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Thursday, August 16, 2018

26 67 137 228 | The death of Babe Ruth, August 16, 1948 & the parallel to the death of Aretha Franklin, August 2018

Remember when the Yankees won their 26th World Series on October 26?

This is a 'game' of death.

Even further...

Elvis died on this day in history too.

And there's also this.

Remember, 26 is the God number in Gematria, which is part of Kabbalah.

Death = 228 (Sumerian)

47 117 211 | Kid Rock's 47th birthday, 211-days before Aretha Franklin's passing, August 16, 2018

Kid Rock was born January 17, or 1/17, as Robert James Ritchie, summing to 117.

He is currently 47-years-old, a good age for a 'rock' star.  Rock = 47; Radio = 47; Time = 47

From his 47th birthday to Aretha's passing was 211-days later, the 47th prime.

Kid Rock, like Aretha, claims Detroit as his home.

46 62 93 168 | The Marshall Mathers connection to Aretha Franklin's death, August 16, 2018 +Kid Rock's 47th birthday

Aretha Franklin is dead on August 16, or 16/8, like 168.

She is dead 303-days after Eminem's 45th.  Hip-Hop = 45

She is dead 62-days before his 46th.  Sacrifice = 46 / 62; Queen = 62; Motown = 62

8/16/2018 = 8+16+20+18 = 62

Eminem and Aretha both call Motown home.

8/16/2018 = 8+1+6+2+0+1+8 = 26

There's also this.

In light of how this death syncs up with Eminem's 46th birthday, a number aligning with 'rap'... is interesting to note how this death aligns with Kid Rock's 47th birthday, where 'rock' has Gematria of 47.

Read about that here:

Consider both Eminem and Kid Rock claim Detroit as their home.

33 38 83 137 228 | Chris Watts, Colorado man charged with murder of wife and two daughters, August 16, 2018

This story of 'death' comes on the 228th day of the year.

Death = 228 (Sumerian)

Remember, Colorado is the 38th State.

Death = 38 (Ordinal)
Colorado = 38 (Reduction)
Killing = 38 (Reduction)
Murder = 38 (Rev. Reduction)


Murder = 83 (Rev. Ordinal)
Colorado = 83 (Ordinal)

The man accused of murder has the surname 'Watts'.

Look at the Murder by Numbers movie post here:

And don't forget the song Murder by Numbers came out in '83.

Also noteworthy, this story comes on the day leaving 137-days left in the year.

137, the 33rd prime
Chris = 33; Family = 33