Friday, January 17, 2020

38 47 58 93 97 157 158 163 | Eminem's Music to be Murdered by' releases January 17, 2020 +Ariana Grande & Mac Miller

Mac Miller, who went out by the murder code, released an album today as well:

This album has released on a date with 38 numerology.

1/17/20 = 1+17+20 = 38

Read about Hitchcock's 44 films with sound here:

Recall, Mac Miller released his last album prior to his death, Swimming, on August 3, or 3/8.

Read about 38 and murder here:

Recall YNW Melly's Murder On My Mind release, August 3, or 3/8:

Of course, there is a long list of 38... from Tupac, to Notorious BIG, and a million more.

The word 'kill' sums to 17 like 'rap'.

The album runs 64 minutes and 22 seconds long:


*More on Manchester below (it's in the lyrics to his new album, and all the fuss)

In light of the Mac Miller album coming out today...

Eminem is getting a lot of flack for rapping about the Ariana Grande concert bombing HOAX... and Ariana Grande was front and center when Mac Miller died as well...

Read about Mac Miller's death and Ariana Grande here:

Today is 970-days after the May 22, 2017 hoax, reminding that Mac Miller died on September 7, or 9/7, by the numbers.

Read about Manchester here:


Read about Georgina Callandar, the most written about victim, here:

This album comes out on Eminem's 93rd day of his age, 47. Marshall Mathers = 93

And this ties in with the Ariana Grande piece, a girl born in '93.

Saturn is connected to time, death and judgment.  Saturn = 93; Time = 47

And to bring it back to Mac Miller...

Today is a date with 58 numerology, and it is 157-days after Hitchcock's birthday, or a span of 158.

And keep in mind Hithcock's Music to be Murdered by came out in '58:

1/17/2020 = 1+17+20+20 = 58

And notice that emphasis on 'Murdered'.

And about those 157-days...

Or span of 158.

Eminem is the same rapper that said this about Columbine.

#EminemIsOverParty was on his 92nd day of his age...

His birthday will be the 291st day of the year this year, a leap year, 2020.

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