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Sunday, December 9, 2018

28 44 58 139 193 | Ramsey Bearse, former Miss Kentucky, charged with sending nude images on Snapchat to a minor, December 8, 2018 news

So, a 28-year-old former Miss Kentucky is in trouble for sending nude images to a minor on Snapchat.  I see a pattern.


Her name Ramsey Bearse sums to 193, the 44th prime number.

She is charged with 4 counts.

This news broke December 8, 2018.  12/8/2018 = 12+8+20+18 = 58

Andrew Jackson was a Freemason.

58 79 92 223 322 | FBI agent shot and wounded in Brooklyn, New York, December 8, at 3:22 PM

As you'll see, the response to the shooting was at 3:22 PM local.  322?

Keep in mind this news came Saturday, December 8, 2018, a date with 58 numerology.

12/8/2018 = 12+8+20+18 = 58

Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58
Bush = 58 

This comes just days after the death of George H.W. Bush, the 322 Skull and Bones member, who lost his brother H.T. on the 58th day of the year, February 27, 2018. 

Speaking of 322, this happened in 'Brooklyn, New York', the land of 223.

Another thing is that Brooklyn, New York has gematria of 79, reminding that J. Edgar Hoover died on a date with 79 numerology, as did George H.W. Bush.

Read about J. Edgar Hoover's death on May 2, 1972:

Notice the detail about 92nd Street.

6 26 52 339 | Margaret Gieszinger, 52, faces criminal charges for cutting students' hair for not singing National Anthem correctly

Notice the woman is 52-years-old.  Last year, Super Bowl 52, was all about the National Anthem.

Her first and last name also sum to 52, like 'Minnesota'.

Football = 83 / 133
Philadelphia = 65
California = 52 / 65

Notice she is facing 'six' criminal chargers in 'California'.

This happened in Visalia, California.

The 53 stands out in light of the upcoming Super Bowl, where again this season, has much to do with the National Anthem.

This video showed up December 5, 2018, the day leaving 28-days left in the year.

The date is also the 339th day of the year.

11 | Luka Doncic's 11-0 finish to beat the Houston Rockets, December 8, 2018

This 11-0 run came 9-months and 11-days into his age, 19.

This man wears the #77...  *September Eleventh = 77

He did this against Houston as well...

111?  September 11 leaves 111-days left in the year...

The 9/11 attack lasted 102-minutes.

68 | Donald Trump the 'liar' and the latest Cohen, Manafort, Kushner & Comey headlines

Cohen Broke the law.

Manafort lied.

Trump has changed his story again.

Kushner is now connected to Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince, and the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

Trump without evidence accuses Comey of lying (Comb Over vs Comey continues).

There's a constant theme with Donald Trump.  It is that he is a liar, and so are the people around him.

17 28 39 44 58 | The Yellow Jacket protests beginning November 17, 2018 & the intentional police state

November 17 leaves 44-days left in the year.

And of course, 'Yellow Jackets' sums to 44.

This protest is bringing out the military and putting the city of Paris on lock down, much like a 'police state', which no doubt is part of the plan.

Notice this movement began online in May, and this is happening in France, with its very long MAsonic history.  Please see my work on May 23 and what it has to do with Masonry's symbolism.

November 17, 2018 was a date with 39 numerology as well.

11/17/2018 = 11+17+(2+0+1+8) = 39

A main goal of this protest is to get Emannuel Macron to resign.

Freemasonry's motto is ORDO AB CHAO, meaning ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.

Fitting that this protest, largely aimed at him, is taking place while he is 40-years-old.

And that they began a span of 35-days from his birthday, on 11/17.

11+17 = 28

And about 11/17 having numerology of 28, and being the 17th...

For more related gematria to the protests...





Read about the psychological impacts of yellow here: