Friday, January 10, 2020

34 38 46 67 118 163 187 | Neil Peart of the band Rush, dead at 67, January 7, 2020

Neil Peart died on his 118th day of his age.

He died in Santa Monica.

And he died on Geddy Lee's 163rd day of his age.

Notice Geddy Lee sums to 67.

 Neil Peart was 67.

And the name Neil Peart sums to 46, like sacrifice.

Rush's first album released 46-years earlier, March 1, 1974.

He is dead from 'brain cancer', summing to 74, like the year of their first album, '74.

As for the date of his passing, January 7, it can be written 1/7, like 17.

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