

      Quality stuff man!

    6. Joel's definitely controlled opposition. His music has a lot of anti-Catholic and anti-religious undertones, but it's all very superficial and surface, nothing behind the message. Basically, "I Hate God because it's cool" kinda thing, not "Religion is the opiate of the masses started by Masonic thugs". He's a real tool.

    7. It is also a 309 second song, for a little more 93/39 action. You got the time duration off a little bit, Gatlinburg really went down on the 11/29 so from the song to the date is 27 years 2 months 2 days, same digits essentially. What is cool that is 63 days from the 27th anniversary or 2 months 2 days. 22s and 222s are playing around with 227s and 314s quite a bit lately.

      222= Armageddon, Hell, Flame

      Time Stop=117, 444

      There is a theory(its out there)that some elites want to stop time or rip it half or cause an alternate timeline, if you rip Time Stop(444) in half, 222.

    8. Brilliant, savage stuff all round. Few other 93 yokes & some odd/random stuff, that may/may not be connected :) ...

      April 3rd is the 93rd day of the year. This is also meant to be the real date for the death of Jesus.
      Dolly Parton just released her 43rd album, like April 3rd or 4/3. 'Jesus Christ' = 43.

      Dolly released the single, 'Pure & Simple' on July 8th, 144 days before the Dollywood fire. 43, the 14th prime, & divisors sum to 44.
      Her birthday is January 19th or 1/19. This fire comes exactly 45 weeks after her 70th birthday.

      With the 63 days ... Her album & song title, 'Pure And Simple' = 63. Pure And Simple is 2:44 in track length. 244 shows up a fair whack, WW2 started on the 244th day of the year.

      And the best for last :)
      Her full name, 'Dolly Rebecca Parton' = 189.
      The 189th prime number = 1129, just like the date of the fire or 11/29.

    9. That is awesome Dar. I was just thinking of looking at the Joel Verses they found for date connections, and of course Joel 1:19 was part of it. I will look into more, just think its cool when someone an Ocean away is on the same brainwave!!

    10. Ha, I know how ya feel man ... I've tried & tried talking to friends, work colleges, family etc ... there's maybe two out of the lot who get it and can hold a conversation with about this stuff ... other than that, it can be a lonely old world at times. ha, Joel 1:19 ... I'd forgot all bout the verse numbers, brilliant man!

    11. Dolly sings 9to5
      Billy born 5/9
      Billy's birthday was 29 weeks 2 days before 11/30
      Dolly's birthday is in 51 days
      51 days is also 1 month 21 days
      Or 7 weeks 2 days from 11/29

      255 days from Billy's 67th to Dolly's 71.(8 months 10 days or 36 weeks 3 days)
      110 days from Dolly's 71st to Billy's 68th (3 months 20 days, 15 weeks 5 days)

      Currently they are a combined 137 years old(33rd Prime) Odds on them both making it to the next? 67%

    12. For the most obvious connections between Dolly, Billy, and Time, one need only look at their birthdays.

      1/19/46 to 5/9/49

      A magical 1206 days(126 is a Zion/Mason ID Digit for me)
      3 years 3 months, 20 days(332/233)
      172 weeks and 2 days(1722)<<<I C PI

    13. In 99 they both covered each other's songs

      Travelin Prayer covered by D
      The Grass is Blue by B

      Billy Covers Dolly=210, 1260(126 again)

    14. I had no idea it was gonna get that syncy and deep. Incredible!

    15. Celebrity dot connections is my specialty. Isn't it crazy, T?

    16. Travelin Prayer=184=1×8×4=32

      Their birthdays are 3 months 20 days apart

      The Grass is Blue=707J

      7 Dead, 700 Buildings destroyed.

      How deep shall we go?

      The Hole Has No Bottom=717J


    17. Joel-ine and Dolly are fellow travelers for sure! Travelin' is a old masonic metaphor. The Arkansas Traveler, etc.

    18. Feckin' savage posts. And 'Joel-ine' .. brilliant. Never even thought of the tune. Pretty much her biggest hit after 9 to 5.
      Again like yee said with the Joel 1:19,
      'Nine To Five' = 119 or 56 in reduction.
      Prime factorisation for 56 = 2x2x2x7 ( more 2's & 7's )

      And wouldn't ya feckin know it, her song '9 to 5', was released on November 29th 1980, exactly 36 years ago. The movie, 'Nine to Five', released on December 19th 1980. 19/12 or 1912.
      The divisors for no.1912 sum to 3600 ( 36, like the 36 years )

      With her name, 'Dolly Rebecca Parton' = 189.
      The sum of the divisors for the no.189 = 320 ( just like the gap between herself and Billy's birthday, 3 months 20 days )

      Shits gettin' spooky. :)

    19. Man oh man. There really is no bottom to the hole!!

    20. Dolly isn't a real person she is just another "character" Hollywood types make up. She is aka Drew Barrymores mother. Very few famous people are real people as they are portrayed. Fake names and bios is the norm.

  5. Israel was recognized on November 29th which is 5/15 on the 13MC. In Jewish Gematria the word Jew = 1505.

  6. Wow! Some great decoding going on here. Thought I'd bring this one in on it.

    Dolly covered a Billy Joel song called Travelin Prayer. She won a Grammy for it in 1999. Every verse starts off with "Hey Lord" 5x

    Hey Lord = 42 Five = 42

    Hey Lord, would ya look out for him tonight
    For he is sleeping under the sky
    Hey Lord, make sure the ground he's sleepin' on
    Is always warm and dry
    Ooo, don't give him too much pain
    And keep him away from planes
    Cause my baby hates to fly

    There are displaced families sleeping under the stars for now but the Dollywood Foundation is coming to the resuce.

    My Peoples Fund = 62
    Fire displaced families = 104

    If anybody gets a chance to check this out, I wrote another article on Saturn's Cube here.

  7. Dolly's relationship with Porter Wagoner and Kenny Rogers has MK Ultra
    all over it. She's Miley Cyrus's godmother. In defending her she said,

    "You’ve almost got to sacrifice your damn soul just to get anything done."

    1. Hey Mfsyy! yeah I had no idea when I woke up this morning, had no that the tribe had opened up a brand new stinky can of gematria.

      Get this. From 11/30 to 12/31, there are 31 days left in the year. Issac McCord was wearing a green jacket in the photo that was released with him and the Bible page. Green = 31
      Cube = 31 Pan = 31 Saturn is called El. In Hebrew gematria with Hebrew letters, El = 31. I din't know that until just now. I think that's the main connection 31 has to many others, relating to Saturn.

      Issac's wife, Rebecca is mentioned 31 times in the Bible.

      Dolly's MK Ultra butterfly is emblematic of Psyche, from the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Psyche = 31

      I'm gonna do a Gematria Scrapbook article to marshal all these connections into a Country Gematria tour de force.

    2. Just posted this on Lord's google, but thought would pop it here. You know the Coen Brothers? Directors, made Fargo, No Country For Old Men etc ...
      One of them is named Joel. 'Joel David Coen' = 119 / 56. Just like, 'Nine to Five' = 119 / 56. Dolly Parton born Jan 1st or 1/19.
      And guess when Joel Coen was born?????

      The way this was going it could only be one date,
      November 29th 1961 ... same date as the fire, same date '9 to 5' released as single, and on and on.
      ... That's me for the night. Kaputt! Kaputt fur immer! :) ha

    3. Miley Cyrus is aka Lourdes Leon the daughter of Madonna.

    4. And MK ULTRA, Monarch butterfly sex slaves etc are also hoax psyops from the gang in Hollywood and Langley. Your kids could be next. BOO.

  8. One of Dolly Parton's biggest hits was the song Jolene.
    Just a coincidence

  9. Billy Also has a song called

    Elvis Presley Blvd=207, 2210

    Pretty interesting lyrics on that cat too.

    Billy Joel Elvis Presley Blvd=309

    Thats a 196 second song, for the number freaks. ;)

  10. Now I've got Uptown Girl stuck in my head....I don't even like that song.


    Just look at Joel's all-time numbers.

    121 Songs
    33 in the Top 40

  12. Issac McCord the employee they're who found it. 44/89/314

  13. Wow -- ya'll are unraveling some fantastic connections -- really mind-blowing isn't it?

    Whenever Dolly is mentioned, my first thought is always that song "JOLENE" -- like Pru mentioned.
    I had no idea she was Miley's godmother though!

    It's hard to hate on Dolly ... but I do keep in mind that -- for a whole generation of country music fans -- she popularized the notion that "Lookin' Trashy" was cool. An early version of what was later done to black women.

    Still -- she came across as so sweet -- it was hard for anyone not to like the person she "seemed" to be. That said -- Porter Waggoner got screwed over big time -- so maybe she's just a better actress than we think?

  14. Reading up on Dolly's music I had no idea so many of her songs were MACABRE.

    LOTS of them are about Children & Babies who DIE, SUICIDE & Mental Illness, Bad Parents & Homelessness that leads to Death. WTF Dolly??

    Remember "Me and Little Andy"? About a little homeless girl -- named SANDY !!!

    She & her puppy (Andy) find a home for the night -- just to DIE IN THEIR SLEEP!

    It came out in 1978 -- the "Here You Come Again" album. Then it was popularized again when a cast mate on 1993's Real World - Los Angeles said it was his all-time favorite song.

    That tweaked people's interest because the cast mate was David Edwards -- the 1st ever to be kicked out of the house. He was a young black comedian -- who was accused of "Sexual Assault" when he playfully yanked a blanket off an underwear-clad black female cast mate -- "Tami" (who would resurface on another reality show as a professional basketball player's wife).
    Even back then the "controversy" felt contrived -- & intended to reaffirm the stereotype that all black men are sex-crazed animals with no self-control.

    Sure -- he was a prick like EVERYONE on the Real World -- but what happened was blown way out of proportion.

    Little off-topic ... But interesting that -- almost like Rome -- somehow just about EVERYTHING ... Eventually Leads Back To DOLLY! Lol

    1. Lets play with that bitch who wants to take Dolly's man!!

      All these numbers have been rolled previously above:

      Jolene=61(61+16=77), 366, 720

      The Song is 2:42 in length

      That is also 162 seconds long, a mismash of 126 as we have seen.

      It says the song came out in Oct of 73, no specific date. That is 43 years, matching the 43s that Dar found up above.

      However, brothers and sisters, it does give us the exact date that the song was recorded.


      That means 6 months and 7 days from the 43rd anniversary to the date of the fire.

      That is also exactly 2271 weeks from recording date to the Burning of the G-Burg.

      G Burg Holocaust=169, 818

      The day that song was recorded, Billy Joel was 24 years old and 2 weeks. 242 again. 24+42=66.

      I get the feeling that Billy is going to die on Dolly's birthday. Because if he did he would be

      24,727 days old.

    2. Please YT Billy Joel on Song Melody. Listen for a bit, then jump to 1:45. I can link YT videos in this blog.

    3. Just watch the whole piece. Screw jumpin. It is classic.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Just Oh wow! She is DEEP in his head. Gematria gold right there brother! EVERYBODY you HAVE to check it out.

    6. Fixin to head there now ... :D

  15. Yeah, some of Dolly's songs are really twisted.

  16. Dolly left Porter almost 43 years ago, 2-19-74.

    Tennessee has 43 reduced -s exception gematria.

    1. Billy Joel started in 73. 43 years onces again. 43+34 is an obvious 77 to play ball with the rest of the findings.

    2. Did ya'll see the post under Zach's most recent thread (the #pizzagate debate) -- about the unprecedented number of 4's during Feb 2017?
      4 Mondays, etc.
      My first thought on seeing that was about TAYLOR SWIFT & her big day that month.
      I pass that baton on to you, Maestro Lord ... Lol!

    3. This 43 shit & Dolly & Billy is insane! These connections are like a literal WEB. And the angles you're finding are incredible. No doubt they NEVER thought ANYONE would be able to decipher them.
      I wouldn't doubt that many of these "Revelations" are eye-openers for those involved as well (cause everyone's got their own angle it seems).

      Funny Thought -- discoveries such as these may be what actually saves this site from potential "Authoritative Hacking". How else are the various "players" going to discover the many varied angles that are being leveraged?
      The Collective we've got going here (& in affiliated sites like yours Tal!) provides many "stakeholders" with access to FREE & BRILLIANT insights -- that they otherwise wouldn't be able to get.
      At least I hope that's how it works out ... Lol!

  17. Re: ** 43 ** ... Went to gematrix & typed in "ndy" to get the Pyth/Simple list.
    (Because of Dolly's "Me and Little Andy" -- with "SANDY" the dying kid ... Andy is 44, so ndy = 43).

    "ndy" also is DYN -- the corp that was supposedly "hacked" in Oct & led to the speedy passage of TODAY'S official "Rule Change to Rule 41" (allowing mass gov hacking).

    DYN is also 444 in Jewish Gematria.

    Another JG 444 is "Dedicated Keeper Of Time" ... & several other interesting terms.

    It's a WEB ... A real web, I tell ya ... Lol

  18. We just have to keep doing MORE of what we're doing. Thanks for the props. Zach has done more for truth than just about anybody.

  19. I just found the clincher. The Grand Ole Opry founded November 28, 1928. 88 years ago from when the news went out to evacuate. The Grand Ole Opry = 84 ER/ 183 EO/ 62 Chaldean / 1776 Roman code Trump tribute?

    1. Not Trump but a Tribute to whatever he is a Tribute to as well.

  20. Hahaha!!! She was singing Jolene the night of the fire on The Voice!!! With Miley and some group named PENTAtronix.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ha :) Like you said man ... no bottom to the pit on this one :) Brilliant!!

    3. Not sure if it's already posted, so much now :) . But the album Jolene, released February 27th 1974, 2/27 ( more feckin 227 ).
      The single released on November 3rd 73, 11/3 ( 113 / 311 )

      More spooky stuff.
      February 27th is the 58th day, 307 remain.
      November 3rd is the 307th day, 58 remain...

      The fooook is going on here :) ha

    4. Time=47



  21. Check out her appearance on American Pickers on 5/7 2014. It's all fire themed. Scottish rite connection.

  22. I'm starting a blog article this weekend on all the great work everyone has done, here. Zach has the nose for important news and the tribe deconstructed, decoded and interpreted so much, it's breathtaking. Peace and good night to everybody.

  23. Sorry for off topic

    This story is weird. I poked my head out because it was from Indianapolis.

    An Indiana mother is accused of injecting fecal matter into her 15-year-old son's IV bag while he was undergoing cancer treatments at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

    Story is out of "Riley Hospital for Children" = 137 (33rd prime)

    Her name is "Tiffany Alberts". Alberts = 77.
    Her son has "Leukemia" = 77
    She is 41 years old, "fecal matter" = 41 (Superbowl = 41)

    Dr. Veda Ackerman is treating the boy.
    Dr. Veda Ackerman = 57 (Championship)
    Veda Ackerman = 44
    Ackerman = 66 (NFL)

    Not sure if it has a relation to NFL, but it may.


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