Sunday, January 7, 2018

44 51 59 146 147 | John Young, 87-year-old NASA astronaut, dies January 5, 2018 +Houston Rockets NBA Finals?

This man, the "moon walker", died on January 5, or 5/1.

He died in Houston, home of the Rockets, who are in their 51st season.

Remember, the Houston Astros won Game 7 of the World Series, 5-1.

John also died on a date with numerology of 44.

1/5/2018 = 1+5+20+18 = 44

Think about Harden scoring 51, 51-days after the date the Astros won the World Series, on the date of the Space X launch over LA, who the Astros beat.

He died 103-days after his birthday.  103, the 27th prime
He died on his 104th day of being 87-years-old.

103, 27th prime; Ritual = 27

Kill = 59
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Space = 17 / 28

Notice the overlap with Rockets.

He died 146-days before the start of the NBA Finals, or a span of 147...

They begin May 31, 2018.

Remember this if the Rockets end up in the Finals.  It is highly likely.

Notice the 'most experienced' thing.  It points to 'Houston Rockets' too.

Also, notice he was born in 1930.  That connects to 'Astronaut'.