Wednesday, February 28, 2018

13 | Be sure to sub channel #13 (New as of February 20, 2018)


This is the latest YouTube channel, #13 since June 2017.  Please subscribe!

See this comment:

On the day this comment has been made, I've seen the count drop by 50 two times, it has possibly happened more.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Bullets in the laptop | Proof of Stoneman Douglas shooting, February 14, 2018

Obviously, if you question this shooting, you're crazy.

113 223 | Jimmy Kimmel attacks truth speakers from Hollywood Masonic Temple

Don't forget the 113 list from Stoneman Douglas:

22-letters, 3-words...

Freemasonry is based in Kabbalah, which is based in the Tree of Life, which is made of 22-paths and 3-columns...

Jimmy Kimmel, who broadcasts from the Masonic Temple of Hollywood, says you're crazy if you question the mass shootings in the media.


This was published February 21, 2018.

63 93 163 187 | Rick Gates, ex-Trump aide, to plead guilty, February 23, 2018

Notice his birthday, the 117th day of the year, April 27, 1972.

From today until his birthday is 63-days.

That's interesting because today's date has 63 numerology.

2/23/2018 = 2+23+20+18 = 63

There must be some greater riddle with 63 here.  Jesuit Order = 63; Freemasonic = 63

Propaganda = 93; Rick Gates = 93 (Both in Ordinal)
Make America Great Again = 163 (Ordinal)

Also, don't overlook his initials, R.G.

R = 18; G = 7
R.G. = 18.7.
Washington D.C. = 187

Saturn symbolism in CNN's promoting of school walkouts, February 2018 (Reader Contribution)

That is the astrological symbol of Saturn if you're not aware.

73 74 | The history of CPAC, founded in '73, first conference in '74

Founded in '73:  Mason = 73
First conference in '74:  Masonic = 74

223 | CNN goes full on 1984, attacking truth community online who call bullshit on false flag propaganda

Here's some quality February 23, or 2/23 reporting.

The Synagogue oF Satan = 223
Masonic = 223

Watch how the truth is flipped on its head too many times to count.

It's not declining?  It's almost all been entirely censored.

Notice, all of the reporting is based in complete lies.

Free speech should have been stopped?  Listen to CNN.

Then they bring up other hoaxes as if they're historical facts.

And then they even mix in the flat earth psyop, which is only here to discredit the community.

Facebook and Twitter have been censoring in a big way.

We are in a crisis of truth.

And good men are doing nothing, as the tyranny of obvious lies continues.