Saturday, April 29, 2017

Reader Contribution | Keep your eyes pealed May 2, 2017 (911 days since opening One World Trade Center) (trav W decode)

trav W always does good work.  May 2 is typically a hot day for news.

This year May 2 falls on a Tuesday.

5/2/2017 = 5+2+20+17 = 44

59 | Stewart Copeland, drummer for the Police and his family business (FBI, IRS, Police)

Stewart Copeland is the drummer and the man behind the band the Police which stars Sting.  Think about the name Police in light of their song about how every breath you take, every step you take, they'll be watching you.

Stewart Kopeland has an alias, 'Klark Kent'.

Notice he grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, just a short drive from federal headquarters, Fairfax, VA.

In light of his band being 'The Police', and growing up not far from the CIA, which has major influence over the music industry, checkout his family...

His family is connected to these companies:

IRS Records, founded by his brother, Miles Copeland III:

FBI Booking, founded by his other brother, Ian Copeland:

Some things really are in our face.

33 38 44 46 60 84 97 119 | Death of two band members from Autograph, 33-years after 1984 hit 'Turn Up the Radio'.

Two members of the band Autograph have died about a month apart.

Kill = 44; Execution = 44

Sacrifice = 46

They had the 80s hit, Turn Up the Radio:

That song was a hit in 1984, 33-years-ago.

The singer has died and of course the drummer.

Death = 38; Killing = 38; Murder = 38

Death = 97

As we've documented, the drummer always gets it in these paired deaths.

The first to die with Keni Richards, who passed April 8, 2017.  It became news April 12, 4-days later.

4/8/2017 = 4+8+20+17 = 49
4/8/2017 = 4+8+2+0+1+7 = 22
4/8/17 = 4+8+17 = 29
*I cannot find the birthday of Keni Richards.

Notice the date April 8 can be written 8/4, a lot like '84, the year of their hit single.

In Chaldean Gematria, 'Turn Up the Radio' sums to '60', like his age of death.  The word 'order' has to do with '60' and '33'.

Order = 33/60 (33-years later, age 60) (He was 27 then)

In Septenary, his name has Gematria of 49, like the date of death.

His name in Ordinal Gematria sums to '119'.  
All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119; Master Plan = 119

I see a 79 in his name Gematria as well.  Murder = 79; 79, the 22nd prime

The date numerology of the news was '33'.  That was April 12, 2017.

4/12/17 = 4+12+17 = 33

Notice the mention of Steve Plunkett, who Keni Richards played with in a second band.  That is who is reported dead today.  Reports do not show if he has died today or days earlier, but the news is fresh.

The name Plunkett also has the '119' Gematria.  Keni Richards = 119

Death = 97

33 42 71 117 132 145 154 | Jake Dick Butt, drafted #145 by the Denver Broncos +His insurance policy that paid out $1m for him falling in the draft

Move over Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

We have a new king of mockery in NFL.  It is Jake Dick Butt.

He plays "tight end"...

So a Michigan star fell to the Broncos, who play in the 'Mile High' city?  Remember, Jim Harbaugh, the Michigan Coach, just visited the Pope, and this draft opened with some major "Catholic / Cardinal" tributes.

Well, here is the biggest one yet.

145th pick.

His date of birth connects to the Catholic Church and more.

7/11/1995 = 7+11+19+95 = 132 (Catholic Church) (United States of America) (England)
7/11/1995 = 7+11+(1+9+9+5) = 42 (Jesuit) (Tight End) (Hail Mary) (Touchdown)
7/11/1995 = 7+1+1+1+9+9+5 = 33 (CC, 33, Catholic Church... CC, Christopher Columbus...)
7/11/95 = 7+11+95 = 113 (Scottish) (Scottish Rite = 165; The Catholic Church = 165)

Notice how Jack Dick Butt sums to 117, like his 11/7 birthday, July 11.

The United States of America = 117; Central Intelligence Agency = 117

Ask yourself, what kind of name is Jake Dick Butt?

The Catholic Church?  Sodomy?

I'm already tempted to make another video, these motherfuckers...

Sodomy and Catholic are like two peas in a pod.

Consider also that Michigan's coach, Jim Harbaugh, just met with the Pope on April 26, 2017:
Also, don't forget the Catholic riddle with the first 13 picks of this year's draft:

Oh yes, and let us not forget the Gematria of "tight end".

If you've never seen this Comedy Central sketch about college football player names, well, notice the 'CC' in Comedy Central...

25 29 42 52 | Zay Jones wears OJ Simpson tribute t-shirt, April 28, 2017, before being drafted by Buffalo Bills

If you're not aware, OJ Simpson played from '69 to '77 with the Buffalo Bills, the same team this man was drafted to, who had the OJ Simpson t-shirt on.  Talk about blatant mockery in the NFL fans face.

Notice how his full name connects to the '42nd' prime.  Remember, it was revealed during the OJ trial that Mark Furhman said "nigger" exactly "42 times".  The date of Zay's selection was a date with a life lesson number of '42'.

4/28/2017 = 4+28+(2+0+1+7) = 42

Imagine the dialogue before he put on his shirt.

"Zay, we want you to dress up like OJ, okay?"

Football = 29/83

Zay was the 37th overall pick of the draft, of the 5th pick of the 2nd round.

42 | Bill Russell tribute in NBA Playoffs, April 28, 2017, Celtics advance, Hawks eliminated +Clippers win with 98-points

Remember, Bill Russell was drafted by the Hawks and traded to the Celtics immediately.  During the decade that Bill Russell went to every NBA Championship, the Celtics only lost once, and that was to the Hawks who traded him (it was rigged riddled back then).  As I pointed out last year, the Cavs earned their 54th win against Hawks, the same day the Warriors had their home winning streak snapped at 54 by the Celtics.  Those were the back to back games on ESPN.  ESPN = 54

4/28/2017= 4+28+(2+0+1+7) = 42 (Bill Russell = 42) (LeBron James = 42)
*John Wall scored 42 for the Wizards

You have to like the Clippers winning with 98 on the 118th day of the year as well.

National Basketball Association = 98