Monday, January 13, 2020

113 | LSU Tigers win college football championship 42-25, January 13, 2020

 LSU has won the championship on a perfect date, 1/13, January 13.

Remember, American football is credited to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

The LSU Tigers won with 42 points over the Clemson Tigers.

The head coach, Ed Orgeron, picked up his 56th career win.

Nottice the shot of #97, that is not an accident.

97 is the 25th primm.  Clemson scored 25-points and Trevor Lawrence stayed on 25 wins as a starter, falling to 25-1 in New Orleans.   

251, 54th prime; New Orleans = 54; 1/13/2020 = 1+13+20+20 = 54

LSU ended Clemson's winning streak at 29.  Football = 29

LSU's first TD was a 52-yard play.

There's more.

Such as how the over / under was at 67.5 points, and the game finished with 67, with no scoring in the last 11 minutes.

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