Sunday, January 22, 2017

13 14 31 41 51 86 112 | Super Bowl 51, New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons, was foretold September 29, 2013

*Matt Ryan went to Boston College
*Atlanta Braves were Boston Red Stockings

Remember, the Cubs just won the 112th World Series on November 2, 2016, emphasis on 11/2.  This year the Super Bowl is in 'Houston'.

The Patriots are in their 57th season, right for a Super Bowl appearance.

The Falcons are in their 51st season, and just played their last game in the Georgia Dome before opening their new stadium this next season, the 98th season of the NFL.

The Patriots and Falcons have met 13-times before Super Bowl 51; 13, a special number.  One I was looking at all season...

I thought it was for Eli in his 13th season, and Mr. Andrew Luck, the Houston high schooler.

Notice Below '233' is the 13th Fibonacci Number.  Also, 233 is the 51st prime.

Super Bowl 51 will be the 14th game between the two franchises.

If the Patriots win, they'll be 8-6 against the Falcons, beating their third bird in a Super Bowl.

Eagles, check; Seahawks, check; Falcons, ?

If Brady lost, the two teams would be 7-7.  Brady was born in '77.

Notice, the Patriots and Falcons have only played each other '13' times.

The sum of 53 points in that last game also connects to this season.  This is the end of the 2016 season, emphasis on '16.  53, the 16th prime.

And again, the last time  the two teams played was on a date with '51' numerology, how fitting that they meet again in Super Bowl 51.

9/29/13 = 9+29+13 = 51

I've documented that one a few times now.  I guess we shouldn't be surprised.  Let us not forget that September 29, the date they played, is the day that leaves 93-days left in the year, the number for Saturn, the keeper of time.  The Patriots have received many Saturn tributes this season.

Let us examine the coaches and QBs of each team.

First, the Patriots.

From Tom Brady's 39th birthday until the Super Bowl is 186-days, or a span of 187.  His 40th birthday will follow the Super Bowl by 180-days, or a span of 181.  181, the 42nd prime

From April 16, 2016 until the Super Bowl is 296-days, or a span of 297.  From the Super Bowl until his upcoming 65th birthday is 71-days, or a span of 72.

Houston = 31/40/112; Matt Ryan = 31/112 (Matt Ryan is 31-years-old)

From Matt Ryan's 31st birthday to the game is 264-days or a span of 265.  From the game to his 32nd birthday is 101-days, or a span of 102.

101, the 26th prime
United States of America = 84/102

From Dan Quinn's 46th birthday to the Super Bowl is 147-days, or a span of 148.  From the Super Bowl to his 47th birthday is 218-days, or a span of 219.  Recall, there is a major parallel here with the  112th World Series and the upcoming Super Bowl.

Master Builder = 147 (22 is the master builder)
Donald John Trump 148 (The Jesuit connection?)

This will be Tom Brady's 34th playoff game, going for win 25.

A win would make Matt Ryan 4-4 in the playoffs on 2/5/2017.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44 (Georgia = 44) (Wisconsin = 44)

That said, a loss would make him 3-5, which is the likely outcome.

Another '35' word is 'Catholic'.  Recall the 'Jesuit' connections with the Falcons:

Catholic = 35; Religion = 53 (Last time Patriots and Falcons played, the score was a sum of 53)

The biggest tell so far the Patriots will win, is the naming of the referee, #51, on January 18, or 1/18.  Remember, Patriots has gematria of '118', and it will be their 51st playoff game as a franchise.  Read about it here:

Here is another good sign for the Patriots.

Notice the Patriots are 31-19 in the playoffs all-time, meaning this next playoff game, Super Bowl 51, will be their 31st playoff game.  The 31 wins pop out.

Houston = 31; Matt Ryan = 31; Patriots lost in Super Bowl 31 to Packers

Falcon = 6+1+12+3+15+14 = 51

If the Falcons win Super Bowl 51, they will be 10-12 in the playoffs.  Lose the zero.

Houston = 112; Matt Ryan = 112