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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court process by the numbers posts

Kavanaugh vote canceled September 18, 2018:
The Kavanaugh 212 Ford Accuser:
Kavanaugh is end of Trump's scripted presidency:
Dianne Feinstein brings forth Kavanaugh accusations, September 13:
Book lays it all on the line against Kavanaugh, September 6:
Why the Kavanaugh hearings began September 4:
September 7, the last day of the Kavanaugh hearings:
42,000 Documents from George W. Bush Admin:
Why Trump nominated Kavanaugh on July 9:

47 53 97 99 218 261 | Brett Kavanaugh vote cancelled for September 20, 2018 on September 18, the 261st day of the year, leaving 104-days remaining

 This cancellation comes 218-days after Kavanaugh's 53rd birthday.

Consider, this comes days before the cancellation of the 2:18 EST  presidential alert.

The presidential alert has been rescheduled from 2:18 EST September 20 to 2:18 EST October 3.

Today, September 20, 2018, also has 47 numerology.

9/20/18 = 9+20+18 = 47

The vote would have been 220-days after his birthday, September 20.

That would also be Kavanaugh's 221st day of his age.

Richard Nixon resigned on the 221st day of the year, August 9, 1974.

The Bavarian Illuminati was established on May 1, 1776.

 5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99

It was established with 13-families.

Just before the American Revolution.

Thirteen Colonies - Thirteen Stripes

Not by coincidence, September 20, 2018 will be Trump's 99th day of his age.

Today, September 18, the date of the cancellation, is Trump's 97th day of his age.

Kavanaugh was nominated July 9, or 9/7.
Neil Gorsuch was confirmed April 7, 4/7, the 97th day of the year.

It is also the 261st day of the year.

Notice September 18 leaves 104-days left in the year.

7/4/1776 = 7+4+17+76 = 104

As for him being 53-years-old, that number connects to 'womb', and vesica piscis, the womb of the universe.

Sexual assault?  Womb?

September 18 connects to the gematria of 'uterus'.

NFL Week 3 Discussion Thread | TNF pick up, Browns over Jets, September 20, 2018, Jim Brown's 216th day of his age

2018 NFL Team Gematria Decode Index:
QB Win-Loss Records:

Week Three:

Thursday Night Football is the Jets @ Browns.

The date numerology is as follows:

9/20/2018 = 9+20+20+18 = 67 (19th prime)
9/20/2018 = 9+20+(2+0+1+8) = 40 (TNF = 40) (Darnold = 40)
9/20/2018 = 9+2+0+2+0+1+8) = 22 (Bowles = 22) (Going for 22nd win with Jets)
9/20/18 = 9+20+18 = 47 (Ohio = 47) (Hue = 47) (One = 47)
9/20 = 9+20 = 29 (Ohio = 29) (Football = 29)

September 20 is the 263rd day of the year, the 56th prime.  THREE = 56; Tyrod Taylor = 56
September 20 leaves 102-days left in the year.

-3.0 CLE, O/U 39.5 (New York = 39) (TNF = 40)

Head to Head:

*What jumps out right away is that if the Browns win, they'll be 1-1-1.  New York = 111

This will be the 25th regular season game between the two teams and the 26th all-time.
Three = 25; *26, the number of the season

*This game comes 111-days after #25 on the Jets birthday, Elijah McGuire.  *June 1, 1994
*This games comes 206-days after #25 on Browns birthday, Dontrell Hilliard *Feb. 26, 1995
Dontrell Hilliard = 83; Cleveland Browns = 83; 83, the 23rd prime

The regular season is tied 12-12 and the Browns lead the playoffs 1-0.
Thus the Browns have 13 totals wins and are looking for #13 in the regular season.
Browns = 91 (13th triangular number); Thirteen = 99 (99th NFL Season); TNF = 13

This will be the 17th game in Cleveland in the regular season, the 18th all-time.
Ohio, the 17th State; Ohio = 61, the 18th prime

The Jets are 8-9 in Cleveland all-time.  With a win they could make the record 9-9, for the 99th NFL Season.  With a loss, they would fall to 8-10.  Or vice versa, the Browns would improve to 10-8, like 108, like Geometry = 108 / 108 (108 footballs on Super Bowl Sunday)

The last time they played in Cleveland was October 8, or 10/8.
*The Jets won with 17
*The game prior, the Jets won, and the score summed to 59 (17th prime)

QB Comparison:

This game will come 48-days after Tyrod Taylor's 29th birthday, August 3.  Cleveland = 48
This game will come 107-days (span of 108) from Sam Darnold's 21st, June 5.  108
*107, the 28th prime; Browns = 28; Taylor = 28; Tyrod = 28
*Hue Jackson = 107; Jackson = 28

This will be Tyrod Taylor's 46th career game.  He is 22-22-1, looking for win #23.
83, the 23rd prime; Cleveland Browns = 83; August 3, or 8/3 birthday

Taylor is 13-8-1 at home, looking to improve to 14-8-1, or fall to 13-9-1.
Taylor is 4-2 against the Jets (with the Buffalo Bills),

Sam Darnold is 1-1, and 1-0 on the road, looking to improve to 2-1, or fall to 1-2.
Rookie = 37 / 73; 37, the 12th prime; 73, the 21st prime

Read my prediction for why Baker Mayfield will get his first NFL start December 9, 2018:

Coach Comparison:

Thursday Night Football = 257; 257, the 55th prime; Hue Jackson = 55

This game comes 32-days before Jackson's 53rd birthday (span of 33-days).
Cleveland = 33

This is going to be Jackson's 35th game with the Browns.
Hue Jackson = 35; Browns = 35; *Football = 35

If he wins, he'll get his 10th career win and second with the Browns, and remain at 40 career losses.
TNF = 40

If he loses he'll get his 33rd career loss with Cleveland.
*Something tells me he gets his 33rd loss against Gruden on Sep. 30
Gruden = 33; Jon = 39 (9+30 = 39)

This game comes 59-days before Todd Bowles birthday.  59, the 17th prime; Negro = 59

This will be his 54th game as a head coach.  Jets = 54 / 54

He is looking for his 24th win or 31st loss all-time.
With the Jets he is looking for his 22nd wiin or 30th loss.

TNF Comparison:

The Jets are 6-5 all-time on TNF.  They can fall to 6-6 with a loss, or improve to 7-5.
NFL = 66; 66, the 11th Triangular Number

The Browns are 3-7 on TNF.  They can improve to 4-7, or fall to 3-8.
Ohio = 47; Time = 47; 47 date numerology

Bonus Note:
The Browns have 487-regular-season losses, the 93rd prime, a significant number.
Saturn = 93; Time = 47; Ohio = 47; This game is a on date with 47 numerology
Drought = 33 / 93

New York = 33 / 39; Cleveland = 33
*New York is a good team to end the drought against...

Bonus Note 2:
The game will be on Jim Brown's 216th day of his age, 82.  Vesica Piscis = 82

Jim Brown is born on the 48th day of the year.

Remember how Sam won with 48-points on MNF?  MNF = 48 (Rev. Ordinal)

Pick:  Browns (Haven't won since Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016)
O/U:  I expect a score right at 40-points (TNF on a date with 40 numeorlogy)

*Christmas Eve 2016 was the date my house was hit by an SUV...

Notice the 17.


The Sunday games fall on the 266th day of the year, leaving 99-days remaining.

The date numerology is as follows:

9/23/2018 = 9+23+20+18 = 70
9/23/2018 = 9+23+(2+0+1+8) = 43 (Football) (14th prime)
9/23/2018 = 9+2+3+2+0+1+8 = 25
9/23/18 = 9+23+18 = 50
9/23 = 9+23 = 32

-3.0 ATL, O/U 53 (Falcons = 53rd season)

Head to Head:

This will be the 98th regular season game between the two teams and 99th all-time.
Matt Ryan entered the season with 99-wins
Drew Brees = 99
*Battle of New Orleans = 99

The Falcons lead the regular season 51-46, and the playoffs 1-0.  In other words, the Falcons can pick up their 53rd win all-time, in their 53rd season, in the building that will host Super Bowl 53, and their 52nd in the regular season, on the most appropriate day of the year.
Atlanta Falcons = 239; 239, the 52nd prime; September 23, or 23/9

QB Comparison:

This will be Drew Brees' 264th game, going for win 151 or loss 114.  On the road, he will pick up his 67th win, or 66th loss.  I expect him to even his record at 66-66 with a loss.

This wil lbe Brees' 26th game against the Falcons.  He is 16-9.
53, the 16th prime; Makes sense to stay on 16-wins

For Matt Ryan, this will be his 171st game, going for his 101st win, or 71st loss.  At home, he will pick up his 58th win or 29th loss.  Drew = 58; Ryan = 58

This will be Ryans' 20th game against the Saints.  He is 8-11 and with a win will be 9-11.
Falcons = 119 (I like that)

The game comes 251-days (span of 252-days) after Brees' 39th birthday.
The game comes 129-days (span of 130-days) afer Falcons' birhtday.

Head Coach Comparison:

This will be Dan Quinn's 51st game.  He can pick up 31st win or 21st loss.

This will be Sean Payton's 179th game (41st prime).  He can pick up 107th win or 73rd loss.
Dan Quinn = 41

The game comes 97-days (span of 98) before Sean Payton's birthday.
New Orleans Saints = 98

The game comes 12-days (span of 13 days) after Dan Quinn's birthday.
31st win on 13th day?

Pick:  Falcons
O/U:  Under, won't be surprised if 52-points scored

-6.5 KC, O/U 56 (Three = 56)

Head to Head:

The 49ers and Chiefs have played 12 times, this will be the 13th meeting.  The 49ers lead 7-5.  With a loss the 49ers will fall to 7-6.  San Francisco = 76; Jimmy Garoppolo = 67; Kansas City = 67

Also, there is a riddle going on with Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes, who replaced Smith after he was traded to the Redskins.  Smith's prior two teams are the 49ers and Chiefs, who Joe Montanta also once placed for.

There is also a riddle between the 49ers, Chiefs, New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

QB Comparison:

This will be Jimmy G's 10th game, vs. the #10 pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, who comes into the game with an NFL record 10 TDs through his first 2 games.

*55 and 10 go hand in hand.  49ers = 55
*I like the under on this game, 55, below 56.

*Tyreek Hill = 55 (Wears #10) (Game is 206-days after his birthday)
*55, the 10th Fibonacci Number; 55, the 10 triangular number

Anyhow, Jimmy G can become 9-1 with a win, or 8-2 with a loss.
Vesica Piscis = 82; Patrick Mahomes = 82; *Patrick Mahomes Jr. 99 (99-days left in year)

Mahomes can become 2-1, or 3-0, with the latter I suspect.

Tha game comes 40-days (span of 41) before Jimmy G's 27th birthday.
The game comes 6-days after Mahome's 23rd birthday (span of 7).

Head Coach Comparison:

This will be Shanahan's 19th game, he can become 8-11 or 7-12, with the latter more likely.

This will be Reid's 307th game (63rd prime) and he can pick up 186th win or 121st loss.
49ers play on 121st parallel

With KC this will be his 83rd game (Football = 83).  He can pick up 56th win or 28th loss.
He comes in with 55-wins with KC

The game comes 82-days before Shanahan's 39th birthday (span of 83-days).
The game comes 188-days (span of 189) after Reid's 60th birthday.

Pick:  Kansas City Chiefs
O/U:  Under, 55

-3.0 MIA, O/U 44

Head to Head:

Miami Dolphins = 70 (70 date numerology)

This will be the 35th regular season game between the two teams and the 39th all-time.
Jon = 39 (As in Jon Gruden)

The Raiders lead the regular season 17-16-1 and the playoffs 3-1.

With a Miami loss, the Raiders would fall to 17-17-1 in the regular season, in their 59th season.
59, the 17th prime

With a Miami loss, they would stay on 16 wins, in their 53rd season.
53, the 16th prime

QB Comparison:

This will be Derek Carr's 65th game.  He can earn his 29th win or 36th loss.
Miami = 36

On the road, Carr can pick up his 13th win or 21st loss.  This will be his 33rd road game.

Derek Carr is 1-1 against the Dolphins.

For Ryan Tannehill, this will be his 80th game and he can pick up his 40th win or 41st loss.
Carr = 40 (Would get 40th win against Carr)

This will be his 41st home game.  Home = 41; Tannehill = 41
He can pick up his 24th win or 18th loss.  With 24th win, he stays on 17th loss.

Tannehill is 2-0 against the Raiders and he can pick up his 3rd win in Week 3.

The game comes 58-days after Ryan Tannehill's 30th birthday, or on the 59th day of his age.
Ryan = 58; 59, the 17th prime

The games comes 179-days after Carr's 27th birthday, or on his 180th day.
179, the 41st prime; Ryan Tannehill = 41

Head Coach Comparison:

This will be Adam Gase's 35th game.  He can improve to 19 wins or get his 17th loss.
Adam = 19

This will be Gruden's 179th career game.  41st prime

He can pick up his 96th win or 84th loss.

With Oakland this will be his 67th game.  19th prime

He can pick up 39th win or 29th loss.

The game comes 178-days (span of 179) after Adam Gase's 40th birthday.
179, the 41st prime; Home = 41

The game comes 37-days after Gruden's 55th birthday (span of 38).
Raiders = 38; Gruden is stuck on 38 wins with Raiders
*Florida = 38; Dolphins = 38

I beleve Gruden has to wait until Week 4 against Cleveland to get his 39th win, on September 30, or 30+9 = 39.  Jon = 39

Pick:  Dolphins
O/U:  Under, 38

-16.5 MIN, O/U 41 (Bills 59th season, the 17th prime) (Kirk = 59)

Head to Head:

This will be the 14th game between both teams.  43 date numerology, 14th prime

The Vikings lead 8-5 and will improve to 9-5.  Nine = 42 / 66

QB Comparison:

This will be Kirk Cousins' 61st career game, the 18th prime.

He can improve from 27-31-2 to 28-31-2.

At home he can improve from 17-13 to 18-13.  61, the 18th prime; Bills = 18

Cousins is 1-0 against the Bills to date.

Josh Allen is 0-1, this will be his first road game.

The game comes 35-days (span of 36) after Cousins's 30th birthday.  Buffalo = 36; Bills = 36
The game comes 125-days (span of 126) after Josh Allen's 22nd birthday.  Buffalo = 126

Coach Comparison:

This will be Zimmer's 67th game.  He is 40-25-1.  67, the 19th prime
This will be McDermott's 19th game, he is 9-9 heading in.

The game comes 110-days after Mike Zimmer's 62nd birthday (span of 111).
Minnesota = 110; New York = 111; McDermott = 111

The game comes 186-days after McDermott's 44th birthday, span of 187.

Pick:  Vikings
O / U:  Under, 28-10 could be score
Spread:   I think the Vikings win by 18 or more (Bills = 18)

*Upset Narrative:  Vikings lose and fall to 1-1-1 (New York = 111) *I doubt this A LOT

-6.5 PHI, O/U 48

*Frank Reich, the HC of the Colts, came from the Eagles.
*Carson Wentz return was announced on Monday, September 17, 2018.

*Carson went return will be a span of 99-days before his 26th birthday, on the day leaving 99-days left  in the year.  Flag = 26; Thirteen = 99; The United States of America
*Last year Mike Pence was involved in a flag riddle with the Colts and 49ers

This will be the 19th game between the Colts and Eagles.  The Colts lead 10-8 to date.
Flag = 19

The Colts can pick up 11th win, in 66th season.
Colts 66; Luck = 11; 66, the 11th triangular number

QB Comparison:

Carson Wentz is 18-11, meaning he can pick up his 19th win or 12th loss.
Flag = 19; 19th game between the two teams

At home Wentz is 12-2, meaning he can improve to 13-2, or fall to 12-3.
13-stripes; United States of America = 132; *Indianapolis = 123

*Wentz has never played the Colts.

This will be Luck's 79th game.  He can pick up 48th win or 32nd loss.  On the road he can pick up his 22nd win or 20th loss.  That means if he wins he stays on 19 losses.
79, the 22nd prime; Eagles = 22

*Luck is 0-1 against the Eagles.

The game comes 14-days after Andrew Luck's 29th birthday, span of 15.  Colts = 15
The games comes 98-days (span of 99-days) from Wentz's 26th birhtday.  Flag = 26

Coach Comparison:

Reich is 1-1, coming over from Philadelphia  in the offseason.

Doug Pederosn is 21-13, looking for win #22 or loss #14.  43 date numerology, 14th prime

This game comes 72-days before Frank Reich's 57th birthday, span of 73-days.
Reich = 43 (43 date numerology)

The game comes 32-weeks after the hiring of Frank Reich on Feb. 11.
Feb. 11 is 11/2... Andrew Luck = 112; Super Bowl = 112

It comes 235-days after Doug Pederson's 50th birthday.

Pick:  Push
O/U:  Won't be surprised if 52 is the number (239, the 52nd prime)

*This game is 33-weeks after the Super Bowl

-3.0 GB, O/U 46

Remember, this is Alex Smith week, with his two formers teams playing each other, and him hosting Aaron Rodgers at home, the QB he was drafted over.

September 23 leaves 99-days left in the year
Redskins = 99; Packers established 99-years ago

Head to Head:

This will be the 34th regular season match and the 37th all-time.
Both Smith and Rodgers are 34; The Super Bowl is on the 34th day of the year

The Packer lead the regular season 18-14-1 and the playoffs 2-1.
43, the 14th prime; 43 date numerology

That means the Packers lead 20-15-1 all-time.

They last played 96-weeks ago, and the Redskins won 42-24.
Divisors of 42 sum to 96; Alex = 42; Smith = 24

QB Comparison:

This will be Rodgers 161st career game.  He is playing for his 105th win or 56th loss.
The week began on a big 56 date, TNF

On the road Rodgers is playing for his 44th win or 40th loss.
With a loss, he will stay on 43 wins, on a 43 date numerology.

This will be Alex Smith's 161st game as well.  He is playing for his 92nd win or 69th loss.
Smith = 69

At home Smith is playing for his 52nd win or 29th loss.
September 23, or 23/9, like 239, the 52nd prime *****

To date Rodgers is 1-2 against the Redsins and can improve to 2-2 or fall to 1-3.
Thirteen = 99

To date, Smith is 1-3 against the Rodgers and can improve to 2-3, or fall to 1-4.
43 date numerology, 14th prime

The games comes 139-days after Smith's 34th birthday, or a span of 140-days.
Green Bay = 139; 139, the 34th prime

The game comes 70-days before Rodgers birthday, span of 71-days.  70 date numerology

Coach Comparison:

This will be Jay Gruden's 67th game coached.  He can get 30th win or 37th loss.

This will be Mike McCarthy's 195th game.  He is looking for his 123rd win or 71st loss.
He can stay on 70 career losses on a date with 70 numerology

The game is 203-days (29-weeks) after Jay Gruden's 51st birthday.

The game is 48-days (span of 49) before Mike McCarthy's 55th birthday.
Washington = 49

Pick:  Redskins (close call but I like Smith's 52nd home win)
O/U:  49-points would make sense with 'Washington' and 49ers draft history

-3.0 CAR, O/U 43.5