Sunday, January 12, 2020

243 | The Mitch Lundgaard shooting revisted (Texans and Packers, January 12, 2020)

Read about the May 15, 2019 shooting of Mitch Lundgaard here before going any further:

This story is from 243-days before January 12, 2020, May 15, 2019.

The story connected two teams, the Packers and the Texans, who both played in the playoffs on January 12, 2020, some 243-days later.

The Texans lost 31-51.

82 points, with 51 to the winner, and 31 to the loser.

 Recall, the Houston Texans hosted Super Bowl 51, where the Falcons gave up a 25 point lead to the Patriots, by the numbers.  This game was a 24-point comeback.

We call 31 the "Houston number".

The sum of 82 connects to the shape of the football.

Keep in mind, Houston and Chiefs are two of the only names in the league that sum to 112.

The game was on 1/12, January 12.

AS FOR THE OTHER GAME, the Packers won 28-23., a sum of 51 points.

*This weekend Ryan Tannehill picked up his 51st career win, and the 49ers became 5-1 vs the Vikings... 51...

Wilson with 277 yards (59th prime) --- Year of the Black QB

Packers won with 28, and the NFC is trying to win its 28th Super Bowl.

Again, 51 combined points.

*There's a relationship with 243 and 54 through the planet Venus.
*This is the year of Super Bowl 54.

Pete Carroll picked up his 99th loss in this game, staying on 144 wins, in the Seahawks 44th season.  Also, the Packers improved to 9-9 in the Divisional round, again, in their 99th season.

And again, the shooting was in Appleton.

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