Wednesday, July 17, 2019

57 81 88 99 174 | The death of John Paul Stevens at age 99, 81-days after Aaron Judge's birthday

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has died at age 99, 81-days after #99, Aaron Judge's birthday.  Stevens died July 16 and Judge celebrated his birthday April 26.

Notice the overlap with Aaron Judge

Recall, earlier this year Judge made his return from his fake injury on his 57ty day of his age.

That was June 21, 2019:


Don't forget that Judge was the 13th player the Yankees put on the IL this year.

Just was injured on April 20, John Paul Stevens birthday:

John Paul Stevens just died on his 88th day of his age.

30 | El Chapo sentenced to 30-years in prison, July 17, 2019

13 | CNN's 3 reasons to fear America's $70 trillion debt, July 17, 2019

There's the media's favorite word.  Fear.

That said, the house of cards is way past ready to implode.

19 197 | LVMH boss Bernard Arnault becomes world's second richest person, July 16, 2019

His accomplishment came Tuesday, July 16, 19-weeks after his birthday.  LVMH = 19

That's a lot of purses...

It's also a sign of the times...

*Keep in mind it is 2019.

And for one more kicker, July 16 is the 197th day of the year.

19 58 118 271 | Trump might have finally broken Washington (chaos reigns), CNN, July 17, 2019

It's 2019, the year of chaos.

Read about Trump's July 14 attacks by the numbers:

Read about the House condemning Trump's tweets by thee numbers:

Chaos reigns in Washington?

271, the 58th prime; Washington = 58; United States = 58; Freemasonry = 58

Don't forget, Trump is the winner of the 58th U.S. Presidential Election. 

And what date did we say might be the pinnacle of chaos in 2019 about a year ago?

Was it August 11, or 11/8?

The Kellyanne Conway question was yesterday, July 16, 177-days after her birthday.

These headlines comes today, July 17, or 17/7.  17, the 7th prime; Mason = 17; G = 7

Today's date numerology is...

7+17+19 = 43
D.C. is 4.3. 
Masonic = 43

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

13 99 | CNN documents Trump's 13 false claims, July 16, 2019

This comes on the day of the Eric Garner news, and the death of John Paul Stevens at age 99.

Thirteen = 99
The United States of America = 99 

33 57 84 87 99 157 167 339 | Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, dead at 99, July 16, 2019

Recall, the top story earlier today was in regards to Eric Garner, a "99" story:

This man has died 87-days after his birthday.  Justice = 87

You could also say it was his 88th day of his age.

Don't forget the whole 88 ritual with Neil Gorsuch.  Neil McGill Gorsuch = 88

Notice he was 99-years-old.

He was from Illinois.

Notice how his name connects to 'Supreme Court'.

He became a Supreme Court Justice under Gerald Ford.

Recall the Christine Blasey Ford tribute to Gerald Ford, during the time of confirming Kavanaugh:

He died in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, connecting to 'Supreme Court'.

Today is 17-weeks and 4-days after the 86th birthday of RBG.

She will likely be the next member of the Supreme Court to be reported dead.

Conspiracy = 123

Notice how Ft. Lauderdale connects to United States as well.

He had a stroke July 15, or 15/7, and he died July 16, or 16/7.

This news comes on the 33rd day of Trump's age.