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Sunday, November 18, 2018

33 85 2018 | The 1985 NFL season and the 2018 NFL season +Bears, Rams & Patriots

Great work from mackenzie here.

27 32 45 49 81 82 118 | Diddy's Instagram tribute to Kim Porter, 'We were more than soulmates' & his reuniting with Cassie

Notice Diddy's comment, 'We were more than soulmates'.

Kim Porter had 118 birth numerology, being born December 16, 1971.

12/16/1971 = 12+16+19+71 = 118

*Cassie has one album, released by Bad Boy, August 8, 2006. *Ventura = 88

The death of Kim Porter has brought Diddy and Cassie back together.

Strangely, the death of Kim Porter came 81-days after Cassie's 32nd birthday.

We call 81 the "ritual" number.

Diddy is 49 and Cassie is 32 at this time. 49+32 = 81
It was also her 82nd day of her age (or 81-days after her birthday).

Notice Cassie is 32, because Kim Porter died a span of 32-days from her birthday, December 16.

And again, Diddy is 49.

From the date Diddy and Cassie broke up, October 17, 2018, to the date of Kim Porter's death, was a span of 30-days.

113, the 30th prime number

Bad Boy = 22 / 32 / 49 / 113

The date October 17, 2018 had numerology of 27 and 45, the other ritual numbers.

10/17 = 10+17 = 27
10/17/18 = 10+17+18 = 45
Cassie's name gematria is as follows:

*Note: Someone just asked me to investigate the New London School explosion of Texas, and another person asked me to look into Cassie right after, who is from New London, Connecticut. Strange.

33 44 58 59 77 127 139 143 183 | New London School explosion, March 18, 1937 +Texas Engineering Practice Act,_Texas

This even happened March 18, or 18/3, like 183.  Order out of chaos = 183

New London School Explosion = 331 (67th prime)
New London, Texas = 67 (19th prime)
Chaos = 19

This event made international news, and brought about legislative action in Texas.

As we know, the Masonic motto is 'Order Out of Chaos'.

This date has 58 numerology. 

3/18/37 = 3+18+37 = 58

Consider London is the birth place of Freemasonry, and this school was called New London.

New London is also in Rusk County.

This event even got the attention of Adolf Hitler, who offered his condolences.

This date also has 77 numerology, and was the 77th day of the year.

 3/18/37 = 3+18+19+37 = 77

A new law for the state of Texas came out of this regarding who can be an 'engineer'.

Further connecting New London, Texas, London, England, and Freemasonry is this.

Don't forget Freemasonry sums to 59 in English and Hebrew.

And there is one more overlap with 'engineer' and 'Freemasonry'.

It was blamed on a 'natural gas' leak.

Natural Gas = 66 / 156; Thirty-Three = 66 / 156
*False Flag = 156 (Jewish)

Don't forget, 137 is the 33rd prime.

Government = 137; Authority = 137; *Kabbalah = 137

This came during the time of the 33rd Governor of Texas.

It came 11-days before his 38th birthday.  38 is 3+8 = 11

He was 37-years-old and this happened in '37.

And in light of this capturing the mind's eye of the world, notice that 'New London School Explosion' sums to 119. 

Remember how the numbers 33, 66 and 156 came together on September 11, 2001, an "order out of chaos" ritual.  September 11, or 11/9, like 119...

That was an action that lead to a war.

In the case of this incident, it came not long before the second World War.

Notice how 'natural gas', 'explosion' and 'world war' connect.


Consider the date of Pearl Harbor, December 7, or 12/7, like 127...

And to further connect the 'Scottish Rite' and the blame for the explosion.

Again, Adolf Hitler weighed in on this incident.  Adolf Hitler?  World War?

Also, a new school was built after the tragedy, which was completed in 1939, the year World War II began, on the date September 1, 1939.  Masonry = 39; Secrecy = 39

I suspect this was a military action / test, blamed on a 'natural gas leak'.